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.......I would rather just walk up to someone in the area that needs help and give them a handful of cash atleast that way you can see where your coin is going, and it isnt going to end up lining some self important dick heads pocket

Export Expert - That is exactly what I did. I gave money to the person who needed it right then and there. It was to people in Kessenuma. I by jeans from them. The factory is no more. They received my donation immediately. Thank goodness they are doing well compared to others in this travesty.

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Posted in: Sony says 25 million more accounts hacked See in context

Very profound comment Cwhite. What was with the has and not being able to see as exposed text? Was that the extent of the security model they were using? No wonder it was hacked.

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" Bin Laden was a leader of radical Islam, and at the same time he was an enemy of every other Muslim who won't follow his Wahabbi sect. "

That is nice to hear from you, but we are not hearing that from the islamic world. Huge demonstrations honoring OBL as an islamic martyr in Pakistan as we speak, and Hamas already has eulogized him too. And btw, Hamas is not Wahabi; they are not even Sunni. So dream on.


Maybe you could back up your earlier false allegations before adding more wild-eyed claims?


I am sunni and would have been killed outright by this monster. Just because I dont fold my arms in the same way they do in prayer. So theres your wild-eyed claim. I am here to represent the moderates that lack a backbone. Those idiots you see in the media are ignorant, illiterate sheep. Give them 5 dollars and they will sell you their daughters. So please stop with the nonsense about how hamas this hezbolla that. These people are not civilised and live in dark ages type life. A life rife with sectarian and tribal violence.

On another note, as sad as this sounds, this mission has several parrallels to the way US military got vengence after Pearl Harbor. From the secrecy all the way to the first hbomb. It took a little longer to find one man than it did in designing the atomic bomb. As someone quoted earlier, we have long memories and deep pockets. Indeed we do.

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It is early days yet to be accepting everything the White house has to say about this. I would normally be one of the fist to knock the conspiracy nutters but this just smells so bad that it almost invites conspiracy theories. Nobody other than the hit team has seen the body, and then they say it was dumped at sea. Was it and was he killed? Not sure that the US would want him seen to be taken alive, but on the other hand this man has a lot of information in his head that the US with enough time could extract. Saying that he is dead and the body has been thrown in the sea makes perfect sense if what you really want to do is put his friends minds at rest while taking your time over extracting all he knows. The fact is nobody is ever going to see him again whichever way it went. But let us not assume that we are being told the truth, that is not something that governments do

Grafton - Agree with the latter part of your comment. However, I have to disagree with the suspicion of it was truly him. Its like saying the moon landing was staged in a studio. These special ops have surely documented every aspect of the mission. Physical and virtual alike have been documented. I am sure they have this taped media while working to grasp this putrid excuse of a man. God bless the Seals and God bless America.

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'The official said his body was handled in the Islamic tradition" what about when i saw his people decapitate victims, record it and sent to tv station? is that islamic's way? if so...well islamic ways is "eyes to eyes teeth to teeth".. opps! i am not a muslim so i am not going to say do the same with his crops but why give a dam.n doing it correctly islamic way?

Civilit my civilised friend. Civility. He is dead. That is all that matters.

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Posted in: U.S. sending robots to Japan to help with nuclear plant See in context

This topic makes a great premise for a anime. Get that GUNDAM working to clean up this mess!

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Posted in: NHK World Livestream See in context

I WISH this was always available. It's really great!

it is. Please check JIBTV (Japanese International Broadcasting) Granted its only for users outside japan, it is 24/7. I've been watching since day one.

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Posted in: What’s really at stake in Japan’s revised pornography laws? See in context

Just dont blur the lines between nudity and depravity. If one goes, unfortunately the other will also.

Japanese children and parents are free with nudity. You see this in there manga. However, placing innocence with depravity will turn into 1984.

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Posted in: History network pulls plug on Kennedy project See in context

^^ I concur.

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Posted in: 3,000 pairs of stolen panties found in home of underwear thief See in context

I'd like to see a female judge handle this case.

