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Posted in: U.S. military to impose curfew in Japan after alleged rape See in context

First of all I strongly condemn this tragic and sad incident and have my full support and sympathy with the victim in this case but please dont just blame others for that.

I am in no support and opposition for anyone here but I think incidents like that happens when people lose their moral and basic values or just forget them. To avoid such incidents institutions should adopt strict policies on both sides. Women of all ages must wear modest and respect their cultural values. Proper dress code should be introduced to them so they stop irritating and seducing guys. Guys regardless of their nationalities and profession must behave properly,stop drinking outside and late night in bars and clubs. In my belief eradicating rape is not impossible if we apply these simple but practical values in our societies and give moral education to both men and women.

Last but not least Japanese girls give VIP treatment to American and western guys and some of them are really addicted and super obsessed from them,simple advice please be natural and nice to everyone but dont make someone so specialand also dress like modest and mature people not like prostitutes.

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