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Posted in: Hit-and-run driver arrested after returning to scene of collision with motorbike See in context

It might have been illegal. After getting your bike license you are not allowed to carry a pillion passenger for at least a year. I got my Ogata big engine bike license last December and that is what I was told.

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Posted in: Authorities call fatal stabbing of UK lawmaker terrorist act See in context

Comparing Islamic militants to the ira is a false comparison. The ira and the udf etc were made up of locally recruited members, not radicalized 2nd of third generation youth who have never even set foot in their parents motherland.

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Just listened to ' easy on me' from the album and her next single out of curiosity. My god it is terrible.

Adele is stuck in a time loop churning out the same material year after year. I can see how it appeals to menopausal women and guys with low or no testosterone.

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Posted in: Princess Mako visits imperial graves ahead of high-profile marriage See in context

Before I got married I visited the pub.....alot..... Each to their own I guess

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Posted in: 'Squid Game': South Korea's latest cultural phenomenon See in context

Watched started watching one episode and had massive feelings of deja Vu....have I seen this before??? Oh , yeah...It has ripped off more movies and dramas than you can poke a stick at. Hey, let's not worry about that's from that place that brought us k pop...another hugely derivative art form so that makes it ok. Pressed stop, turned on kid cosmic, way more original...but that's a kids show I hear some of you say...well, roald Dahl, Oscar Wilde or tony Williams wouldn't stoop as low in such vulgar plagiarism.

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Posted in: Fury stops Wilder in 11th in another heavyweight thriller See in context

Wilder was dead on his feet from the third. Wilder is finished. What's his excuse going to be this time? His dressing room was too fat from the ring???

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Posted in: Truck driver goes on trial over accident that killed 2 children, injured 3 others See in context


You don't live in Japan, do you? Most roads lack a dedicated sidewalk. Call it bad urban planning or whatever, it's a simple fact here. There could be much better safeguards for children walking along such roads , for example, PTA members every 100 meters or so marshalling kids along dangerous sections of roads. Unfortunately the average Japanese PTA is like most organisations in Japan; utterly useless. I speak from experience with a 9 year old son who goes to a public elementary school. I walk him to school every day and my wife picks him up in the car. Not all parents can do that but the PTA could easily get something organized...but they won't. Too much tooth sucking and ' sore was muzukashii desu' comments. This tragedy might not have been totally avoided but the chance of it happening could have been minimalized drastically.

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Posted in: Former head of egg producer convicted for bribing ex-farm minister See in context

If you ask me, the guy's a big chicken.

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Posted in: As the long-delayed James Bond film "No Time to Die" debuts in cinemas worldwide, here are some questions for 007 fans. Which actor is your favorite James Bond? Best Bond villain? Best henchman/woman for a Bond villain? Best Bond title song and last but not least, the best Bond film? See in context

Ah _so

No....Sean Connery was initially hated by Ian Fleming who saw David Niven as the quintessential bond type. It wasnt until Dr no came out that Fleming was impressed and then actually started to write bond's Scottish ancestry into the storyline.

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Posted in: As the long-delayed James Bond film "No Time to Die" debuts in cinemas worldwide, here are some questions for 007 fans. Which actor is your favorite James Bond? Best Bond villain? Best henchman/woman for a Bond villain? Best Bond title song and last but not least, the best Bond film? See in context

You only live twice. Set in Japan.

Bond meets Tanaka, head of the secret police in Japan.

Tanaka tells him

Men always come first

Never do anything you can get someone to do for you.

Bond says

I might just have to retire here.

Best bond movie with the best bond. Daniel Craig a close second with casino royale.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 144 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 982 See in context


So right.

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Posted in: William Shatner, 90, will fly to space aboard Blue Origin rocket See in context


Brilliant mate. I wonder how though, if the flight were any longer and he needed to use the loo, he would deal with the dreaded clingons??

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Posted in: Zooming along See in context

By the way...what you riding? Duc I hope!

I have a m900 and an 848 Evo

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Posted in: Zooming along See in context

I was talking about rider rankings...not grid line up

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Posted in: Zooming along See in context

No there aren't

Takagami and Marquez only in the top 20

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The only Honda in the top 20.... Japanese bikes are being dominated by European bikes in MotoGP. Takagami isn't even listed as an official Honda rider!

