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Posted in: Woman stabbed outside Tokyo convenience store; suspect arrested See in context


 it is kinda scary seeing so many of these random stabbings.

The article clearly shows it's not a random stabbing.

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Posted in: Japan reports 200,975 coronavirus cases See in context

Number of deaths today - 72.

No. of deaths 22nd July - 52.

No. of deaths 21st July - 47.

No. of deaths 19th July - 28.

No. of deaths 18th July - 19.

No. of deaths 17th July - 17.

Will be over 100 deaths a day next week judging by this trend.

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Posted in: Putin vows to press invasion until Russia's goals are met See in context

Also for anyone interested, here's a list of all the Nazi, Neo-Nazi and far-right extremist military groups operating in Russia:


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Posted in: Putin vows to press invasion until Russia's goals are met See in context


Pro-Russian nazis (look at the Nazi SS skull badge on the uniform) receiving awards in the bombed-out Donetsk from the DPR leader. Video is from April 4th.

Kind of puts paid to the idea that "denazification" is taking place, doesn't it?

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Posted in: Japan to expel 8 Russian diplomats See in context

RobToday  01:09 pm JST

*"A battalion is a military unit, typically consisting of 300 to 1,000*

Serious? Azov Battalion is the 'name' of the neo-Nazi group. It's not merely one battalion. The true number is a mystery for a few reasons:

It's not publicly available.

A number of it's members are in because of the high salaries paid directly by the imperialist powers, not because they are genuine, convinced neo-Nazis. Though the leadership at every level are hardline neo-Nazis.

And finally because they have been given a frightening blood-letting over the past 5 weeks. At least 20k killed in Mariupol and an unknown number captured and in or on their way to Siberian gulags.

Yeah you can even see that they openly use nazi insignias on their uniforms! See here:


Oh hang on, that's a Russia-backed seperatist, Senior Lieutenant Roman Vorobyov of the "Somalia" motorized rifle battalion, receiving an award from DPR leader Denis Pushilin. So... The Russians are the neo-nazis?

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Posted in: Japan to expel 8 Russian diplomats See in context

DaveToday  12:42 pm JST

I don't understand people, they push for more fighting and more deaths, easy to do when you have no family there. Even if they push Russia back, you think they will stop with the bombings and destruction now? and I don't think they will defeat the whole country of Russia and bring Russia under their control. and with the torture and executions of Russian prisoners' This will not end soon or end well. but keep pushing it, makes you look very Gung-Ho.

Do you seriously believe that Russia has ever had any intention of stopping the killing if they managed to take over in Ukraine? Look at their invasion of Georgia and subsequent ethnic cleansing in the regions in which they took control (Abkhazia and Ossetia).

Any capitulation by Ukraine will result in untold deaths as Russia purges "nazis" from the country, and of course you can see in recent Russian state news broadcasts that practically everyone in Ukraine is now apparently a card-carrying Nazi. Not sharing your recipe for borscht? Obviously you're a nazi.

Ukraine, by fighting and resisting, is not in any way "Gung-Ho" - it is survival, pure and simple.

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Posted in: Japan to expel 8 Russian diplomats See in context

BroncoToday  06:49 am JST

Japan on Friday announced the expulsion of eight of Moscow's diplomats over "war crimes" in Ukraine.

The quotation marks around "war crimes" indicates that the author has doubts as to whether the allegations are true.

Err... Quotation marks are being used to show the words are being quoted. You know, the purpose of quotation marks.

Thanks for playing Z bingo, though.

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Posted in: Zelenskyy, speaking to U.N. Security Council, accuses Russian military of war crimes See in context



So now there is clear evidence that the Russian narrative is based on a lie;

"Russia's Ministry of Defense denied responsibility for the casualties in a Sunday Telegram post, accusing Ukraine of staging the footage and calling the scene a "hoax." The Russian Ministry even suggested that Ukraine had placed the bodies in the street sometime after March 30, after "all Russian units withdrew completely from Bucha."

Satellite images from Maxar Technology reviewed by The Times (and also sent to Insider), however, show that some of the bodies have been lying in the streets for more than three weeks, during a time when Russian troops occupied the town."

