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Well done Japan. Rugby is the perfect team sport for Japan.

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Posted in: Tokyo district tries to reel in tourists with whale meat See in context

Who comes up with this stuff???!!! They must not leave their shell!

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Posted in: Japan hits out at UNESCO for archiving Nanjing massacre documents See in context

Was this reported in the local press? If so then I hope the average Joe citizen understands how embarrassing their current government is. This protest puts Japan in such a bad light. No wonder the country has so many problems. While the world moves on Japan and its current government wants to relive its "glorious past".

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I lived in the Middle East for 6 years and let me tell you nothing beats Toyota for that weather. All the american and UK cars could not perform like a Toyota and would break down. Dollar for dollar nothing beats the Landcruiser and that is the only reason why ISIS and for that matter all other militias use them.

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Congrats!! No mean feat!

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Posted in: SoftBank warns droid owners not to try sex with them See in context

"There seems to be something stuck in the socket...."

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Posted in: Do you think Donald Trump would make a good U.S. president and how do you think it would affect U.S.-Japan relations if he were elected? See in context

Whether he is good or not he will be "hUgggggggeeeeeeee (silent H)....just Uggggeee".

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They played the first half pretty well but the toll of having to play games so close to one another took its toll in the second half.....but come on Japan!

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Posted in: VW CEO: 'I am endlessly sorry' brand is tarnished See in context

Lets say what we really mean "I am endlessly sorry for getting caught and embarrassing the board who implicitly validated this. I am sorry to the senior management teams who's bonuses will more than likely be subject to the various clawback clauses. I would also like to say sorry to my wife who will no longer be able be able to use the corporate jet IF I get fired (yeah right)."

He might have come clean on this but what choice does he have when VW got caught red handed???

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Posted in: U.S. says more active role for Japan's military no threat to China See in context

Well what else is the US going to say?? Of course they welcome it - some more bodies to throw at THEIR problems. Thats the thing this collective defense might seem like a good idea but what happens if your partner starts the "bun fight"? Does this mean Japan is all in?

I do not want to see body bags filled with young Japanese. Japan already has enough of a problem with the lack of young people in the population.

As for China - I really don't think they want a war. It just doesn't suit their economic interests at this time or any time.

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Posted in: Japan passes controversial security bills into law See in context

The only winners for this are the defense and military companies. Abe will get his "beautiful Japan" painted in blood.

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Posted in: Upper house panel approves contentious defense bills amid chaos See in context

Abe will go down in history for this but not in the way he wants. As I said before - once the body bag count begins and terrorists because of Japan's intervention start bring their war here then Japan will really understand why their inaction with Abe was their folly.

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Posted in: Mothers' message See in context

Good on you ladies.

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Posted in: Mt Aso in Kyushu erupts, sending smoke 2 kms high See in context

Jesus could it get any worse?? Floods, volcanic eruption, anything else????

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Posted in: Japan boosts embassy security worldwide after IS threat See in context

When Japan puts boots on the ground in the ME and there is retaliation against Japan then and only then will Abe really understand what he and his cohorts got Japan into but by then he will have retired and it will not be his problem.

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Posted in: Heavy rain causes floods; sends tainted water from Fukushima plant into sea See in context

I think Abe meant "..the government will stand united and put its highest priority to save Tepco and other company's profits from being for the Japanese people? Acceptable casualties..."

Yup thats what he REALLY meant.

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Posted in: Can towns near Fukushima nuclear plant recover? See in context

This is all about saving the companies responsible for this mess money. Rather than pay the appropriate level of compensation and ensuring proper relocation these companies want these poor people to do the "dutiful" thing and go back and live there. I personally think Tepco should move all its HQ to these places and see how they like it! Oh don't forget to bring your family and relatives chums!

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Posted in: New defense bills may create Abe's version of a 'back-door draft' See in context

Lets start with Abe's nephews and nieces first and then all the LDP's kids want this so much then you have no problem volunteering your own.

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Posted in: Radiation fears as report shows Fukushima fir trees to be growing strangely See in context

Why is anyone surprised by this? I guess so long as there is no Godzilla sprouting out then everything is fine!

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Posted in: 3 Indians get 20 years in jail for raping Japanese student See in context

They'll be out in 2 for good behavior. I use to work in India and I found the place just a session of back handers all the time. Unfortunate.

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Posted in: Japan urges China not to focus on 'unfortunate history' See in context

China's unfortunate history???? Sweet Suga what type of comment is that? Clearly you missed the diplomacy 101 lectures! No wonder the Japanese government cannot be taken seriously and is an embarrassment to its people.

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Posted in: Shake Shack to open 1st Tokyo location in Meiji-Jingu Gaien this winter See in context

I actually find their burgers way too rich and it will be interesting to see how the Japanese find them in the long run. I am also sure they will not be cheap (they were damn expensive in Dubai). No doubt they will be a success initially and the medium term but it will be interesting.

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A well written article. Unfortunately though the right wingers here will threaten her to keep her quiet and tell her she doesn't know what she is talking about.

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Posted in: Muslim man accidentally served bacon while being detained at immigration center See in context

Sorry to make a joke of this but you can imagine the guy..."What is this????!! Its incredibly delicious and must be a gift from Allah! Praise be to him!"

Guard: "Kore wa bacon desu" (bacon in heavy japanese accent)

Prisoner:"Bakoon??? I have never heard of this but I must be it back to the Middle East! Where do I get this Bakoon??"

Guard: "Buta" (in heavy japanese accent)

Prisoner: "Butaaaah. I must bring it back!"

And so starts the beginning of peace in the ME.....

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Posted in: Japan nuclear power outlook bleak despite first reactor restart See in context

"worried about meeting tougher safety standards"??? - why? you ignored them before but maybe its the cost desho!

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Posted in: Misguided safety assumptions key factor at Fukushima: IAEA See in context

And they still think it is unthinkable!

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Posted in: Olympic logo designer says he endured unbearable harassment See in context

When is he going to start blubbering like that politician guy and then get convicted for actually copying the work???

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Posted in: Student group injects new exuberance into anti-war protests See in context

Good luck guys! keep on speaking the truth.

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Posted in: Nakano to be transformed into cosplay heaven this Halloween for MAG Festa 2015 See in context

Damn cool!

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