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Posted in: Hiroshima survivors worry that the world will forget See in context

Unfortunately, recent Japanese society is forgetful.

Present Japanese general public forget soon whatever happen.

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Posted in: Gov't will not ask people to forgo summer travel due to virus, Suga says See in context

Abe government cannot change initial policy because they think that changing policy is equal to admitting fault of themselves.

They prioritize their honor than health or lives of people, can stop or change nothing until causing more victim. 

It is like wartime Japan.

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Posted in: Japan confirms 1,512 new coronavirus infections See in context

Incompetent Abe government cannot yet solve even shortage of supply of medical face-mask or disinfectant to hospitals or welfare facilities. but they do not yet stop domestic travel campaign that cause to increase infected person.

Even periodical PCR test to essential workers who had high risk to Covid19 is not yet realized in Japan.

Abe government does nothing, only continues to increase infected person.

Medical service of Japan is exposed to crisis again.

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Posted in: LDP policymakers say Japan should have missile base-striking ability See in context

LDP is calling themselves "responsible party" but they still deny to re-open the Diet despite present largest issue of Japan that unstoppable re-expansion of Covid19.

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Posted in: Twitter faces backlash over handling of anti-Semitic posts See in context

Twitter Japan does nothing about Japanese racists' accounts, on the other hand, they often locked or suspended accounts of people who criticize discrimination or Abe Govt.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 131 new coronavirus cases; under 200 for 1st time in week See in context

Number of virus test in Japan is insufficient and unstable, besides It is numerical number of 1 or 2 weeks before.

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Posted in: Japanese government to urge more teleworking as coronavirus cases surge See in context

Present Abe Govt does nothing as politics about Covid19, only depends on each efforts of people or companies, and tries to put responsibility of infection to them.

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Posted in: 4th anniversary of stabbing rampage at care home for mentally disabled marked See in context


Eugenic thought is gradually rampant in present Japanese society again in recent years, Abe Govt's believers hate disabled people.

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Posted in: Japanese government's digital ambitions still stuck in piles of paper See in context

before ”digital or paper” issue, 

Present Abe government who easily scrap or conceal or tamper with official documents must be ended.

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Posted in: Japan's Go To travel subsidy campaign kicks off See in context

Japanese Abe Govt has still done nothing except calling for prevention to nation people.

Unlike many countries, this Govt does not increase drastically PCR test or isolation facilities, does not make even system that workers of hospitals or welfare facilities can get virus test periodically.

Abe Govt's optimism without basis caused this serious situation, endanger general public and will increase victim again.

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Posted in: Abe faces backlash after Tokyo residents excluded from Go To travel campaign See in context

In spite of nobody knows when can control Covid19, that Abe Govt had early prepared huge budget for "GoTo campaign" is wrong fundamentally.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports record 293 new COVID-19 cases See in context

July 16, at the Diet,

A certain expert expressed strong sense of crisis that ”Tokyo is about to be new epicenter of Covid19” ”If politics did nothing, situation like that you want to divert your eyes will come to Japan”.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports record 293 new COVID-19 cases See in context

Person who cannot get PCR test despite symptoms has increased again like February〜May in Tokyo.

Somehow, Japan cannot increase PCR test yet despite its economic power.

"Anti-PCR test" scholars at Govt's expert panel seem to hinder to increase scale or number of virus test. therefore it is more difficult to find and isolate latent patients in Japan, Infected and mortal will increase more and more unless self-lock down.

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Posted in: Gov't to exclude trips by Tokyo residents from Go To campaign See in context

”exclude Tokyo” is not enough.

Infection already expanded to neighboring prefectures of Tokyo.

Many hospitals of Japan are in financial crisis, cannot even improve working environment of medical staff. Even supply of medical mask or disinfectant are still insufficient in Japan.

Medical staff of hospitals and welfare facilities in Japan cannot get virus test periodically despite essential workers, cannot yet decrease risk nosocomial infection.

And Covid19 next wave has come into Japanese society. 

But Japanese stupid Abe Govt prioritize to use 1.7 trillion yen for this insane campaign than improvement of medical resource.

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Posted in: Damages trial over ex-finance bureaucrat's suicide opens See in context

Akagi is victim by corrupt ”Abe-First” regime.

He who had hoped to work for nation people were forced injustice behavior and he was cornered to suicide by other bureaucrats who work for prime minister.

Those ”pro-Abe” bureaucrats have promoted.

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Posted in: Japan reports over 600 cases on Thursday; 286 in Tokyo See in context

"286" is numerical number of a week or 10 days before in Japan where need many days till PCR test, present infecteds will be far more than 286.

