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Posted in: Olympic torchbearers run through empty Osaka park as virus surge tops 1,000 See in context


Exactly. You couldn't be more correct. It's a pity the Japanese public doesn't realize this. Or maybe they do but are powerless to stop the olympics?

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Posted in: Video saved the K-pop stars: Brave Girls reborn via YouTube See in context

What is 'brave' about these 'girls'?

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Posted in: Japanese beauty brand drops word 'whitening' from its products See in context



That is a grotesque false equivalency. There is an intrinsic difference between "black is king" and "white is king", and that difference is centuries upon centuries of white people oppressing and enslaving minorites throughout the world. This has nothing to do with being "woke", it's simple history.

What the hell has it got to do with history??

Black is gold has a very very strong inferred meaning and because a black woman says it , it's ok. Well, no it isn't ok. That's just your crew, the left liberals who promote this gender neutral oppressed minority crap . As very very accurately pointed out, black africans were involved heavily with the slave trade. You think the europeans just went over there and tools thousands by force? Nope, they were sold out by their ' brothers'. My parents are irish and told me stories of the racism they faced in london in the 60s so don't label me a right winger. The product advertised here makes skin look whiter and cradle of filth's next lp should definitely be called ' kiss my london irish ass, I'm no sad pc dimwit ( white is gold edition ).

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Posted in: Japanese beauty brand drops word 'whitening' from its products See in context


So true..rhiana I think recently put out an lp called black is king. If say, metallica had an album called white is king, can you imagine the uproar? The woke left want to use language only as they see fit. Now Japan is going down that road. And this product might actually lighten skin tone making it appear whiter? What's wrong with that? It's just a description of the function of the product. Thank God I do not live in America.

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Posted in: Osaka governor requests stronger anti-virus steps amid resurgence See in context

He doesn't want to declare an s.o.e as the Osaka government would be liable for loss of earnings. However, as a governor, he is totally lackluster, incompetent and couldn't manage to fall into a river while stocious drunk.

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Posted in: Osaka governor sounds alarm as COVID-19 infections exceed Tokyo's See in context

Went past a bar in the sleepy suburb of Osaka where I live the other night. Absolutely teeming with people. Spring break, lots of parties going on and zero real effort from the Osaka government to do anything concrete to try and reduce the skyrocketing number of new infections.

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Posted in: Big tuna See in context

You're gonna need a bigger boat

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Posted in: If you could live in any city in the world (post-pandemic), other than where you live now, which one would you choose and why? See in context

Christchurch, new Zealand or Vancouver, Canada. Far better societies in every conceivable way and if I had the money, I would be out of here in an instant ( just waiting on my jumbo lotto numbers to pay dividend)

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Posted in: UK variant hunters lead global race to stay ahead of COVID See in context

Very interesting and shows the massive contrast between Japan and such countries like the uk( I know the uk is not a single country ) that thrive on innovation whereas Japan relies on following what is written in the manual and must be followed every time regardless of the circumstances. Many years ago I worked for a uk pharmaceutical company and collaborated with Japanese researchers on a project to study the efficacy of heparin administration to stroke patients. Every time we asked the senior researchers what their next move was, so to speak, none of them would make a decision, deferring it to their superiors ( who were clearly not researchers). After coming to Japan, I have experienced the same time after time. Fortune favors the bold. An idiom not applicable here.

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Posted in: Restaurant operator slams 'hypocrisy' of health ministry officials See in context


Let's be honest, the people who do pick up rubbish are probably doing a more important job.

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Posted in: ANA conducts COVID digital health passport trial at Tokyo airport See in context


Regarding right to travel it is part of freedom of movement which is part of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights :

And how many countries have adopted this as law and or as part of their constitution. Also 'freedom of movement' is not the same as ' freedom of travel' . If this were true then countries could not have a visa system which allows you to enter their country and can be refused.

Have the vaccine if you want to 'travel' , if not, shut up, save up enough money and open your own airline.

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Posted in: Celebrate 40 years of guitar musicianship with Tak Matsumoto’s anniversary book collection See in context

Japanese jazz, however is fantastic ). Would love to get the chance to play some of the rare gems in his collection.

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Posted in: Celebrate 40 years of guitar musicianship with Tak Matsumoto’s anniversary book collection See in context

Definitely want to read this. B'z are one of the few Japanese pop groups that are decent ( Japanese jazz, howeverlove,

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Posted in: ANA conducts COVID digital health passport trial at Tokyo airport See in context


You have the right to travel????? Really???? In which constitution is that written ???????? No one is forcing you to have the vaccine. If you do, however, wish to use services provided by companies, such as travel, you may be required to have been innoculated. No one is forcing you to use these services. Why not buy a boat and row your way home? No vaccine needed!!!

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Posted in: Author Mieko Kawakami wants to 'stir things up' See in context

If a writer chooses to include women in the role of sexual servants only ( or anyone or any group in the role of anything ) that's the writer's prerogative. Novels and any work of fiction are not government statements. If she doesn't like it, don't read them. Murakami has every right to write how he feels fit and should never ever write within constraints imposed by other's policital views.

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Posted in: Contagious and concerning: What we know about COVID-19 variants See in context

If it is called the english variant or south africa variant, then why isn't it called the china virus????

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Posted in: Evidence emerges of 'brand new' physics at CERN See in context

So are they saying that there are 5 forces now? Strong and weak nuclear force, gravity , electromagnetism and this? Do they think that this force also was not in existence at the moment of ' the big bang' ( the current forces can not explain the rate of expansion of the infant universe )?

