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Posted in: Action cam-ify your favorite rig with a simple bracket See in context

Timtak: I have one from Works great. As you say, at a most inexpensive price. The price they pay in Japan is hugely inflated. Of course, what do you expect from a country that sales $50 watermelons like hotcakes and have sheeple that buy them? I do think the Iphone bracket in ingenious. That being said, I'd rather shoot myself in the head then post anything shot with a low quality smartphone video. So gaucharie.

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Posted in: Time for black or gay 007, says Brosnan See in context

Don't mess with the successful template. But, like SPEED said, come up with a new series... One that is British, Black... and Gay. ... and just for giggles a weight-challenged midget. (boy, fearing the Moderator's deleted "message removal notice" I had to rewrite that several times).

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Posted in: Corporates raise LGBT flag in Japan See in context

I've worked at several companies here in San Diego alongside of gays. They were all very technically proficient. Unfortunately, there soft skills really... sucked! Some of them were watching Gay Porn at work! I noticed that most of them were in constant conflict with so many people around them.Me being curious, started observing more discernibly. What I gathered was that most of them spoke of their sexuality, even at work, and then had a huge chip on their shoulder concerning authority. I've come to the conclusion that people who publicly declare their sexuality, gay or straight are drama queens and disruptive to any organization. It is natural that species devolve in some areas. This is one of them.

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Posted in: Aso warns over yen's rapid rise See in context

Wow! This article makes me feel old. I remember when it was 360 yen to the dollar. It was always a hot steamy night in front of the trainstation.

As far as the fears of the slowdown in China.... it is inevitable. And how soon and how deep is the BIG Question.

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Posted in: Blast destroys warehouse at U.S. military base in Sagamihara See in context

Wow. Like they don't know what is in there? Come on. I bet they know down to the number of dustballs.

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Posted in: 10 water-related deaths reported across Japan on Sunday See in context

Ony 10? I am impressed.

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Posted in: Do you think the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were morally justifiable? See in context

It was Justified.

And BertieWooster, up untl now, I thought you were smart. Or, are you baiting me? And why hasn't the mediator removed your trolling statement?

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Posted in: Japanese journalist pulls a 'Weiner' in Thailand See in context

I'm impressed (actually dismayed) at how they don't name him. I did a quick google and all reporting (so called journalistic sites) don't name him.

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Posted in: 21 dead, 10 wounded in Afghan wedding gunfight See in context

Hey Cabron El Stupido Elduba.~ Sound like your Home Town, huh?

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Posted in: Culture and sustainability See in context

Not much new here.

I did iike what she said, “You cannot say you are a specialist of Japan, or another country, because you always have things to learn. I don’t think yet that I understand Japanese culture fully.”

Hell, I am was born and raised here and I know I am no specialist even now. I am always learning something new. And not understanding Japanese culture fully is a great acknowledgement. Hell, 99.99999% of us do not understand our own culture fully. So, don't feel bad (which I don't think she does. Humble, yes).

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Posted in: Man set fire to house because wife didn't see him off properly See in context

Whoa!! So many questions are brought up.

eight children? Blended family? His, hers? a. Most of them hers and met her where? b. How long they been married?

40 year old LT....???

Poor children.

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Posted in: Comedian suggests using Japanese with American accent to stealthily broach uncomfortable topics See in context

Uh... that was canned laughter wasn't it?

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Posted in: Woman who beat husband to death over affairs 36 years ago avoids jail time See in context

Wow! The world is boggling my mind. Like Toshiko says, I will know to practice my "strong regret."

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Posted in: Policeman fires warning shot after truck thief threatens him with hatchet See in context

I wonder where the bullet came down at. People have died from bullets shot into the air.

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Posted in: Man drives car into crowd in Austria killing 3, injuring 34 See in context

Selfish, Selfish~~....

