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Posted in: After long battle, karate gets long-awaited chance on Olympic stage See in context

Too many styles of karate , each with its own philosophy. I studied wado Ryu for years...and when I did have a fight, unfortunately, it was absolutely useless. Switched to boxing....much more effective. Kata is no more a sport than synchronized swimming. Not going to be in the next Olympics, thank God. Mma is a thousand times more deserving an Olympic spot.

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Posted in: Lomachenko batters Nakatani; scores 9th-round TKO in return See in context

Delahoyaya is canelo" s manager??? Really??? Since when?? Shows how much you know about boxing....canelo has a 58-1 record...only losing once to Mayweather when he was 23. Canelo turned pro at 15 and still has years in him... Loma got beaten by Lopez and now is on the way of the greatest ever??? Not by a mile....

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Posted in: U.S. soccer stars tell story of fight for equal pay in new film 'LFG' See in context

Is this the same women's world cup that had fewer viewers for the entire competition than the final only of the men's??? Equal pay for am equal performance.... unfortunately not an equal performance is it???

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Posted in: Mazda aims to launch 13 electrified car models by 2025 See in context

Have had Volvos, Alfa Romeos,BMWs, Porsches, Toyotas , Mitsubishis, isuzus and more and my Mazda CX had been my best car yet. Their styling is superb and the customer service is fantastic. Bought mine new 3 years ago ...waiting till they finally got on with an ev which is finally happening, it seems.

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Posted in: Pandemic shows risk of obesity, and challenge of weight loss See in context

Obesity is a choice. You choose what to put in your mouth. Fat is fun,it's ok to be fat....well corona had shown us that it isn't. We are moving towards a WALL-E world. Even in Japan the number of overweight people is increasing dramatically.

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Posted in: China cautions G7 that 'small' groups don't rule the world See in context


Taiwan isn't a country nor has it ever been. Simple fact.

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Posted in: Danny Elfman writes a solo album with 'venom' pouring out See in context


Who? Well, let's hope that if you are a ' real ' expat sent here due to some skill you have, it is a smidgen deeper than your knowledge of soundtracks. Alongside Hans Zimmer, Danny elfman is one of the most influential, prolific composers in contemporary cinema.

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Posted in: A minute with Boy George on turning 60, new music and biopic See in context

I absolutely hated Spandau ballet,Duran Duran, etc the 80s and was a huge the jam, nine below zero, mod revival fan . But...Duran Duran and Spandau ballet were actually bloody good in retrospect. Very catchy , excellent production. Culture club.... Very mediocre, even now. Do you really want to hurt me sounded like a complete copy of a ken boothe track.

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Posted in: When you hear the expression "Japan's kawaii culture," what do you associate it with? See in context


You think that guitar pedal is cool????? As one of the hosts of that YouTube channel points out, ' absolutely pointless' and that really sums up kawaii culture, absolutely pointless

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Posted in: Uber Eats deliverer arrested for exposing himself inside convenience store See in context

Sausage delivery?

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Posted in: Man arrested after pushing over woman and her 2 children on bicycle See in context


It may we'll have been intentional. I have problem with that. The problem is here that JT have already decided it was intentional without the alleged crime being proven. It is mere accusation at the moment. He probably did push her but journalism is supposed to tell the facts, not make them up.

Yes it is illegal, anywhere in Japan. Everyone does it, even the cops, but it is illegal

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Posted in: Man arrested after pushing over woman and her 2 children on bicycle See in context


Riding on the sidewalk in Japan is illegal under Japanese road traffic law. How do I know? Well , I took my big bike license and for some reason, it came up in one of the lectures we had to take about general road rules.

It is illegal. Just because you didn't know doesn't make it legal. Ever heard the term ' ignorance is no excuse' ?

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Posted in: Man arrested after pushing over woman and her 2 children on bicycle See in context

Bad journalism Jt .... Shouldn't it be

' man arrested after being accused of pushing over a cyclist , apparently riding illegally on the sidewalk'


He has denied the allegations which have not been proved against him and it does appear she was riding illegally on the sidewalk.

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Posted in: Sex workers, AV actresses tread lightly when searching for a spouse See in context

like lubricants and Isojin gargle

Wow, we have bottles of isojin and wd40 all over the place,in the bathroom, kitchen, garage.... I wonder what my wife is up to when I am out all day starring in adult videos?

