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San_Diegan comments

Posted in: Bolton revelations complicate Trump defense See in context

Ha! No witnesses ~. It is over. The President has won again against the swamp.

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Posted in: Trump defense claims acts to help reelection not impeachable See in context

I can see some major meltdowns coming after the acquittal. ROFL.

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Posted in: Bolton revelations complicate Trump defense See in context

Anything Bolton would say "IF" he was called to testify will not affect the outcome. The President will be acquitted.... forever. End of show by Friday.

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Posted in: Honda net profit surges 70% on U.S. tax cuts, brisk sales See in context

Won't see that in U.S. news.

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Posted in: 4 bodies found in park, believed to be missing family See in context

Suicide / Murder results of a lack of values. The ole' "I am the center of the universe" attitude.

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Posted in: Defense chief Inada gave nod to withholding info on peacekeeping logs See in context

I think she is hot. I wonder if she is "Maguro."

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Posted in: Woman arrested for adding dishwashing detergent in her family’s tea See in context

LoL @ StrangeLand and Disis.silly,... Disillusioned who was being facetious, right?

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Posted in: Trump wins White House; Clinton concedes defeat See in context

The electoral college is flawed? How is that??? Please explain that statement. I'd so love to be enlightened.

How is the system stupid? Cause it don't go with the popular vote... which would mean that the country would do what the city people want... leave the majority of the suburbs, country out? Yeah.. if you a city folk, concrete jungle living liberal troglodyte, the popular vote would serve you.

To prevent that is the reason for the electoral college!! Go back to 7th grade where they taught the constitution... well, at least in my day.

Most of these comments prove humanity is hopeless..

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Posted in: This isn't 'Survivor,' Obama says; Trump, Clinton fire away See in context

Wow! Reading most of these comments make me wonder about the intelligence of humanity. Notice, I said most, not all. FizzBit, great post.

Stngrlnd and LFRAgn.... oh, what is the sense.... what is that phrase they use over there, "But ni Shinju," pearls before swine?

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Posted in: Getting stopped by police in Japan – how often does it happen (and why?) See in context

I used to get stopped all the time riding my motorcycle back in the late 70s. The J-cops faces were hilarious when I'd take my helmet off with it's dark visor and they'd see I was a Yanqui. Didn't have to have a passport back then. Don't know if they do now days. Just a military ID card. Something to do with the SOFA agreement. It would baffle the hell out of the J-cops. Especially, if I was far away from base. They'd ask me, "You speak Japanese," and I'd reply, "Me no Speak 'em Japanese," I remember listening to the conversation they were having amongst themselves after they stopped me at a Nezumi-Tor. It went something like this: "What do we do with him? He doesn't have a passport. His drivers license has the base as his address. He is from Yamaguch Prefecture. This is way to much trouble. Let's just tell him to slow down and let him go."

They'd give my ID back and say, "Speed down, Speed down, OK." I'd say with a big cheezy grin, "Ok, Me Speed down. Me no Speed, OK." They'd return the toothy grin with a thumbs up and a hearty, "Ok! Ok!" Off I'd go. Hell, one time they even fixed a flat tire for me that I had gotten in the Nezumi-Tori's Parking lot.

Sounds like it as gotten really strict. Like they don't even let the Jarheads off the bases anymore. Also, back then, if I got more than two miles from base, I wouldn't see another foreigner. Went back this last winter... dang.. the J-Police were everywhere~. Tons of police around the base too. Maybe cause there was some kind of summit going on.

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Posted in: Man shoves girlfriend into sea at Yokohama’s Yamashita Park See in context

Human Train Wreck.... both of them. 43 versus 55? Ewwww....(barf)

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Posted in: Clinton says Trump's rhetoric 'hateful, very prejudicial' See in context

Anybody, but Clinton. Even if it means... (choke, gag, puke, wheez)... Trump. This election really brings out the sad state of American Politics if these two are the best we can do. If this was 1802, I'd be heading west just to get away from this cesspool.

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Posted in: Actress Ryoko Shinohara smolders in new lingerie ad for Triumph See in context

"Smolders" Uh.... Okay... each to their own.

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Posted in: In Cannes, Clooney vows Donald Trump won't be president See in context

Ditto on what Ryuusei said. Diconnect and all looks with no substance.

I am more afraid of Hillary than I am of Trump. Trump is far from being ideal. Hillary is a Basket Case! If Hillary winds I am immigrating to ....

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Posted in: With Hiroshima, Obama goes where predecessors stayed away See in context

Ditto on what Adam said. His post shows a DEEP understanding of the reality of the times when WWII was started and how it is being treated in today`s world.

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Posted in: Read the air See in context

Yeah... It sounds like a Mukashi Problem that will never be over come here. Hence, the steady internal decay will continue. Status Quo is Supreme in many circles here.

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Posted in: Mother, son arrested over abduction of 13-year-old Toyama girl See in context

I was watching the news with a group of Japanese friends while eating and they all guffawed at this story. They too, were wondering what the heck, "They Confessed," to a kidnapping meant. Sounds like typical Police/ Prosecutor going for some low hanging fruit, (individuals with low cognitive skills).

