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Posted in: Man ordered to pay damages for tweeting insults over late 'Terrace House' star See in context

Guy is definitely a jerk, however 1.29 million fine for that?

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Posted in: Japan to cut number of visiting Olympic Games officials to less than 90,000 See in context

Even if each athlete is bringing with them one coach, one physician and one extra person with them there is still a loooong way to reach 90000 extra people. Who TF are the rest?

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Posted in: Japan to establish agency to speed up digitalization See in context

I wouldn’t be surprised if they resurrect fax modems and use them to receive faxes on their PCs instead of paper and call that digitalization. It is still digitalization because paper is not being used anymore right? Not to mention that you can paste image of your hanko to the image of the fax and you have perfect digital workflow.

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Posted in: Japan's coronavirus vaccine booking system crashes after Salesforce outage See in context

It seems that Japan is so fond of its “digitalization” so it is pushed everywhere. Let’s be honest, vaccination should be done on a massive scale without any reservations and IT system should be used for tracking of those who received vaccine. Simply as that, but it seems that asking governing jijis here to use logic is a way too much to ask.

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Posted in: Suga says he has never put Olympics first and that IOC has final say See in context

In my country we have an expression that states that Suga san’s statement is a kid’s fairytale. Is he the leader of Japan and Japanese government or are IOC leaders of Japan? I just hope that Japanese people will properly punish LDP during the next elections for their negligence.

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Posted in: Virgin Hyperloop shows off the future: mass transport in floating magnetic pods See in context

It is a stupid idea debunked on several separate occasions. Just to keep vacuum in the system is extremely difficult and expensive and any rupture of the tube would lead to catastrophic disaster.

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Posted in: Unused COVID shots piling up in Japan amid slow rollout See in context

Unlike some other similar medical procedures like drawing blood, giving vaccine is something really trivial to do. You basically inject the vaccine in the muscle tissue and basically one 15min video could “train” you how to do it. However, this is Japan so don’t forget the most important procedure- bureaucracy. For sure for each short one should fill out the form, put hanko on it and fax it. Then other person should confirm the received fax, put their hanko and fax it back. Then the person can administer a vaccine.

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Posted in: Cultural Affairs Commissioner criticizes Japanese music, angering many See in context

My first impression when I started reading this article was that Tokura san is just some old fashioned guy, but actually he is 100% right. Currently majority of the recording process is “good enough, we will fix that in the production”. No, musicians should nail their part in studio or go home. Why some pre digital age songs are able to emotionally touch you? Because you could feel the artist. Nowadays you don’t feel them because everything is super processed, time aligned and it just sounds artificial. This is true no matter the genre of music.

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Posted in: Former trade minister questioned over gift scandal as probe resumes See in context

It is interesting how corruption is called in different countries. In the US it is called lobbying. In Japan it’s called gifting.

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Posted in: Overseas Tokyo Olympic ticket holders may get only partial refunds See in context

I would like to present one example here. Let’s say that maker X produced smartphone and sold it to dealer Y for 600$ which is from country C. Then buyer bought it from dealer Y for 1000$. Because of some technical difficulties smartphone can’t work in country C so maker X offers refunds. Dealer Y believes in “capitalism and free market” and they don’t want to return 1000$ to the customers, but only 600$, the amount they paid for it. In country C they don’t give a damn about customer rights, but in country D there are laws and regulations so customers will get back their full amount. Sounds familiar? It seems that majority haven’t read anything past the title. Japan is refunding full amount and IMHO they should also compensate credited agencies for their trouble, however US agency is greedy in this case and they want to change their customers for services they can’t provide.

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Posted in: French soccer legend Thierry Henry quits social media over 'toxic' racism, abuse See in context

One thing is missing in this article. He also mentioned that it is interesting how social networks are super fast to respond to copyright claims while it takes forever to respond to racism, hate speech etc. and he is 100% correct.

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Posted in: Power outage disrupts train services in Tokyo area See in context

Voltage from the first comment is completely incorrect. Shinkansens have 25kV power lines, however local trains use 1500V.

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Posted in: 40-year-old woman dies in avalanche while snowboarding in Aomori See in context

Whenever I go to any of ski resorts majority of Japanese people don’t wear helmets. Not that the helmet would necessarily save you in this case but since lots of people are under equipped on the ski slope, I am also wondering whether she was equipped with avalanche beacon and tools? Not only she, but her whole party. Going off piste without necessary avalanche safety equipment is the same as driving without seatbelt with airbags disabled.

