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It is a pure act by pure and innocent children, we all should solute and thank them. Don't bring any politics into this. Just admire and enjoy the scene of this innocent act of children. They remember the 3/11 and we remember it too. Thanks!

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This practice should not happen in not only Japan but anywhere in the world, and it should be stopped with heavy fines or penalties.

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To those who posted somewhat negative comments not realizing what his accomplishment for what he has done in this particular race please learn the sports and read this article closely, "during the men’s 200-meter semifinal at the World Athletics Championships......". This means the Japanese runner made it to semifinal. That means he was one of the top 16 runners. If he had finished in the top 4 spot then he would have made it to the final. This is a great accomplishment by him and I congratulate him and his great race. I am sure this experience will also give him some confidence as well.

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@BertieWooster: You are absolutely correct about the Japanese traditional meaning of "Tsuno Kakushi". This to be removed at the "Koromo Gae", changing to a different outfit so she can greet lesser formally and more casually.

@Ah_so: The color white does not only symbolize "death, or mourning", but it means "pure". In this case she is not only "pure" but virgin(?) and "clean".

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Congratulations to these young kids! Glad to see them enjoying and having fun by taking photos of each other and among themselves after their graduation ceremony. Enjoy the moment and hope some of them will remain as true friends for years to come. I have two true friends from my high school time even though we resides in two different continents. The world is yours, so go for it!!! Good luck to you all.

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Ryo Ishikawa did a great job of finishing his back nine. We watched his action from the Pacific Time on Sunday morning/early afternoon, hoping for hims to win for his deserving first win in the US. However, it was not his time. Ryo, keep up with your good work and it will happen for you to enjoy the first win here in the US very soon.

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Let's everyone get back to the main topic which is to comment on the pic of the day. To have OJIZOU-san and to visit them is not all bad or negative thing as some posts indicated above. This elderly woman seems to be very content of what she is doing. For some reason this pic gives me some peaceful mind rather than much of sadness like some posts said. Maybe this reminds me of the good old times when I was a kid my mother had taken me to visit OJIZOU-san to give them some ONIGIRI, OKASHI and putting them on some hats and bibs. Thank you JT for sharing with your readers on this unique but traditional real Japanese story telling pic of the day.

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Simply beautiful ladies with great looking KIMONO. As my wife says hope those ladies learn how to walk as well as how to wear the KIMONO.

BlueWitch, I don't know what you are trying to prove but I don't think you know what you are talking about as far as the types of KIMONO and etc......maybe you know about the OKINAWAN tradition of KIMONO, only maybe.

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@FoxieJul. Wow, so he wants to swim from Shanghai to Japan?

I don't see it anywhere in the article that it says that he wants to swim from Shanghai to Japan. The article says: “It has also made me feel like working hard. I want to swim in a way to bring courage from Shanghai to Japan,”

He is a great swimmer, and he sounds like being very motivated. Wish him the best for the both events.

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