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Posted in: Shizuoka's Oi River Valley - lots to explore See in context

Yes, it is picturesque. However, I would NOT recommend it, if one does not like the noisy mass of humanity and lack the ability to see through power lines.

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Posted in: 67-year-old woman arrested for killing ailing 43-year-old daughter See in context

I am not going to say what is, "right or wrong, moral or immoral." I am just going to say what is, or at least, what was for me. My late daughter passed away from ovarian cancer this last December, It was not pretty to watch. (holds back tears to try and type). With a little speculation, I can imagine this mother was dealing with some similar emotions. I know, I too, thought the thoughts. I even considered moving to Oregon, where they have the right to die. Before that, I was thinking about going to Belgium (don't know if they would of let us do it there since we weren't residents).

But, you know what? There are lessons in everything. No matter how bad it is. It is up to me to learn the lesson from the experience, no matter how horrible it is. And then again, it is my choice to learn the lesson that best serves me and the people around me. One of many lessons from my daughter's demise was that there an immense amount of help out there. When I ask for it. I... We, were assisted by a huge variety of people on this journey. Never in my life have I so felt indebted to other humans. There are angels that walk the earth, and they work in the medical field.

So, yes, I can understand this woman's actions. Would I of been a COLD-BLODDED MUREDER? No, I would of cried my eyes out.

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Posted in: Japanese mom’s advice to daughter: Ask your boyfriend for many selfish things See in context

Wow! I can't believe I am taking the time to comment on an article swiped from RocketNews24 (such great journalism and I do realize it is tabloidic material).

It just excreted shallow philosophy that way too many women, not just in Japan but, world wide buy into! And, then you have the "Sexless marriage." Perhaps, there is a connection?

"if the relationship is going to provide you with the things you need to be happy." Another path to hollowness. Looking for external "Things" or "People" or "Places," to make them happy is so indicative of a person's maturity. (sigh)

Confucious say, "Happiness comes from Withiin."

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Posted in: 16 people injured in New Orleans park shooting See in context

Yay! Wolfpack! Tell em!

Fadamor, you are right. Nothing in the article says anything about the race. It is called media bias. It was in the 9th Ward of New Orleans~. That should tell you something. And if it don't.. watch the videos.


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Posted in: Manga-inspired sailor-style school uniforms now redesigned as dresses for everyday wear See in context

What took so long?

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Posted in: Japanese band’s music video is like a psychedelic sushi nightmare See in context

Whoa~~..... Oona McGee, how'd you come up with the phrase, "psychedelic sushi nightmare"? I'd watch the video if I wasn't scared of having nightmares.

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Posted in: Most Beautiful Legs See in context

Damn! chicken legs! Yet, each to their own. I prefer them like Melissa Sarah Wee, without the tattoos.


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Posted in: Why deer are drawn to train tracks, and how Japan is solving the problem with this simple block See in context

Yep.... Hunters in U.S. been doing it for years~


Iron ingredient = Ferric Oxide

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Posted in: Esquire's Sexiest Woman Alive is sultry Emilia Clarke See in context

Esquire is so unequivocally wrong! The Sexiest Woman Alive is my wife!

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Posted in: Man’s parents present Notice of Expiration of Child-Rearing Services on 20th birthday See in context

Doesn't he have to register for the draft too? Oops. Wrong country.

I like what Mr and Mrs. Hasegawa did. More parents should do the same. I especially, like the phrase, "responsible member of society." I've used it myself. Never put it in writing though.

Again, I like it~.

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Posted in: If not now, when? America's endless gun control debate See in context

No Kidding Katsu78. I have to bite too.

Never going to happen. Too many people afraid of a tyrannical government. More people are rightfully afraid of the government than street thugs.

I know this article was brought on by the last shooting but, I just got to point out that the very large majority of the gun deaths in the U.S. are because of suicide. Choice of gun - pistol.

Wish gunpowder was never invented. Blame it on the Chinese~.

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Posted in: Corporates raise LGBT flag in Japan See in context

BlackSabbath: 've come to a different conclusion: too many people have a problem with sex. I'll be damned if any 'organization' is gonna stop me from expressing my unending appreciation for the female form, and how much I enjoy it.

Yeah, right~...Sure (rolls eyes in disbelief) Do you work in the U.S. in a corporation? I've worked in several and any sex stuff will get you sent to HR and often the street.

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Posted in: What do Japanese men think about dating foreign women? See in context


Thanks for the link. It was very informative. For me, there were a couple of surprises in that data.


Husband Japanese Wife Japanese China 6253 Koreas 1689 Phillipines 3118 U.S. 1158 Koreas 2734 China 718 Thailand 981 England 247 Brazil 212 Brazil 286 U.S. 184 Philippines 105 Peru 70 Peru 107 England 38 Thailand 31 Other Countries 1852 Other Countries 1705 Total 15442 Total 6046

I wonder how many individuals from the "Western" countries were of Asian heritage.

Also, I am reserved to "assume" that other countries mean, "Western," countries.

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