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Posted in: JR East scraps plan to identify past offenders with facial recognition camera See in context

Why I have a feeling that the third group is a polite way of saying “gaijin”

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Posted in: Japan may start administering 3rd COVID vaccine shots by year-end See in context

I was reading about the number of deaths from the Vaccines...and they were compared to the number of deaths from COVID....scary!

I am wondering from what sources did you get that information? For sure from the same sources (Facebook groups) where bleach and Ivermectin are proclaimed as miracle cures and where people are blaming Bill Gates for putting 5G chips in vaccines.

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Posted in: 2 injured in acid attack in Tokyo subway station; suspect at large See in context

This definitely looks like that the male was the target while the girl was just innocent bystander. I know it is just a speculation, but this looks like planned attack on the specific person for me unlike the attack on the Odakyu line.

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Posted in: Ex-Nissan exec Kelly wants boardroom, not criminal, trial See in context

Is Mr. Kelly guilty or not I can’t tell because I am lacking lots of information to give a conclusion. However, the way how Nissan lured him to Japan was a rock bottom act. That is not a way how to treat anyone. It is like a street thug “justice”.

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Posted in: After Tokyo, Olympians hanker for 2024 Games See in context

2024 is still way in the future, however if this pandemic continue until then French people will not be passive as Japanese. Streets and venues will literally be on fire.

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Posted in: Food delivery service’s payment processing error allows some people to eat for free…for 3 years See in context

If there was a glitch that enabled customers to willingly circumvent the payment, they should pay for it. However, it seems that it was a glitch (bug) at Demae-can so it was their fault to start for. When it comes to hi-tech Japanese software just sucks. Actually to rephrase it, most software written by Japanese engineers sucks. I still have to figure out why when the Japanese engineers can make technological marvels like shinkansens.

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Posted in: ZZ Top bassist Dusty Hill dies at age 72 See in context

Sad news indeed. RIP dusty

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Posted in: Tokyo governor urges young people to get vaccinated to slow virus surge See in context

I am personally lucky to be among young people who will be fully inoculated soon. However, I must say that bottleneck called “inoculation coupons” is the thing that is slowing down everything. It is not that everyone will go to the same route like Hokkaido grandpa who received 4 shots. Tokyo is still fine compared to another prefectures. For example I know that friends from Yokohama still didn’t receive coupons. Other friends from Ibaraki told me that their prefectural government still haven’t decided when they will send coupons to younger than 39. Speaking of younger people my city in Tokyo gave priority to 12-39 while 40+ had lower priority which I found interesting. As a conclusion, just FFS let the people be vaccinated without any bureaucratic BS and younger people will be vaccinated in no time. US did a great job in that regard.

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Posted in: S Korea removes banners at Olympic village after IOC ruling See in context

I am coming from the region where there are still some grudges from centuries ago between neighboring countries. I can say that in those cases usually backwards people and nationalists are the ones who are keeping those grudges alive. However, those grudges are nothing compared what Korean people are doing. They will use every single small opportunity to talk s**t against Japan. I know that Japan has done some things in the history that are not acceptable by any standards, but it is time to move on and look forward. This whole childish Korean grudge towards Japan is complete insanity even for me who is accustomed in constant grudges between nations.

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Posted in: Bach says canceling Tokyo Olympics not an option despite COVID See in context

"We, the IOC, will never abandon the athletes, and with the cancellation, we would have lost a whole generation of athletes. So therefore, a cancellation for us was not really an option," 

Let’s translate this to what Bach was actually thinking of:

"We, the IOC, will never abandon money, and with the cancellation, we would have lost a whole lots of money. So therefore, a cancellation for us was not really an option,"

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Posted in: Japan to issue vaccine passports free of charge See in context

AFAIK the first version will be paper one and then they will release digital ones. I am positive that they are waiting for offers from companies like NEC to make a mobile app which will cost at least 50 million USD. That tracking one for athletes was 30 something, so this one should cost tax payers more. And no one will complain (sadly) and no one will vote out jiji party

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Posted in: Japanese governors call for sufficient COVID-19 vaccine supply See in context

Protip: if you have a ticket try to make an appointment with private clinics for vaccination. They are much faster. I managed to get my first shot before few days, but if I waited for kuyakusho the earliest would be in 2 weeks. Also friend who was in group with underlying ilness went to a big vaccination site and he had to spend 3h there while I was done in 20min or so

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Posted in: 'Zelda' hacker arrested for selling modified 'Breath of the Wild' save data See in context

I mean, just WTF? The only way I see this is illegal is that he probably didn’t pay any taxes. Other explanations are just pure BS.

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Posted in: Japan to ask tax-free stores to report visitors breaking quarantine See in context

If I was working in such store I would immediately snitch Coates and Bach both to the government and media if they were in my shop.

