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Posted in: Japan rejects IWC proposal to halt research whaling See in context

There is no such thing as Scientific Whaling particularly by Japan. For years it's clearly been a Commercial Hunt. Japan have constantly been in Breach of CITIES and The Antarctic Treaty. Whaling is Brutal and Barbaric -- Cruel and Unsustainable. Governments are afraid to stand up to Japan for fear of Trade Reprisals. The end Product of this will drive Whales to Extinction. The only Organisation that challenges Japan is THE SSCS and Capt Paul Watson and a group of Volunteers. It is a disgrace that Humans will allow the extinction of many species . There must be a complete Moratorium on Whaling and all fishing of any kind for 50 Years or more to allow our Oceans to rebuild. The Truth is that Japans Whaling is run by a Criminal Organisation. I believe that soon Mr Obama will issue an ultimatum to Japan to cease Whaling totally and I look forward to seeing it enforced.

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