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Posted in: Man cooks rice, stir-fried noodles in convenience store parking lot before starting police chase See in context


So's very sad however that your were correct comments get downvotes. He was stealing. Stealing electricity, pure and simple. I own a company and we have electric outlets outside our offices . If someone started using them without my consent, that is stealing and I expect the police to arrest them , not deal with him like they are social workers.

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Posted in: 2 male police officers, one female officer reprimanded after sex in koban, station See in context

So that's why everytime I go past a police box it's locked and there's a sign of the counter that says ' on patrol' and yet there are still two scooters parked at the side!

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 539 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 3,594 See in context


I went to the doctor with a ridiculous sore throat and muscle pains. Absolutely no way was he going to send me for a pcr test. Gave me some antibiotics ( er, even if it's not corona but viral, those wont work ) and some other stuff and sent me packing. The sore throat continued for 2 weeks! No idea if it corona or not and I will never know!

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Posted in: World No. 1 Barty doesn't share Osaka's news conference stance See in context


Naomi-chan is under no obligation to talk to the vulture media who are always attacking her.

Absolute rubbish. Your argument is a watertight as a storage tank at number 3 reactor, Fukushima.

The vulture media as you call also broadcast her matches , wins , commercials she is in, product endorsements etc

Without the vulture media, she would not be known. She is happy to have her matches on tv along with her tv commercials, adverts in magazines bringing in tons of cash etc .. but she won't talk to them????

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Posted in: Immigration bureau sued for locking up 17 foreigners in small room See in context

I am missing something or were they detained for breaking laws regarding visas or were they in the detention facility because it was cheaper than a hotel? If you break a country's law, don't complain about the consequences, however harsh you may find them especially if you went to that country voluntarily. If can't do the time, don't do the crime. If this were people with Japanese citizenship, then maybe their grievances are legitimate. These people were here it seems illegally.

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Posted in: 'Friends' reunion reveals Ross and Rachel stars' crush See in context

I would never date a woman who said she watches or watched friends voluntarily. This dross and Big bang theory are 2 of the worst tv shows ever to come out of the us. Give me the dukes of Hazzard, the six million dollar man or magnum , p.i. anyday!

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Posted in: Torch relay in Shiga See in context

Fantastic social distancing going on there...great job everyone!!!

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Posted in: Court rules restrictions on transgender official's use of women's toilet legal See in context

Why is the article referring to this person as 'her'.? If the person has male chromosomes, then he is still male. You can buy a Nissan march and put a Ferrari body kit on it. Its still a Nissan march.

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Posted in: Actress Kyoko Fukada diagnosed with adjustment disorder See in context

Poor woman...a celebrity with lots of money feeling down....ahhh...there there dear.....whilst the world battles coronavirus

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Posted in: 72-year-old man arrested for attempted murder after setting wife on fire See in context

Must be some history behind this guy, there's no smoke without fire as they say

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Posted in: U.S. lawmakers rein in 'no-knock' warrant police raids See in context

Shoot first...stupid google predictive text

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Posted in: U.S. lawmakers rein in 'no-knock' warrant police raids See in context


Very true. If you watch official body cam footage they really do stick to the old adage

" Shout 100 rounds first, ask questions later."

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Posted in: U.S. lawmakers rein in 'no-knock' warrant police raids See in context

So america is entering an age of knock knock police jokes

Knock knock

Who's there?

Police who?

Police open the door before we empty 50 rounds into this door.

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Posted in: 28 local Japanese governments considering mass vaccination sites See in context

Shouldn't this planning and /or considering been done last autumn when the data coming back from stage 3 clinical trials was looking very promising???

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Posted in: LDP lawmaker says being LGBT goes against preservation of species See in context

@tokyo joe

You are so correct. In addition, he has the right to free speech as guaranteed in the Japanese constitution. If he expresses his views and is then elected, he has the support of his constituents. Whether people like it or not is not of his concern. If people don't like it, then become Japanese, acquire the right to vote and then vote for someone who expresses your concerns. If you don't want to do that, well, there are still planes leaving Japan. No one is forcing you to stay.

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Posted in: Mother in Arizona accused of killing her 2 kids had been under scrutiny See in context

She knew what she was doing. She deserves to swing from the gallows. Do some states still use old sparky? That would be perfect for her.

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