Posted in: Colossal volcanic eruption could destroy Japan: study See in context

looks like titanic hit the rock

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Posted in: If you found a large sum of money in a secluded spot, would you keep it or hand it in to the police? See in context

once i lost money in japan in taxi nagoya nobody was there to help i found my money and lost things at police station i can not forget that feeling of gratitute .

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women around president

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Posted in: Japan, U.S. discussing offensive military capability for Tokyo See in context

North Korea and China really giving so much pressure on Japan , America get advantage out of that since 1945 after surrender to America Japan don t have any enemy .Japanese people working hard to keep economy strong just like slave .China and North Korea need to show mercy and forgiveness about past just keep quite wait and watch forget about past do not enter in Japanese area and don t allow Japan to enter in there area. do there own business if they do ,America will have less business in Asia i mean with Army power and pressure of war material .America can Open Mac D Starbucks all Junk food but not Army base they can do business but not as world police business Asia will be peace zone.We watching result of war we see middle east getting worse day by day. Arabian are suffering just because petrol and there orthodoxy mind Desire overpower on others we create war is not way we have to be more creative out of creative we can solve human problem according to scientist we are not in safe zone what is our need these days Study work hard eat sleep and die we call it peaceful life . Why we have to support to war .name of security we creating our own grave .Live and let Live this is my understanding may be i wrong Sunny

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Posted in: Japan, India to step up security, economic cooperation See in context

Modi is big mouth and dream seller he show big dream to india won election and become pm about bullet train .smart city .india will be just like japan. i agree he will start bullet train what about security .protection cleanness ,i live in japan long time .according to me india can effort to start bullet train but can not manage like japan or china ,in india train accident is normal thing .in year tow accident happen first ,INDIAN PRIM MINISTER HAS TO WORK ON JOB SECURITY RULE AND REGULATION .CURAPTION ETC .THIS IS MY OPINION MAY BE I AM WRONG SUNNY

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Posted in: Obuchi has tough job to convince public on nuclear restarts See in context

I hope she will speak about reality.being as women she will feel love for people

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Posted in: Obuchi has tough job to convince public on nuclear restarts See in context

I hope she will speak about reality .

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