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Posted in: U.N. nuclear agency to help monitor Fukushima water release See in context

the biggest issue with tritium is that it is bonded in a water molecule. Tritium is nothing more than hydrogen with 2 extra neutrons inside which makes it radioactive. So in H2O molecule normal hydrogen is replaced with with tritium. To filter it they would have to break water molecule bonds and remove tritium which is easier said than done. I am not chemist or nuclear expert, but I have general interest in science. The reason why am I writing this is there are lots of ignorant comments that say that filtering tritium is peace of cake because “technology exists”. A bit of research says different.

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Posted in: Suga 'humbly accepts' failure of LDP to win majority in Tokyo assembly See in context

If I were PM, taking into consideration the current situation I would not call those results a failure. He should be happy that they got extra seats this time.

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Posted in: Japan to donate 1 mil doses of AstraZeneca vaccine to Philippines See in context

Why are they giving Astra Zeneca? They bought some of it in the beginning, but now they have a production in Japan and it is still not cleared for use in Japan. Moderna is also currently produced in Japan, but it is widely used so they prioritize local population for Moderna. Pfizer is imported and stocks are limited. So maybe that will answer some people’s questions.

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Posted in: Olympics may bring more risks than economic benefits for Japan See in context

Olympics will probably bring more risks than economic benefits for Japan. There, I fixed the title for you. That was even my super optimistic side opinion.

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Posted in: Ugandan team coach arriving in Tokyo had Delta virus variant See in context

Olympics will be safe, they said. Nothing to worry about, they said….

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Posted in: New Zealand selects transgender athlete Hubbard for Olympic women's weightlifting team See in context

This is very difficult subject. Although I personally support people who want to change their gender, in some cases transgender people can be in unfair advantage.

In sports there are definitely some really strong ladies who would make most of ordinary men ashamed. However, male body is generally stronger than female body, especially when you compare athletes. If male athlete changes gender, body traits are still of the male athlete. Unless we are talking about sports where male and female athletes are competing together, M2F transgender athletes can have advantage over cis female ones when it comes to strength. I believe that the story would be quite different if the lady from this article were to compete in martial arts.

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Posted in: All Olympic live viewing events in Tokyo to be canceled: Koike See in context

we have a saying that even kick in your butt is a step forward so at least some common sense measure was finally declared.

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Posted in: Japan starts vaccinating people aged 18 or older at large-scale centers See in context

This week I had to do my annual health check. Why they didn’t push vaccines to those clinics as well? They have more than qualified staff to administer vaccines.

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Posted in: Japan eyes vaccinating people under 65 at state-run mass centers from Thursday See in context

From Thursday… To get vaccinated at those centers you need coupon from your ward office. I don’t think that anyone below 65 will get those coupons by then. If we get it in 1 month it would be great. To make things more complicated we are just missing the holy duo called fax and hanko.

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Posted in: Have an Echo device? Amazon may help itself to your Wi-Fi See in context

In my home all of those IoT devices have only access to the internet, not to my private network. I have Echo at home and there is no (yet) option for sidewalk.

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Posted in: Nationwide bookings eyed for mass vaccination sites in Tokyo, Osaka See in context

If someone used thing called logic they would allow general population to use empty slots. This way efficiency is quite low and vaccines are being wasted because after the dilution they must be used immediately.

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Posted in: Members of media from abroad covering Olympics to be tracked by GPS See in context

Let me get this clear. They keep telling that Olympics can be held safely, but they STILL did not get how to do it?! This is utter incompetence. Also it is a huge gamble with people’s lives. This is not a student group project which can be done in last minutes, this is something that was supposed to be done months ago with documentation available for the public. Just cancel the damn thing.

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Posted in: Japan donates more than 1 million AstraZeneca doses to Taiwan See in context

For the people who are complaining about not using vaccines for domestic people, you are barking at the wrong tree. There is no issue with the vaccine stock, but how that stock is being used. Over bureaucratic approach and complete lack of organization are the reason why inoculation is slow in Japan, not the vaccine stock. What I could see from this action of Japan is the following. They will get free international political points. Also since vaccine is domestic product they will get a free testing ground.

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Posted in: Japan to start vaccinating Olympic athletes from June 1: JOC See in context

I hope that Tokyo will be a turning point for all future Olympic city candidates to just reject this scam. I also hope that Olympics in this format and with the current corrupted leadership will be rejected all over the world so the corrupted IOC members will have to beg dear leader of North Korea to host the future Olympics in Pyongyang. One thing is sucking money, but putting millions in risk so you can leech some profit is not acceptable by any moral standard.

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Posted in: Tokyo Games cancelation likely to cost Japan ¥1.81 tril: Nomura See in context

What if new COVID variants spread through Japan. How much is someone’s life worth?

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Posted in: SoftBank CEO again slams Olympics See in context

Does Mr Son have some hidden agenda or not IMHO I could not care less at this moment. He has means and channels to relay the wishes of 80% of the Japanese people to masses and he should be applauded for that. Regarding the athletes, I can see why some younger ones are not speaking against Olympics because of possible backlash. However, why older athletes who will retire after Tokyo Olympics are not speaking against is another story. It is difficult to put myself into their boots, but if I had this mind And if I were to complete I would just boycott it.

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