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You can’t hold the user’s of the medium against it.

There are lots of other videos out there, and also other similar interviews. I would judge the content after viewing 2-5 of them for myself instead of using the existence of conspiracy kooks to condemn the whole of available content on youtube.

I believe there was a Dr. Harold Oscher of Louisianna that knocked his own grandchild off in a publicity stunt with V 1 of a “Release ready” vaccine. The idea behind vaccines is wonderful, but there is lots of undiscovered science which we are liable to. Scientists after finishing human genomics dismissed much material as “Junk DNA” because the reality is they couldn’t figure it out, and they had to reconcile it with their theory of evolution. Ten years or so later they realize it is not junk, and a handful after that they discover a new type of DNA.

Don’t confuse scientism with the scientific method or social legitimacy or appeals to authority with actual reality.

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I probably should not have expressed myself with that much vitriol earlier, but the mysoginism comment irked me. Anyways, whatever viral load a person has, HIV, Hep C, or many other things, these are all contained in menstrual effluent. The original polio virus had SV40 or basically monkey cancer virus in it. Biopsies of tumors in many Baby Boom cancer patients, upon culturing will show the same virus which was unfortunately a byproduct of using monkeys to produce the vaccine. Look it up on youtube. This as well as many other unknown pathogens are in many people’s blood. I read a 98-99 era CDC (American Center For Disease Control) surveillance report which broke down HIV statistics by demography, and means of contraction in the US. It has been a while (Remembering the exact number is difficult) but between 9 or 19 percent of the contraction methodologies were unknown.

Using HIV as an example, fresh menstrual leakage onto onsen tile at the margin of the pool could contain live virus within the thickness of the lost blood. What would happen if another person with a fresh cut, and a loose bandage on a finger unknowingly swept this effluent into the cut? It is not as statistically improbable as one would think. Stranger things have happened. This represents a more serious threat than catching the flu or a cold from being directly sneezed upon or catching Hep A or B eating food prepared by a food service worker who fails to properly was their hands after defecating.

This is just basic sanitation, science, health, and consideration. I love women, and there is no intention to denigrate them embodied in my comments, although I understand you are not implying that. Just trying to respectfully respond to your comment.

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“The mindset that menstruation is somehow dirty and disgusting is misogynistic. Some of you need to read up on menstruation, and that seems to include some women. It's about time these prejudice based cultural taboos were smashed.”

Feminism which espouses women’s suffrage or equal work for equal pay was great, and I agree with that value system completely. But, radical feminism, and SJW PC thinking is literally destroying many societies around the world starting with the West.

This comment about mysoginistic thinking is like saying that, “The mindset that defecating is somehow dirty and disgusting is racist.” Defecating, sneezing, urinating, menstrating are all biological functions which are necessary, and amoral, but all of them are dirty. I find it bizzare I have to make a statement to an adult about things someone in elementary school would understand. If you feel menstrual effluent is some marker of feminine sanctity, and wholly clean, why do you not use it for syrup on your pancakes? I suppose not wanting to be sneezed on is the marker of one who abuses animals.

This issue is about common decency, and respect for others, not signalling that you are a paragon of virtue by pretending you are some open minded progressive. Quit faking moral virtue by being a highly prejudiced, and aggressive person, who berates rational people with false equivalencies designed to shame them in promotion of nonsense. Stop your schoolyard bullying in support of a destructive social agenda, and quit contorting discussions by injecting political context that doesn’t exist into them.

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This seems to be a confusing issue for society.

So homosexuality is geneteically encoded, a predetermined, and unmalleable characteristic, and gender is merely a social construct which can be overidden at will? How does that work in evolutionairy terms?

I noticed how Adam Rippon snubbed US Vice President Pence over his alleged support of homosexual reversion therapy. I know it is an imperative of the gay community for society to respect them in what some consider to be a choice, but why does the gay community also not respect the right of adults to repent for deeply held religious beliefs, or elect to be heterosexual as opposed to homosexual?

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