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Posted in: Female financial analysts urge change in male-dominated profession See in context

Couldn't agree more with some of the above posts. Do you ever hear women shouting ' more female bus drivers'??? That job doesn't require much physical strength anymore , does it? Or how about ' more female sewage workers! ? Another job where brute strength is not required. Women want to cherry pick of my female employees asked me recently to change a light bulb...I asked her if she had 2 arms and 2 legs...' but you're a man' . Not a task that requires an advanced level of strength. Women want their cake and eat it ( and if you look around, many of them are obviously eating too much cake. )

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Posted in: 'Everything evaporated' - Olympic overseas spectator ban hits Japan tourism See in context

Ortega, inditex ceo, said ' don't tell me how to make money now, tell me how to make money in 5 years'. If this woman plowed a huge investment on the hopes of a huge return quickly then she is a fool. I own a business that has been in operation for 11 years and employs 13 staff. There is no way I would pour that kind of money into it if I didn't think it would yield a sustainable long term return. If I did,l, it would be no more than a get rich quick fantasy

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Posted in: 10-year-old boy on bike hit and killed by car; driver arrested See in context

Agree totally with point of view... absolutely no way any of us here can point the finger of blame either at the woman or the kid. However, I totally agree with what has been said about a total lack of bicycle safety education here. I have a 9 year old son and not once has he ever had any safety education at school. It has been down to me to teach him and even now I will not let him ride without me, the roads are just way too dangerous. No sidewalks, idiots driving through lights, more morons on their phones.....and that's just the cyclists...don't want to start on the lunacy I see from car drivers. I am surprised the accident rate for cyclists isn't higher.

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Posted in: Do you agree with the decision not to allow spectators from overseas to attend the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games? See in context

Hey , why not ban foreign athletes too? That would guarantee a few more golds for Japan. Bet the stadia would be heaving !

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Posted in: Tech firm says musicians lose billions to illegal business streaming See in context

The headline should have been

Tech firm says tech firms lose billions to illegal business streaming.

As an ex producer with material on spotify, amazon music , apple music , deezer etc...I can vouch that the royalties are absolute peanuts compared to the amount of streaming material gets. That's why coldplay did not want their material on spotify.

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Posted in: Masks just make you feel hot and itchy around the mouth, and I hear dermatologists are thriving these days. How long do we have to keep wearing them? See in context

Another dinosaur putting his mouth into gear without using the clutch. The government needs to lead by example and when a minister says something like this it undermines a policy which , like it or not, has kept infection rates lower than many other countries.

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Posted in: What are some things that you recall hearing or seeing men say or do to women decades ago, which would be considered sexual harassment today, but which were not then (or at least no one spoke up about it then)? See in context

Ok, woke culture is destroying many countries with its appalling pathetic are some I think these losers would consider harassment

Offering to help a woman struggling with a baby buggy down stairs

Offering to help a female motorist who has broken down on a dark road

Telling a woman your hair looks good ( and I would say the same thing to a male colleague if he had just got his hair cut and it looked good ).

Thankfully, living in Japan, these simple courtesies are still seen as good manners and nothing more. Japanese women are still women, the female homo sapiens in the us, the uk, australia etc stopped being women when they started resembling beached whales.

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Posted in: Soccer player Kawasumi confirms she won't take part in torch relay See in context


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Posted in: Driver who killed pedestrian during police chase gets 5 years in prison See in context

Drug use, probably under the influence, reckless driving, manslaughter...6 years... pathetic. Steal money from a big company and they'll put you away for much longer. She deserves life without parole. ' oh but she's an oppressed woman' will soon be written below by the limit livered woke liberal dregs

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Posted in: Even in France, lingerie shifts from sexy to comfortable See in context


Ever heard of coco chanel???? Rumor has it she was a woman.

On a side note...this change is due to the fact that more and more women are getting fat and obese and them wearing sexy lingerie would be as practical and /or sexy as a bloke in a dress. I was back n England 2 years ago and was shocked at how women had began morphing into a new species of huge lumbering land mammals. It's not just women, men too are getting so fat they can't even touch their toes. So let's cut the crap, if women could wear nicer lingerie, they would. But let's face it, with those double chins, barrel sized waists, wobbly fat arms, why would they??? It's designed for real women...sophia loren, helen mirren, audrey hepburn, ellie mcpherson, gwenneth paltrow, jennifer garner etc.

Download of downvotes from the woke pc brigade to follow

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Posted in: London police officer in court as woman's murder sparks protests See in context

Draconian covid rules????

There's an oxymoron....shows the posters very low intellect...dracos was an ancient greek legislator..covid lockdown and social distancing laws, introduced in the uk and other countries to try and limit the spread of the wuhan virus, are thoroughly younger than Dracos' harsh punishments ( although there are accounts of social distancing during plagues in the middle ages but there are no records to show social distancing in ancient greece ). I digress. These females , regardless of what horrors had been inflicted to the very very unfortunate woman are not above the law. They were it seems arrested for breaking certain laws. The law applies to everyone, the alleged murderer and the alleged covid rule breakers. You can't cherry pick which laws to apply to whom willy nilly.

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Posted in: Long sidelined at the Grammys, women in rock claim their due See in context


Women molded rock's evolution --

One very very old example of a stupidly rediculous statement. Let's look at that minute supporting evidence then. Presley covered it and turned it into rock n roll. Before it was actually an RnB recording. Presley and bill hailey and little richard too created rock n roll. Elvis covered many records, not just hers.

Let's see

The beatles

The rolling stones

The who

Jimi hendrix




Iron maiden


Bon jovi


Led zep

The hives

Radio head

Lynrd skynard

Spinal tap

Some of the biggest names in rock...not many women in them

Pure pure woke liberal toss again ... The world is totally f@@ked

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