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A man who hits a woman is not a man????? Are you living in the 16th century? Do you pay your cape down over a puddle so a fair maiden doth not get her feet wet. What's the difference between a big guy who can fight hitting a smaller guy, who has been physically aggressive to him and guy doing that to a woman. Your choice of words have nothing to do with domestic violence. Domestic violence is never acceptable, both when afflicted upon either man not woman. But make no mistake, if women want equally then this kind of thinking ' a man hits a woman is not a man' goes out the window. You can't cherry pick parts of equality you want. A man who hits a man or woman who is being physically aggressive is a man. The same is true for a woman. Nothing at all to do with dv.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 391 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 2,165 See in context

@raw beer

Totally agree with you mate...most cases will be mild and very very few will become severe or life threatening.... However, most of the posters on here think it's the end of the world..

Down votes expected ( yawn )

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Posted in: Increasingly desperate Vietnamese blamed for surging crime wave See in context


You are sooo right.

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Posted in: Naomi Osaka's personal apparel collection underscores star power See in context


You need to learn to research before you spout off. Lewis is from a very very upper middle class family.

Fact. Check it out on. Use the internet. Amazing thing the internet. You can check all kinds of things

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Posted in: Tipping, white teeth, fast food, and other Americana Japanese people don’t understand See in context

It might just be as difficult for any non american to live in some parts of america. Outside the big cities situated on the coasts, it was difficult for me , English , to comprehend the logic behind behavior I saw on a daily basis.

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Posted in: Astronaut Noguchi says SpaceX ship offered 'best' flight to ISS See in context

I would be very very worried if I got inside a rocket and then had the feeling of ' this this doesn't want to go into space'.

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Posted in: Cram school operator arrested for holding 6-year-old boy upside down, causing eye injury See in context


As kindergarten is not compulsory in Japan, students do not need any level of kanji, mathematics etc. . I have a son in private elementary school and there was no test on any academic matters. I hope you were being sarcastic.

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Posted in: NiziU, Babymetal to perform for 1st time on NHK's 'Kohaku' music show See in context

Been in Japan 20 plus years...watched it once... Never ever again....aural torture....yep, netflix or amazon prime or apple tv ( long way up is brilliant ).

This show is indicative of most Japanese tv; easy to make so requires very little thought, same tired sorry formula and full of people with very very little talent.

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Posted in: Mayweather to return to ring for Feb 2021 Tokyo bout See in context

What is all about the money fighting at? Bantam? Would like to see him up against teofimo lopez at catch-weight. Don't think he would last long

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Posted in: Mayweather to return to ring for Feb 2021 Tokyo bout See in context

I heard he is fighting apanman.... Hope anpanman wins!!! About the same age, aren't they?

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 255 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 1,439 See in context

Perspective time folks...6 covid-19 deaths reported yesterday....when we start seeing american/ european death rates then it's time to really get worried.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 352 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 1,731 See in context


10 ???? Wow....let's batten down the hatches, it's the end of the world.

Simple math...

Japan, population 126,000, 000

Ten deaths yesterday,

Usa, double the deaths???? I don't think so....

This virus is no flu type thing as the soon to be ex- president of the good ole usa would have us believe but fortunately, Japan has been spared the death rates of the usa, the uk, brazil..... ( Any idea what these 3 countries have in common?? Obesity)

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 352 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 1,731 See in context

Let's get some perspective...2 covid 19 related deaths reported in Japan yesterday. Assume under reporting by 90 percent and you might have 20 to 30 deaths. Probably more people died in road accidents. So, do we shut down the roads? One of the contributing causes of covid-19 deaths iso obesity. But hey...Fat is fun! It's ok to be fat! So, you are size 20, no problem. Well, the s**t has hit the proverbial fan as in Japan levels of obesity and with it, type 2 diabetes are much lower than the usa, England, brazil, italy etc...

