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Posted in: Japanese mom’s don’t-touch-my-baby-stroller sign stirs up debate See in context

Personally, even when dog approaches me I always ask the owner may I pet it as a common courtesy. The least you could do is ask to touch baby.

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Posted in: Nearly 370 mil disposable cups used by coffee chains in Japan in 2020 See in context

In most cases I want to drink coffee inside the cafe. I don’t like paper cups because for me coffee tastes better from the ceramic mugs, but in lots of cases I will get it in a paper cup even if I ordered it for “in the store” which is far from ideal. Also, regarding bringing my own cup, I don’t always have a plan to go to cafe and having extra bag just for the cup is not an option, especially during the summer. Also, there is simply no incentive for consumers to do so. The only place that I saw doing that is my local bouldering gym where if you order coffee for your own cup or get it in a mug you get cheaper price and IMHO that should be the standard.

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Posted in: Woman falls to death while rock climbing in Hyogo Prefecture See in context

In rock climbing the most accidents happen during rappelling. I check my rappelling system multiple times before committing and although I have done it numerous times I am still taking every check as if it is my first time doing it. It seems that this poor lady didn’t tie rope properly through descent device nor used “third hand“ backup system which would stop the fall. Other thing that comes to my mind is cross check or lack of it (here in Japan people are rarely doing it) done between belayer and climber. Harness tie in knot was probably not tied properly and it came loose. Everything said is still a wild guess. Anyhow RIP lady.

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Posted in: Gyms facing COVID mask dilemma amid summer heat concerns See in context

I am regular at climbing gym and even gym manager himself told us to remove bask whil climbing to prevent a heatstroke. Also if you are midway climbing and start to get sick because you can’t breathe properly it gets quite dangerous

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Posted in: Japan nuclear regulator OKs details for Fukushima plant water release See in context

It would have been more intelligent to evaporate the water and reuse or bury the radioactive material.

That would actually be a terrible idea. First, the amount of energy to evaporate that amount of water would be colossal. Second, tritium is bonded with oxygen atoms to form a water molecules and that’s what it is difficult to filter it out. And by boiling that kind of water you would just make it into radioactive steam which would again settle into radioactive water.

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Posted in: Musk's hyperloop still captivates despite decade of setbacks See in context

"The transportation network has not had a new mode for over 100 years,"

and yet again he proposed a modernized version of an idea from 1799. which obviously never took off.

Also, Virgin Hyperloop, the only venture that did something worth of mentioning basically shelved the project so it just confirms it is vaporware.

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Posted in: Sex Pistols show shines light on 'violence of punk' See in context

I am always finding very interesting that Sid Vicious is the face of the band while he was unable to play his instrument- bass. Even late Lemmy told that he tried to teach him how to play, but that he was hopeless. The meaning of my comment is just to point an interesting phenom, not to discredit Sid.

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Posted in: Kishida plans reward points system to ease electricity bills See in context

Something that can be done NOW without huge financial burden to all parties and provide a lot of (green) energy is to restart nuclear power plants. Whether you are pro or anti nuclear that is the fact. Even if they start building solar or wind farms tomorrow, it is impossible to finish with the work in some reasonable period. Regarding alternative nuclear technologies, unfortunately everything else are experimental concepts at best. I would like to see thorium based power plants as well, but there are simply no viable reactors ready for the production. And finally geothermal is also a nice concept, however majorly of suitable places are occupied by onsen resorts and I don’t think that onsen business owners want geothermal power plants nearby. Not to mention that building such power plants require a lot of time.

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Posted in: So long, Internet Explorer. The browser is finally retiring See in context

Japan will enter into another recession since majority of their “applications” run on IE only. I can predict panic when Windows Update deletes IE for good

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Posted in: Travel firms thrown into confusion over rules as Japan reopens to foreign tourists See in context

During the tour itself, the agencies will also keep records of the participants' movements, including places they visited and where they sat on public transportation.

So basically they will need guide while will, well, guide the group and they will also need another “guide” in disguise who will look at the tourist movement. Just like in the certain Asian democratic republic…

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Posted in: Tight labor market leading to unsavory recruitment tactics in Japan See in context

The recruitment officer questioned her for nearly half an hour over whether she had "lied" in committing to the company and if she understood what the pledge meant.

She was probably being polite to the person which doesn’t deserve any of it. When I was changing my job I had a call with recruiter where I explained that I am going to reject their offer and they wished me a good luck, not BS like from that recruiter. Good for the girl, she dodged a bullet.

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Posted in: Ex-Tokyo Olympics chief Mori displeased at backlash over sexist remarks See in context

Mori-san is 85 and instead of making gaffe after a gaffe he should just retire and enjoy the rest of his life, get a hobby, travel around the world and spend more time with his family. I also believe that his financial situation is more than good enough to afford that.

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Posted in: Japan to ask foreign tourists to wear masks, take out COVID insurance See in context

TBH the more I read about this plan the more it looks like North Korean tour…

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Posted in: Keio University and Fujitsu demonstrate tech to streamline management of digital identity data for student services See in context

In my country I used similar system 20 years ago. So it was something that was shared between all scholar organizations. Later it was connected with central government e-services. And may I add I am not from China or similar totalitarian country and there in no social credit or similar thing involved so before starting commenting nonsense just use your favorite search engine and search for LDAP, because this is nothing more than that.

