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I'm currently a young woman living by myself in Melbourne and yes these restrictions suck.

The small amount of family I have are all interstate. It is isolating and depressing having been not able to work or have basic human contact for so many months.

At the same time though I understand the measures being taken. I lost my mother to emphysema last year however if she had still been alive during this pandemic she would have been one of those in the over 60 and vunerable group.

These restrictions are causing us to suffer massively not only financially but mentally. Hell with already pre existing depression and anxiety I have already had to call lifeline many times.

But I'm fine to suffer through that because you know what, those elderly people who are more susceptible to this. They're someone's mother and someone's father and if they were yours you would want everyone to do everything they could to give you one more day with them.

It's not just about saying 'Well they've had a long life already'

These are people and they matter to other people.

As someone who is barely clinging to it through this loneliness and despair I can still say that I will support any measure that saves even one life because as I said that's someone's loved one and god forbid if it was yours.

What I am critical of though is the support being offered to us here by the government during these lockdowns. I understand the massive toll on the economy but with so many families out of work the financial support is barely adequate for most households. Thankfully i can just survive on it because I live alone but I do just get by with it, and the mental health support is a joke. The phone services which they keep referring everyone to are so overloaded that many staff are poorly trained and calls are rushed through to try and meet the demand. This lack of support is only going to cost more lives due to isolation, depression and suicide.

So like many other people living in Melbourne my life really sucks right now and I am having a hard time seeing any light at the end of the tunnel but I would take this and more if it meant saving the life of one of my family, wouldn't you?

Remember that is why we are doing this.

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