Hospitalized patients are gradually increasing, also infected person who wait for hospitalization are increasing, also patients who say I don't know why I was infected despite careful behavior are increasing.

But Japanese chief cabinet secretary still insists : ”Infection don't yet spread in the city”.

It is like wartime propaganda that ignored inconvenient fact.

by the way,

Japan's mortality inside patients is higher than US or Brazil.

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Posted in: Go To travel campaign comes under fire See in context

After Covid19 first wave,

Many hospitals that are in financial crisis are difficult even to pay enough salary to many medical staff who have been tired mentally and physically.

besides, a certain Japanese doctor says : Increase of patients and infection momentum are beyond first wave.

Covid19-positive rate has raised in Tokyo, ’second wave’ has come into Japanese society clearly.

But Japanese Abe Govt prioritize to waste 1.7 trillion yen for questionable ”GoTo Travel Campaign” than saving human life or supporting many medical staff economically. 

Present Abe Govt is similar to wartime Japan's military HQ who were obsessed with optimism or wishful thinking and caused innumerable victim.

Irresponsible Abe Govt do nothing against Covid19 second wave, and put responsibility to travellers, hotels or restaurants.

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Posted in: Cabinet OKs ¥2.2 bil aid for flood-hit regions; ¥400 bil package to follow See in context

Prime minister Abe with staff including aide visited damaged area with ignoring backlash from SNS despite anxiety of local people against Corona virus from Tokyo.

And they prepared far huge budget in comparison with past flood disaster.

because they want to revive support rate and to evade criticism against 10 trillion yen that Govt can use it freely.

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Posted in: Abe visits rain-hit Kumamoto to assess damage See in context

People of Kumamoto prefecture are afraid of Corona virus from Tokyo.

But Japanese prime minister Abe with staff including aide visited to Kumamoto to revive support rate despite burden of local town side.

because they had used disaster to revive support rate by showing appearance that as if prime minister does something.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 143 coronavirus cases; below 200 for 2nd day in a row See in context

Number of PCR test in Japan is still unstable.

Japanese Abe Govt cannot yet increase PCR test sufficiently unlike other countries.

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Posted in: Japan to begin Go To Travel Campaign on July 22 See in context

There is even suspicion about ”GoTo campaign” that Japanese Abe Govt who wants to restart old-normal economy uses its campaign to force general public get collective immunity.

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Posted in: Tokyo's daily coronavirus infections hit new record of 243 See in context

Despite clearly serious situation, Japan's Abe Govt plans to prioritize "GoTo Campaign" that urge to expand domestic travel, not strengthening medical system.

They seem to want to decrease senior population.

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Posted in: Top court rejects demand seeking flight suspensions near U.S. base on Okinawa See in context

Henoko US base plan became more unrealistic and impracticable by too soft ground and expanded cost.

besides, concentration of military facilities to Okinawa prefecture only is equal to concentration of attacking targets, that is strategic disadvantageous.

Abe Govt's plans are mere very costly destruction of nature.

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Posted in: Tokyo coronavirus cases hit record daily high of 224; 80% in their 20s, 30s See in context


Country / Fatalities / Infected / Population(08.July)

Vietnam: 0 / 369 / 95.5 million

Taiwan:   7 / 449 / 23.8 million

Thailand:  58 / 3197 / 69 million

New Zealand: 22 / 1537 / 5 million

Australia: 106 / 8886 / 25 million

Japan: 982 / 20413 / 126 million

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Posted in: Koike wins 2nd term as Tokyo governor See in context

for four year, Koike could achieve almost nothing about own manifest.

But,dull and insufficient policy of Abe Govt against Corona virus made Koike look as if good governor.

Hours that Japanese mainstream TV channels spend about election were a little in recent years, even TV debate was nothing. those helped Koike resultantly.

by the way,

Racism candidate got as much as 180 thousand votes at this Tokyo governor election.

These are actual state of Tokyo and Japan where host country of Olympic.

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Posted in: Local gov'ts worry over virus spread at shelters after torrential rain See in context

Japanese Govt has no even interest about poorness of shelter of Japan.

Present Japanese Abe Govt, ruling party and their believers demand self-effort to people but do almost nothing for them.

Japan is not advanced countries anymore.

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Posted in: Abe finally takes a day off after 148-day work streak See in context

Abe and Hashimoto,

fellow of Japanese extreme-rightists.

Abe continues to escape from accountability about innumerable political scandal.

Hashimoto had justified and defended Japan's poor PCR test system,and urged general public to avoid PCR test but,somehow,himself was able to PCR test soon after fever.

and Hashimoto praised Abe.

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