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Posted in: 3 fall to their deaths from cliff while rock climbing See in context

As someone with climbing experience, my assumption is that guide was belaying them from the above and the anchor on the top failed. I cannot say what kind of anchor it was, but my assumption would be that it was either compromised tree or an anchor made with climbing protection pieces. If guide was putting his weight while being attached to the anchor he would probably fall first and drag the rest of the tied people with him.

Regarding the poor woman’s age, I have personally witnessed on many occasions that Japanese grannies are quite adept climbers so age really means nothing in this sport.

Anyhow, tragic news indeed.

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Posted in: Japan venture to build country's first nuclear fusion power plant See in context

First of all they are planning to build FUSION not FISSION (same type as all other operational nuclear power plants). Fusion power plants do not produce nuclear waste which have half life measured in tens of thousands years. Also, fusion reactors do not operate under pressure so they are supposed to be safe. However, what is bugging me is this timeline of five years. It just seems way too short for the first fusion power plant.

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Posted in: Japanese publishers to sue U.S. firm over manga piracy See in context

First of all, Cloudfare IS NOT a hosting company. Pirated material is hosted somewhere else while Cloudfare provides CDN (buffering of the data closer to the consumer), and DNS (pointing to the servers where web sites are hosted). It is almost like pressing charges against phone book publisher because drug dealers are inside and against the post office because they delivered the drugs which were in the package.

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Posted in: McDonald's potato imports disruption spurs fries war in Japan See in context

Those few times a year that I go to McDonalds I am ordering chicken nuggets instead of fries in the set. IMHO much better deal than fries.

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Posted in: Firefighter docked pay for making over a million yen from game streaming See in context

As a former firefighter, the rule is not intended as an impediment - the intent is to keep focus on an occupation that requires full attention & awareness, as it is wedded to the health and welfare of the citizenry. A dangerous job that involves life & death situations. Being sharp and without distractions is key.

Look, I am going to give you an example. I have a friend who sometimes works part time night shifts to get some extra cash. If he were a firefighter those night shifts would for sure affect his performance.

However, how the hell is game streaming affecting his performance? It is virtually the same as playing games as is or playing pachinko which is considered “normal” here.

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Posted in: Firefighter docked pay for making over a million yen from game streaming See in context

This is a typical Japanese way where screw the logic and follow the rules as if they were presented by God almighty himself. As others stated, if his performance was suffering because of his streaming then dock his salary, but doing it just because some (probably ancient) rule says so is idiotic on so many levels.

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Posted in: France issues arrest warrant for Japanese woman over 'parental kidnapping' See in context

This is a small step in the right direction. Things that were practiced for decades cannot be changed overnight. I hope that more similar cases will follow to resolve this idiocracy once and for all. It is just way to cruel to deny parents to even visit their children.

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Posted in: Shinkansen conductor caught playing GPS smartphone game on train…for 10 years See in context

Let’s focus on the work of the conductor in shinkansen. Between two stations that person will walk through the train, check if everything is right and if people are sitting in their designated seats and help passengers if they need something. Sometimes it takes almost 1h between stations and if he managed to do his duty completely I don’t see any issues if he played games in the meantime. He is not a driver. If he neglected his duties because of the games that would be a whole another story.

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Posted in: Former Prime Minister Abe becomes YouTuber See in context

I think that we now know why is Japan eager to punish online insults with jail time

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Posted in: JR East scraps plan to identify past offenders with facial recognition camera See in context

Why I have a feeling that the third group is a polite way of saying “gaijin”

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Posted in: Japan may start administering 3rd COVID vaccine shots by year-end See in context

I was reading about the number of deaths from the Vaccines...and they were compared to the number of deaths from COVID....scary!

I am wondering from what sources did you get that information? For sure from the same sources (Facebook groups) where bleach and Ivermectin are proclaimed as miracle cures and where people are blaming Bill Gates for putting 5G chips in vaccines.

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Posted in: 2 injured in acid attack in Tokyo subway station; suspect at large See in context

This definitely looks like that the male was the target while the girl was just innocent bystander. I know it is just a speculation, but this looks like planned attack on the specific person for me unlike the attack on the Odakyu line.

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Posted in: Ex-Nissan exec Kelly wants boardroom, not criminal, trial See in context

Is Mr. Kelly guilty or not I can’t tell because I am lacking lots of information to give a conclusion. However, the way how Nissan lured him to Japan was a rock bottom act. That is not a way how to treat anyone. It is like a street thug “justice”.

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Posted in: After Tokyo, Olympians hanker for 2024 Games See in context

2024 is still way in the future, however if this pandemic continue until then French people will not be passive as Japanese. Streets and venues will literally be on fire.

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Posted in: Food delivery service’s payment processing error allows some people to eat for free…for 3 years See in context

If there was a glitch that enabled customers to willingly circumvent the payment, they should pay for it. However, it seems that it was a glitch (bug) at Demae-can so it was their fault to start for. When it comes to hi-tech Japanese software just sucks. Actually to rephrase it, most software written by Japanese engineers sucks. I still have to figure out why when the Japanese engineers can make technological marvels like shinkansens.

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Posted in: ZZ Top bassist Dusty Hill dies at age 72 See in context

Sad news indeed. RIP dusty

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