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sandhonour comments

Posted in: Brazilian tennis player apologizes for racist gesture in Japan See in context

The ITF is feeble! "condemns any offensive behavior"? $1,500? "Unsportsmanlike"?

Is that the best they can come up with??? How about "condemns racist behavior"? which it is. How about adding a zero and making it $15,000. That will make all these guys really think before they raise their 2 fingers which this guy did to all Asians. The ITF is pathetic.

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Posted in: Abe, cabinet ministers promote Super Cool Biz See in context

I think Japan Today meant "Super UNCOOL biz"!

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Posted in: Japan's peace constitution under pressure at 70 See in context

I am no expert on the constitution but why do they want to change it? Is it because of "national humiliation"? Or is it because the conservatives want the "obligation" to go to war? And how does the change make this more in line with "family" values? If you ask me Abe and co are dead set on wanting the ability to go on some crusade. I fear the worst for Japan with Abe in charge because he is so confident now that he is likely to get his way and with no strong opposition....well.....

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Posted in: The gang's all here See in context

Its a bit like something out of Kill Bill...

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Posted in: Regional tensions test Japan's new defense minister on first day See in context

She'll visit Yasukuni. She just won't be able to help herself.

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Posted in: Abe picks revisionist Inada as defense minister in cabinet reshuffle See in context

Jesus another marching nutter to join the king nutter!

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Posted in: Ultraconservative lobby Nippon Kaigi backs constitution revision See in context

"If I was in the prime minister's position..." don't you mean "now that in the prime minister's position Nippon Kaigi will be..."

And so it begins...

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Posted in: Abe says it is hard for now to revise arms-renouncing article of constitution See in context

One word - Liar. He'll do whatever it takes.

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Posted in: A-bomb survivors want Obama to meet them, apologize in Hiroshima See in context

Those "victims" from Hiroshima need to be given some history books other than those issued by the J-government and then they would understand why they got bombed.

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Posted in: Kerry, G7 foreign ministers visit A-bomb memorial in Hiroshima See in context

Kerry should not apologize. America did not start this war. If the Japanese at the time had the nuclear capability I have no doubt that they would have dropped one too.

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Posted in: Court orders shutdown of 2 Takahama nuclear reactors See in context

These nuclear power companies will only give up once they lay waste to Japan and then they will blame the courts saying "well you guys sanctioned it"...trust this is not the end. Abe and his cronies will try until they get a judge who is sympathetic.

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Posted in: Japan tells U.N. it has found no evidence of forced WWII sex slavery See in context

God this embarrassing for the people of Japan.

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Posted in: Angry single men stage anti-Christmas rally in Tokyo See in context

Why don't the single men rally organize a single women rally and they "accidentally" meet and maybe...just maybe....

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Posted in: Japan's stationery sector rocked by pencil supply crisis See in context

1st world problems!

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Posted in: Abe says Japan is 'best partner' for Asia See in context

"We do not impose our culture on others.." - clearly A-bee has been reading from one of those right wing textbooks. It should also be interpreted as "we do not impose our culture but we will impose our will eh the UN?"...this guy is a real embarrassment to Japan.

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Posted in: All Blacks captain Richie McCaw announces retirement See in context

fxgai - that was against Ireland I believe. Great game we won that in OT.

McCaw is the best and though he didn't have the global impact of Jonah Lomu he brought the All Blacks back to all NZ'ers.

All the best Richie and thank you!

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Posted in: Justin Bieber, One Direction try to grow up on new albums See in context

I'm far from a Bieber fan but the guy is talented. Check him out on youtube playing all those instruments and singing live. I think he is definitely more talented musically wise then One Direction who are just one of Simon Cowell's act.

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Posted in: 24-year-old woman arrested for leaving newborn baby on road in Ibaraki See in context

This seems to be all too prevalent in Japan. When you fall through the cracks here you really fall through.

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Posted in: Shibuya Ward issues Japan's first same-sex partnership certificate See in context

Well done.. Its a start.

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Posted in: Nissan concept car See in context

More Gundam than Godzilla!

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Posted in: New Zealand beats Australia 34-17 to retain Rugby World Cup See in context

sweet as bro.

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Posted in: Ahead of summit, China urges Japan to make break from 'inglorious' past See in context

Mr Wang don't hold your breath with this current government!

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Posted in: Japan on track for another nuclear reactor restart See in context

Be careful what you wish for......

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Posted in: Looking good See in context

Couldn't someone have picked a better dress for the Japanese girl?? She looks like a little girl compared to the Chinese women.

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Posted in: Jolie's film 'Unbroken' finally set for Japan release See in context

Will this be censored?

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Posted in: 1st Fukushima worker diagnosed with radiation-linked cancer See in context

What you don't see cannot hurt you..or so Tepco and the J-Govt would like all of us to believe....these guys are seriously screwed up.

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Posted in: Lawmakers visit Yasukuni shrine en masse See in context

Are these guys so ignorant??? If you really love Japan and are such a patriot you do what is in the best interest of Japan, you put pride aside along with ignorance. These guys are clueless and we all wonder why Japan is just getting left behind more and more.

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Posted in: China unhappy over Abe's ritual offering to Yasukuni shrine See in context

Abe you are the gift that keeps on giving.....iriot!

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Posted in: Abe sends ritual offering to Yasukuni shrine See in context


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Posted in: London mayor flattens young Japanese rugby fan See in context

Did he use the shoulder??? hahaha

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