So either the satellite company was digitally inserting dead bodies at random into the images three weeks ahead of the retreat by Russian troops, THEN the Ukrainian forces were recreating the images in exact positional detail using corpses with rigor mortis which were posed and clothed in the exact same manner, or the murders were carried out by the Russian forces. Applying Occam's Razor to that leads to one conclusion.

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Posted in: Japan condemns reported Russian attacks on civilians in Ukraine See in context

BlacklabelToday  06:01 pm JST

Good job you found it!

J Michael Waller

“Senior Analyst for Strategy, Center for Security Policy. Founding editorial board member, NATO Defence Strategic Communications journal. “

this person has confirmed it after say no they are not there too. He would know?

Indeed I stand corrected!

However, from the article you're mentioning:

The brutality of the scenes are mirrored by some of the accounts from the report: One eyewitness from the town of Bucha described an execution there in early March, in which Russian soldiers forced five men to kneel on a roadside and pull their shirts over their heads before shooting one in the back of the head.

In another case, a 31-year-old woman described being beaten and raped repeatedly by a Russian soldier in a local school in Kharkiv, where she had been sheltering with her family. “I am lucky to be alive,” she said.

“The cases that we documented are corroborated by these recent allegations,” said Yulia Gorbunova, the author of the Human Rights Watch report, referring to the recent reports circulating from Bucha. “What is emerging now, if confirmed, is quite horrendous and gives an indication of the scale of these atrocities,” she said.

So we have survivors and eyewitness accounts of Russian rape and murder.

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Posted in: Japan condemns reported Russian attacks on civilians in Ukraine See in context

Actually just searched for myself and all I can find is a single photo in this New York Times article showing a single soldier. The photo identifies the soldier as Azov, indeed, yet the article doesn't make any mention of Azov, so I wouldn't credit it as a reliable source.


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Posted in: Japan condemns reported Russian attacks on civilians in Ukraine See in context

BlacklabelToday  05:36 pm JST

what makes you believe they have been in Bucha?

Nothing much. Just pictures of them in Bucha. Would that be important at all if so? Or just another “so what?”

Why would the Azov batallion be stationed northwest of Kyiv when their base of operations is 600km away in Mariupol? If you can point me to evidence to the contrary, I would be happy to look, but it doesn't seem to fit with their entire MO of fighting seperatists in the east. I do not condone the actions of Azov in any way, let me make that clear, but your insinuations are rather troubling.

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Posted in: Japan condemns reported Russian attacks on civilians in Ukraine See in context

BlacklabelToday  05:26 pm JST

The Azov battalion just happens to be in……Bucha.

Azov are in Mariupol, as they have been for the entire conflict - what makes you believe they have been in Bucha?

Meanwhile, bodies of Kadyrov's Chechen batallion actually have been found in Bucha. Kadyrovtsy terror techniques do involve rape, torture and public execution, however.

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Posted in: Japan condemns reported Russian attacks on civilians in Ukraine See in context

Apologies, this part got trapped in the quotation section:

"Even a cursory look at the story would inform you that these atrocities happened north of Kyiv in the suburbs of Bucha and Irpin."

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Posted in: Japan to freeze assets of 4 more Russian banks See in context

 I am afraid this will lead to unhinged Putin to launch nuclear weapons, probably against Ukraine first and then what?

The thing is, any use of nuclear weapons on Ukraine would most likely result in the spread of radioactive material into neighbouring NATO-affiliated countries. This could then be construed as an attack on those countries, basically allowing NATO to attack Russia.

NATO has 3.5 million military personnel to draw from.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 1,359 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 4,225 See in context


1,359 positives, out of 2,340 tests. Only 55.9% positive. Lol

Isn't the 2,340 tests from yesterday's figures? I thought the system now was that the data for testing numbers is released the following day.

Today's data (including how many tests were done on the 22nd)


Yesterday's data (excluding how many tests were done on the 22nd)


If I'm not misreading this, that would mean it's actually 1979 positives from 2430 tests - an 81.4% positive rate.

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