Observing from the outside, panties seem to be a commodity in this country. Like dollar bills. Triumph should look into developing secure panties for the women of today. An anti-snatch mechanism like banks have for bills. Where the panties explode and release a non-lethal colored powder that doesnot wash off easily. Then and only then will the perps be marked semi-permanently and shamed.

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Posted in: Japan's young generation pursues stability over promotion See in context

The new generation seem to have lost sight of the principle that once made this nation the powerhouse it was. Whatever happened to the ZEN that was much talked about while major corporations like Sony were buying up much of hollywood? Whatever the case, the japanese are not stupid. They may have hit this long slump and maybe better off for it. They are easily 5 years ahead in technology compared to the rest of the world. That one caveat alone can only be mimicked and by South Korea and China, but not at the core of the country.

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Posted in: 'Nippon Civilian Police' skirts a fine line between vigilance and vigilantism See in context

Well these guys have already failed. Did they catch Ishikawa or whatever his name is that killed Linday Hawker? Its all just rouse. Jitsuwa Knuckles is a tabloid like the Star or SUN. Dont get pulled into it. A bounty hunter with US credentials? Sounds like a screenplay or a manga storyboard. Well good on him if he actually aids in catching perps, but he wouldn't last 2 seconds with the Guardian Angels in NY. Its a goof organization. Lowering the age to 16 really sounds to me like its for a comic book.

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Posted in: When the Democratic Party of Japan, led by Yukio Hatoyama, swept to power a year ago, there were high hopes that they would bring about positive change in Japan. What do you think went wrong? See in context

Have these people ever heard the saying, "United we stand, divided we fall"? DPJ is imploding with this clown Ozawa throwing his so called hat into the ring. Japan needs a PM and Party that has the real guts and fortitude to take this country out of the 20th century. The elite in this country are still acting as if they are still living in the bubble days. The last PM to attempt this was Koizumi. Atleast the man had balls. I really cant say the LDP was the strongest at the turn of the century. All those leeches were riding on Koizumi's back. Now you have Kan. Who is flaky to begin with. The man has not done much since he started as PM. So now he will easily be thwarted because the electorate has the attention span of a 2 year old. And in will come Ozawa. I pig of a man, but smart nonetheless. He is throwing his hat into the ring for selfish reasons. Does the country really need PM like him? There is your answer. The whole political system in this country is what went wrong. There is no military. The "self-defense" force is impotent. It could not even carry out a coup if their lives depended on it. Their is no pride forthcoming. I agree with a post above about the people's setiment that their country is still occupied. All that is left is money and greed.

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Posted in: Japanese porn stars fight AIDS with 24-hour telethon See in context

Why is it hypocrisy? Sex is sex and using this venue to promote safer sex is something everyone ought to really think about. Corny as it maybe, they are still making an effort to promote education about prevention. People can be so prudent when it gets to this subject. Sheesh.

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Posted in: Companies struggle to deal with workers' Twitter addiction See in context

The japanese latch on to the oddest of trends.

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Posted in: Soaring yen threatens disaster for most, but profits for some See in context

Why not manipulate the Yen like China does their currency? Or has that been done before and flopped. I'm not too privy to this stuff, but looks like China is doing something right.

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Posted in: Growing number of Americans incorrectly call Obama Muslim See in context

@LIBERTAS at 04:54 PM JST - 19th August

Well, on youtube BHO admitted that he was Muslim. (Obama: "My Muslim Faith") The key question is, "So what?" Can he do the job as President, that's the real issue, or should be.

I can't agree more on doing the job as President. However, please view the uncut video form ABC. That was a mistake. He corrected himself. There was so much 'u r a muzlim' going on during the campaign that I gather that he started believing it himself.

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Posted in: 8-year-old girl hangs herself at home in apparent suicide See in context


How does a 8 year old even comprehend the term suicide? Is this taught or gained throught the media?

Did the case or the textbooks instruct her to this. Unbelievable for one to take her own life at the age. I still can't believe it. For some reason I'm feeling someone other than the girl had their hand in this.

I could be wrong.

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Posted in: Mosque talk another hurdle for Democrats See in context

Agreed sakurala.

