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Posted in: Y20 million in cash found at garbage collection site at hot spring resort in Ishikawa Pref See in context

i often don't care about dumped gabage ,i think sometimes sorting out gabage trash is bit of exercise and i will try it sometimes in my area.

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Posted in: Official reaction See in context

All the victims of this appalling atrocity were all innocent civilians,let not lose sight of that. this is not the time to apportion blame on prime minister or anyone. the victims are all workers working for a firm like any other person working in a foreign country.it is very unfortunate that this incident happened.i wish the families of the departed the fortitude to bear the irrepairable loss of their loved ones.

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Posted in: 1-year-old girl dies after being hit by car driven by father See in context

poor little girl.it can happen to anyone,dont put much blame on any body,no parents wants to loose his child like that,what we need to do is to console this grief parents right now.i pray they have the heart to bear this loss.i wish the little girl to rest in peace.

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Posted in: Breaking the ice See in context

what a nice photo with lovely smiles. shizuka- san,if you can be my tomodachi dake with great pleasure,it will be splendid.

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Posted in: Search on for owner of 2,000 lottery tickets left at Tochigi City Hall See in context

who ever must have bought those tickets is a brave person,as you can see,he or she has a good intention of the purpose of the tickets.i think he or she don't want his identity to be made known,that is why he or she did what is best known to him.why searching for this person for christ sake?not a criminal for no reason.this person should be left alone.if eventually those 2000tickets bought and one at of it happen to be the lucky winner,then such money should be used as it was directed. i think the coming year 2016 ,many people may have a change of heart in helping the less priviledge in the society.next time i will have prefer that such money should be given to the less priviledge or victims of disasters through the municipal government without your identity disclose. in all,Bravo good humanitarian.

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Posted in: Asada finishes third at NHK Trophy See in context

it is like figure skating is telling Asada Mao that you should be thinking of settling down ,it is really a risk participating in an event when you are sick according to Shar 99 comments.i wish her enough rest and also to think of my suggestion.

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Posted in: Gamba striker Patric says he was racially abused by Urawa fan See in context

racial discrimination roaring its ugly head again,when will this act of discrimination stop?In America,discrimination is at its highest level and everyone knows that for sure,i dont really want japan to follow suit. In the game of football,the better side always win and in this situation,Gamba osaka carries the day,so shoganai. i just want Mr.patrick to let go his anger and celebrate your win which is more important.

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Posted in: 5-year-old boy recovering after fall from 6th floor balcony See in context

what a miracle.i just find it hard to believe that this young man fell from such a height and still remain alive.i want both parents to go to the house of God and give thanks for this great miracle even if they dont believe their is almighty God.things of this nature is a clear sign that this young man will become someone great in the future.i wish him a speedy recovery and to stay away from balcony.

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Posted in: 72-year-old woman arrested for strangling 73-year-old husband See in context

what a calamity.RIP oldman

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Posted in: Chiba woman jailed for 7 years for killing 13-year-old daughter See in context

May her gentle soul rest in peace, poor little girl.i think the mother must have been going through some psychological stress for sometime now but i just hope and pray also for her .she may not have killed her daughter with her real mind.i think some unforseen forces pushed her .

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