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Posted in: Finding freedom and happiness in Japan's floating world See in context

"At no time in my life have I ever felt as gloriously free and supremely happy as when wandering the streets of Shinsaibashi at night. If there is any place on earth where my spirit can be said to eternally reside,"

Wow. Great writing Damian Flanagan. I am impressed. Very good description of how I used to feel at different locations under different situations. As far as the city life, I have to say, "each to their own."

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I was interested! But, then lost interest. Did a little research and found out like Kuribo1 says. it is a spoof.

Ensure you read all the way down to the bottom.

To be truthful, I was hoping it was true. Darn it. Even if the upper assembly couldn't take the pressure of firing a life round the lower could still be used. But, like the above link points out, it would still take some modifications for it to work. If your handy with a drill press and know how to assemble the lower assembly parts... Then just drop an upper on it which are not regulated like the lowers (no serial numbers or Federal Firearm License, background check to purchase). Kind of scary.

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Posted in: Language fail: 22 embarrassing tales of Japanese language missteps See in context

Whoa! I laughed so hard I cried!!! I can relate to some of them... One letter or vowel make can make all the difference! Like, "Hage-sesei," or "Chikan," versus "Chikin." Somebody hand me a tissue!

Others I don't know if it is appropriate without a warning. Hello JT! Minors might be reading this!! (ROFL) "Chinko Nabe!!""

Thanks JT! Next time I get a chance, I am going to use some of these! (still laughing)

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Posted in: Search for bodies of 6 missing climbers on Mt Ontake to resume in July See in context

What a way to die! Beautiful one moment and Hell the next!

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Posted in: U.S. orders more troops to Iraq, but no overhaul of strategy See in context

So much wasted effort.

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Posted in: Dismembered cat found in Yokohama park See in context

Somebody needs some serious help. Please find them before it is some little kid.

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Posted in: 54 SDF members sent to Iraq, Indian Ocean committed suicide over 10-year period See in context

Uh..... I knew two of the army guys. It wasn't due to any stress from being overseas but, from coming back and finding their wife boffing somebody else. Curious too. Doesn't Japan have like one of the highest suicide rates for a developed country.

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Posted in: How Huffington Post is changing Japan’s media landscape See in context

Nancy!! Thank you so much! "The global media landscape is overwhelmingly privatized, commercialized, homogenized, and controlled by media companies whose first priority is making money for their shareholders," I love that syntax. I am quoting you on my blog, . I've always said, "If you want to know the true agenda, follow the money." Of course, I was just regurgitating something I'd heard somewhere before. Thanks for the snappy syntax. It hit's the snake on the head.

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Posted in: Wimbledon bans selfie sticks See in context

Aaw.... Cramping my Narcissism.

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Posted in: U.S. politics: Two small tents, with most Americans on the outside See in context

Let the Circus begin!!

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Posted in: Group of teenage Thai actors punished for dancing on Japanese train See in context

Right on Mocheake!

Such small mindedness.

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Posted in: Pronunciation anxiety: Many Japanese people don’t want to speak English unless it’s perfect See in context

badmanApr. 10, 2015 - 09:05AM JS lol how many native speakers speak with perfect pronunciation?

Ditto on That! A Californian is lost in North Carolia.... I forgot the rest of the joke.... but, I am sure one can imagine.

Perfectionism is sometimes considered a liability.

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Posted in: Sulfuric acid thrown at two women in Gunma See in context

Quite indicative of misogyny being very alive and well in Japan. A so many aspects of this country are still mired in the stone age. Their concepts of womens' roles seem to be twisted. This guy was probably angry cause, women don't cater to his every need like his mommy used/ does to.

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Posted in: Gov't to make workplace maternity harassment illegal See in context

Good Grief! Another article proving Japan has a long way to pull itself out of the 'Stone Age.' No wonder it's population is declining.

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Posted in: Chiba school apologizes after teacher buries kittens alive See in context

Ditto on Yubaru!

You said my exact feelings! Awesome! I love "keyboard commando."

I do am kind of worried for the kids that dug the holes. My killing started with throwing baby mice........ never mind.

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