I expect a deluge of negative comments and down votes...good luck with that, I hope it boosts your immune system. I will stick to a very balanced diet, excellent blood pressure , boxing and 5k runs 4 times a week...

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Posted in: 'Hanko' to be abolished for all but 83 kinds of official documents See in context


2 hours????? Your paperwork must have not been in order. I moved last year and had to do the same thing and was in and out in 30 mins. This week I had to go to register my new motorbike , large engine , which requires more paperwork than middle size or small bikes. Arrived at 10am , had a new license plate in no time. Yeah, Japanese beaurocracy can be tedious but if your paperwork is 100 percent correct, it goes smoothly. I run a small business with 8 employees and have had a hanko for years. If I didn't have a hanko, I would not have been able to apply as easily for a business development loan or get a contract to rent bigger premises. It's a pain sometimes when I can't remember where I left it but it isn't a huge bother for me. Telecommuting ? Yep, I can see it being a real pain.

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I just bought clutchy hopkins latest album, only available on cassette! Fortunately I have a nice tascam deck coupled to a cambridge audio amp with Definitve technology speakers...sound is perfect!

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Posted in: Kane nets 200th goal as Tottenham wins in Europa League See in context

I grew up an intense spurs supporter, even saw them when they were relegated to division two. Glen hoddle, Steve perryman, ossie ardiles, paul gasgoine gareth bale and now harry kane's name gets added to the ranks of the top spurs players I have witnessed with my own eyes.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for burying body of newborn baby in park a year ago See in context

@Lisa Twaronite

Are you kidding??? The poor woman??? I hope she finds peace,?????

She buried a newborn baby you understand what she did? She didn't lose her unborn child due to a traumatic event. She murdered her own child.

The only peace she deserves is a long piece of rope with a noose around her neck as the trap door beneath her feet opens and she pays for the cold hearted murder of a defenceless baby that was hers.

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Posted in: Keanu Reeves explores world of samurai See in context

motoki can act pretty well but i bet his english is crap....the same reason why the female lead roles for sayuri ( geisha ) went to chinese actresses

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Posted in: Record Y7.2 bil cocaine haul washes ashore on Yokosuka beaches See in context

the story fails to mention the fact that the elderly resident was acting in a very strange state after he found the stash and was heard to be mumbling has after hours finished yet?

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Posted in: Drunk man steals taxi and crashes into two parked police vehicles See in context

hey alex they should let him go, he doesnt remember anything totally agree, just as long as he says gomenasai to everyone first!

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Posted in: Mistaken for wild boar, man dies in hunting accident in Tochigi forest See in context

i live in north osaka, near minoh, and often see wild boar around the minoh the hell can you mistake something that hardly is taller than your knee with a human ??? my guess is they were all on their hands and knees, playing revenge at iwo jima, got a bit over excited and one got shot by accident....

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quoteSpotting a foreign car on Japanese streets is a rare sight...what???????? is this guy blind????? volvos, audis, vws, minis, bmws, porsches, alfas everywhere! this guy needs an eye test before he( or she) even considers getting behind the wheel again...if the poor sod cant tell the difference between a prius and a v50, god help the poor pedestrians he(she) has been mistaking for electricity poles...

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i live in the building where it happened. Very close to Senri Chuo, north osaka. the family lives on the 4th floor, i live on the 5th. it happened on sep 21 and the father initially claimed it was an accident. after the funeral he confessed to the police on monday morning this week there were reporters knocking on all the doors and camera crews everywhere.

and to reply to Elbuda Mexicano`s dumb comments

the mother was out grocery shopping at the time ( 3pm saturday afternoon ) at the local izumiya supermarket with their older daughter

and no, he wasnt beating her up.

and no, osaka isnt crappy..i lived in tokyo 13 years and have been here 5 years and i like it here more.

he didnt drop her either, he threw her on the ground as she wouldnt eat when she was trying to feed him.

he deserves to be locked up for a very very long time.

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