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Posted in: Suga refuses to move into official residence despite criticism See in context

"A minute or two means a lot when it comes to crisis management," just to comment this nonsense. Suga lives 250m from the office, he is not firefighter, doctor or similar where minutes really matter. He can be in the office in 15min max so why bother with moving. Also PM office is not magic throne of power from only where it is possible to do certain actions.

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Posted in: U.S. court clears way for extradition to Japan of Ghosn's accused escape plotters See in context

In the case of extradition those two should be judged upon the case of helping a person who is under a criminal investigation flee Japan illegally. Nothing more, nothing less. And it should not matter whether that person was international CEO or a person who was putting 200¥ cafe late in 100¥ coffee cup in konbini. However, the big question is will the justice system be objective in this case and judge them the same way if in the music gear case were someone different than Ghosn.

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Posted in: If you’re reading pirated manga, one artist would prefer you just not read their work at all See in context


I can understand maybe 60ish percent, but watching like that would mean that I am missing 40 percent of the story which ruins watching experience. Language learning is something that takes huge amount of time and if I would skip shows until I master my Japanese it would mean that I would probably never watch it. Subtitles were invented for a reason. So, according to your logic we should not watch Japanese movies or series until we master Japanese language...

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Posted in: If you’re reading pirated manga, one artist would prefer you just not read their work at all See in context

Let me add one more stupid decision from Japanese anime distributors. During my trip overseas I noticed that some anime on Netflix that I didn’t watch in Japan because of lack of subtitles actually have them overseas. It took me more than a hour speaking with Netflix support until they finally admitted that Japanese distributors don’t allow Netflix to have English subtitles on some anime in Japan while it’s okay for the overseas. In that case I am forced to download pirated animes with subtitles, but I don’t feel any guilt because I already have them on Netflix which I paid for. If I could get official reasons from Japanese distributors why are they forbidding English subtitles on Netflix for Japan for sure it would be such a nonsense that I would instantly develop a brain aneurysm.

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Posted in: If you’re reading pirated manga, one artist would prefer you just not read their work at all See in context

Outside from some major titles, there are many mangas which are not translated to other languages at all. Some pirated mangas are translated by fans and that is the only way how international audiences can get them. I am not defending pirates, but this is how it is. Then we have a huge problem of Japan going forward with the current trends. As someone mentioned shipping can be expensive. Why not offer some sort of Netflix for manga? If you want to make people stop pirating your content, make sure it is easily accessible to the wider audience. I am not familiar with the artist from the article at all, but if that person didn’t try to make his/her work easily available digitally as well (in this age there is no excuse not to have eg. web with paid access for the content), I am sorry bur those tweets can be described only as whining.

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Posted in: Japanese firms start to reconsider asking for resumes to specify gender See in context

If they just abolish archaic hand written nonsense type of CVs and start accepting printed ones like in the rest of the world then gender issue explaned here would be addressed as well. But no, your handwriting can tell what kind of person are you.....

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Posted in: Guitar rock legend Eddie Van Halen dies of cancer at 65 See in context

I was shocked this morning when I found out that this music legend has left us so soon. Sad day it is.

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Posted in: Tokyo ward assemblyman under fire over remarks against LGBT rights See in context

Speaking about LGBT rights or any other topic, why it that guy still in the position? He should be retired at least 13 years ago. No country can go forward if it is ruled by living fossils.

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Posted in: Bicycle traffic violations hit record high as cycling booms amid pandemic See in context

If anyone is constantly breaking the traffic rules those would be ladies with mamachari. They just strap their kids on the bike and they don’t give a damn about anything. They are safe and have kids acting as living shields both on the front and on the rear. I complained once to my Japanese coworker that mamachari cyclists are the worst and he just said that the young cyclists are the worst all while almost being hit by mamachari twice on the sidewalk while we were outside together.

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Posted in: Police say body may be hiker who fell on Mt Fuji while live-streaming See in context

Well, poor guy, but I would say that his unpreparedness costed him his life. As someone who is doing lots of outdoor activities including snow mountain climbing I immediately spotted several details. No crampons - the first and the most important piece of equipment. I wonder how he managed to have enough traction to even climb that high without them. No ice axe - if he had one he could probably self arrest himself without slipping all the way down. Those are the things that I could see from the video. I could guess that he didn’t even have proper gloves because he was complaining a lot about cold fingers.

Also he climbed the north face of Fuji which turns into ice early in the day and even climbing that route wit the proper equipment would be tricky. For winter ascending it is advisable to use Fujinomiya trail on the south.

Any experienced mountaineer can scale winter Fuji if the weather window is good enough. If you don’t have mountaineering experience, go and climb Fuji during the season.

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