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Hanyu's performance Saturday broke a world record. It was also the first time all season he skated that performance with no major errors. (His last error-free free skate was December 2015, so it's been a while.)

Throwing flowers and stuffed animals after a performance is normal for figure skating. All the major events have a flock of junior skaters who zip around and pick everything up, and it's pretty common to have vendors at the arena selling gifts to throw. Some of the other skaters at the event got custom-made body pillows with pictures of the skater on them, so only flowers and Pooh bears is pretty tame.

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I wonder if they've studied how phytoplankton reacts to tritium? Or just us precious humans?

Turns out the effects of tritium on phytoplankton are well understood. Tritium is naturally occurring, so any phytoplankton living now has been exposed to tritium. Previous generations of phytoplankton were also exposed to tritium (going back farther than human history), so we have solid evidence of the effects over multiple generations as well.

More recently, above-ground nuclear testing releases more tritium than the levels under discussion here, so we have 80+ years' worth of data on the effects on marine life.

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