Ironic you bring up protecting the US constitutional rights now, Arion. I guess its more acceptable to hinder freedom from the whole group, than the few huh?

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Posted in: Plugging the WikiLeak: What can U.S. government do? See in context

“It wasn’t Pentagon papers that took down Richard Nixon,” said Bamford. “It was his attempt to stop the papers that brought him down.”

Not Watergate?

Its what led to Watergate and then his demise.

I've got to wonder about Obama. He's learned pretty much there is nothing as transparency in the higher halls of power in the US GOVT. That is one thing I agree with Palin on about his naivete. However, without these whistleblowers we would all just be blind sheep. I just wish there was more of them during the early years of the Bush administration. We now know that he was just a lapdog of PNAC. It would have helped greatly back then and stopped a lot of the headaches we have now.

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Posted in: Obama says Muslims have right to build mosque near ground zero See in context

Doesn't seem like any of you understand that islam is a political ideology with world domination as one of it's primary goals. There is no way that islam could ever represent peace just because of it's precepts.

Guilt by association. McCarthyism at its best. Thats what they said about the evil Communists that rear their ugly heads over Sarah Palin's house. Come on people. Majority of these people sell liquor and send their kids to catholic school. World domination my butt. The crazy few that are outcast in Tunisia, Algeria, Morroco, Afghanistan, Yemen and Pakistan are all out to make a name for themselves. Killings = Free Press. Just listent to the interegation of the Mumbai bomber. That crazy sob and his ilk are one upping each other.

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Posted in: Obama says Muslims have right to build mosque near ground zero See in context

And yes, before that it was the Jews, then before that it was the Chinese then before that it was the Irish and then before that the boogeyman was the Native Indians.... 70% of the public has been brainwashed by the far right for the past 8 years with all the great spin on FIX NEWS. Oh Im sure theres a few in there that honestly feel the way the way they answered, but after the past 8 years of propaganda I am not the least bit surprised.

Obama has been trying to clean our image in the middle east and other muslim countries. Turning a few minds will have been well worth it.

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Posted in: Cola wars return as Pepsi MAX takes on Coke Zero See in context


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Posted in: Mango lassi See in context

Its something to cool you down during this heatwave. I think its for variety.

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Posted in: NAACP accuses tea party of tolerating bigotry See in context

No. But the NAACP can always claim slavery like they did when the Virginia governor proclaimed the gentle southern folk proclomation or whatever that was.

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Posted in: 3D television: a new device, a new language See in context

Yes, I agree with northman

Not until we can enjoy 3D without the glasses, this is so 80's.

I remember watching kungfu movies in 3d at the theaters back in 1983. Nothing new, just LCD now and DIGITAL environment.

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Posted in: NAACP accuses tea party of tolerating bigotry See in context

If one just relied on the mainstream media or as sarah would denote, MSM, I can see how the Tea Party is getting labeled as a racist organization. Truth be told, unless you go to one of these rallies yourselves and experience first hand on what they are so angry about, then you really have no room to talk. Most the of the soundbites mention on this thread are pure sensationalism. Dick Armey and Tom Trancedo are sweethearts of the MSM. And sensationalism really sells because the populace is so lazy now a days that they dont even bother anymore to really go out fight for what they want. Not like in the past. Grassroots is not what it used to be.

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Posted in: Japan's forestry management system a mess See in context

If the Japanese culture is so inately in tune with nature, then why are the forests in Japan a mess? Is it really their buearacracy? It really gives me headache reading about governmental organizations tasked with such an important task to be so incompetent. They are analogous to the MMS in states. PEOPLE SUCK! that in includes me.

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Posted in: Let's hear it for the toys See in context

I know disney is a huge conglemerate an have a clue as to why people do not want to waste money on this film, but your money will get them in one way or another. Be it licensing for clothes, toys or trinkets to television around the globe. They are so huge, they have there grimy tentacles in everything.

TS will be a flop compared to Avatar :P

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Posted in: Danish man helping Amerasians in Japan, Vietnam to find fathers See in context

this guy has way toooo much time on his hands. instead of getting in to personal business of these people. why not just buy them a round of beer and call it a day. sheesh

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