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Posted in: 76-year-old man arrested after causing accident and driving without license for 50 years See in context


No... totally wrong...they can refuse but this is very very rare.


The motor vehicle owner is responsible to verify that the person they are letting us the car has the appropriate license.

No they aren't....didn't you read my post???? My brother in law runs a used car company and regularly gives customers a car to use when their car is being worked on. There have been multiple accidents and he has never been found responsible.

Get your facts right before spouting off.

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Posted in: 76-year-old man arrested after causing accident and driving without license for 50 years See in context

If his car has passed the inspection then he has the compulsory liability insurance.

The vehicle owner is not liable in anyway whatsoever. I have owned more cars and motorcycles than I can count in Japan and my brother in law runs a used car company so I speak from first hand experience

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Posted in: In today's corporate world, how important is an MBA? See in context

An MBA is an absolute waste of time and money and is really for people who want an easy way into ' management' . ' you learn skills doing an MBA' you don't , it's a theoretical course which gives you learn skills by getting your hands dirty. I have been running my own business for 11 years , started with 2 clients and now have over 150 and I wouldnt even picking up an MBA to wipe my proverbial back side with if there was no loo roll around. Want to learn how to do business? Any business? Do it, don't read about it.

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Posted in: Murakami library unveiled at author's alma mater in Tokyo See in context

Kafka by the shore is a magic mushroom of a novel. The problem for me with murakami is that he recycles his protagonist's characters too much. Reiko in Norwegian wood is similar to Sara in colorless and even miss saeki in Kafka for example. Same with the male characters...but I do enjoy his stuff alot more than many other contemporary authors. Congratulations to him on this.

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The motorcycle industry is in trouble.... And in japan the demand for bikes is dieing ...

Out of the top 10 motogp bikes...only 2 are Japanese. does MotoGP translate into everyday rideable bikes ? Good question and maybe it doesn't . But when the big four Japanese were releasing their best bikes...cbrs, r6, r1, Gixxers, local mechanic told me most popular bikes now are 125cc scooters... And even their sales are way down.

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Posted in: UK's last cassette shop reels in nostalgic music lovers See in context

I still have my Sony walkman and sometimes dig it out. It's funny when the battery starts to die and the playback slows down. Also trying to find a particular track can be a challenge, but fun. There is nothing wrong with streaming but for me, vinyl is king. Just bought a pristine original 1973 Japanese issue of black sabbath/ sabbath bloody Sabbath and to me, it's like physically connecting with that point in history.

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Posted in: After long battle, karate gets long-awaited chance on Olympic stage See in context

Too many styles of karate , each with its own philosophy. I studied wado Ryu for years...and when I did have a fight, unfortunately, it was absolutely useless. Switched to boxing....much more effective. Kata is no more a sport than synchronized swimming. Not going to be in the next Olympics, thank God. Mma is a thousand times more deserving an Olympic spot.

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Posted in: Lomachenko batters Nakatani; scores 9th-round TKO in return See in context

Delahoyaya is canelo" s manager??? Really??? Since when?? Shows how much you know about boxing....canelo has a 58-1 record...only losing once to Mayweather when he was 23. Canelo turned pro at 15 and still has years in him... Loma got beaten by Lopez and now is on the way of the greatest ever??? Not by a mile....

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Posted in: U.S. soccer stars tell story of fight for equal pay in new film 'LFG' See in context

Is this the same women's world cup that had fewer viewers for the entire competition than the final only of the men's??? Equal pay for am equal performance.... unfortunately not an equal performance is it???

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Posted in: Mazda aims to launch 13 electrified car models by 2025 See in context

Have had Volvos, Alfa Romeos,BMWs, Porsches, Toyotas , Mitsubishis, isuzus and more and my Mazda CX had been my best car yet. Their styling is superb and the customer service is fantastic. Bought mine new 3 years ago ...waiting till they finally got on with an ev which is finally happening, it seems.

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Posted in: Pandemic shows risk of obesity, and challenge of weight loss See in context

Obesity is a choice. You choose what to put in your mouth. Fat is fun,it's ok to be fat....well corona had shown us that it isn't. We are moving towards a WALL-E world. Even in Japan the number of overweight people is increasing dramatically.

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Posted in: China cautions G7 that 'small' groups don't rule the world See in context


Taiwan isn't a country nor has it ever been. Simple fact.

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