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Posted in: Trump says reports Russia helped him in U.S. election are 'ridiculous' See in context

A senior U.S. intelligence official told Reuters that intelligence agencies had concluded with “high confidence” that not only did their Russian counterparts direct the hacking of Democratic Party organizations and leaders, but did so to undermine Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

Curious how they can have "high confidence" of their 'intent'; good to see their special psychic power division they spend billions yearly producing results /s. Only if the other billions spent on DHS could prevent these hacking which they claim that they KNOW happens during election cycle which follows the same PATTERN.

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Posted in: Trump edges closer to White House win See in context

Clinton concedes, Trump wins!

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Posted in: Driver, playing Pokemon Go, hits and kills pedestrian, injures another See in context

These news alone should deter drivers from driving irresponsibly instead of a harsh death sentence as some suggest here. But with the cars being easier to drive and safe for the drivers, I feel it allows for the drivers to lack in being nervous and not giving full attention into driving. If all vehicles were still manual transmission, these accidents will certainly lessen.

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Posted in: Gov't studying ways to prevent heatstroke, cool down streets during 2020 Olympics See in context

I can only imagine Tokyo Olympics to be a repeat of 'Hotlanta' Olympics in heat, humidity, over commercialization and the transportation nightmare. Hopefully not the bomb.

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Posted in: New Tokyo governor pledges Olympic cost probe See in context

@toshiko She only claimed to half her pay once she takes office as governor and said that she will look into the procedure necessary to achieve it during the press conference.

As she seems to think 'anime' is the best tool to influence (brainwash) people domestically and internationally. I'm more interested in how she is going to achieve Tokyo into 'anime land'.

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Posted in: Protesters rally in Naha, Tokyo against U.S. military bases on Okinawa See in context

As I feel bad for the parent that lost their daughter, I also feel bad that they use her death for political purpose.

As for the number of people attended, Sankei claimed roughly 30,000 (3,800 inside the field, 11,920 outside (doubled the number due to increase being observed)) estimated by seeing a top view picture.

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Posted in: Missing boy case sparks discipline debate in Japan See in context

The parents should consider the possibility of ADHD in their child.

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Posted in: Say sayonara to 'sayonara' – 70% of Japanese don’t use this word for goodbye anymore See in context

Few dialect variation as well: さよなら さいなら さえなら さいなあ へば...

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Posted in: Gap to close 75 stores outside North America, including all 53 Old Navy stores in Japan See in context

I miss the old Banana Republic when the quality was top notch before Gap bought them out. Loved the hand drawn catalog too. Still do own their canvas shirt that's over 30yrs old!

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Posted in: 7 injured after car hits pedestrians in Kobe; driver arrested See in context

Well, the passenger can tell what happened. At least according to one witness, the car never attempted to hit the brakes.

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Posted in: Publishers protest agreement to cover up adult magazines in convenience stores See in context

The funny thing is that magazines use a tactic called "fukuro toji" (pages are binded) denying the consumer to see the content unless they buy it at times. I don't see the difference. So according to their logic, it'll gain in sales.

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Posted in: YouTuber conducts experiment to test Japanese people’s honesty See in context

All this while ignoring his nuisance.

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Posted in: A message for Prime Minister Abe See in context

狗 is a 会意形声文字:犭(犬) + 句 = 狗 also means small dog. Hence used in such form like 狗盗 (koso doro) since it expresses thief stealing like a little dog. So in the above picture, it means that Abe is America's 'little' dog.

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Posted in: Becky remains secluded at home following enforced leave from show biz See in context

Some misunderstanding here. Becky built up a clean image to the public over her entire career. Her CM sponsors using that image for their products started to ditch her after finding out about the adultery. Her 'Line' comment "gonna push through that we're just friends (laugh)" was a nail in the coffin as people felt belittled that she feels she can fool the public easily as she did with her image over the years.

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Posted in: Olympic cauldron for stadium in Tokyo may pose fire threat See in context

I don't see this being the last of the problem with the wooden roof.

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Posted in: Architect of Tokyo 2020 stadium says his design not a copy See in context

The conditions set for the competition mean that automatically some similarities emerge, the concept is completely different, so it is absolutely a different building, despite the similarities.

Sounds like a script written for him by a lawyer. The issue is not about the 'concept', it is all about the similarities in the internal layout. And despite the competition condition, why was all the designs submitted during the competition different from each other? Even the last competition, plan A and plan B had a distinct difference. The only similarities would be the number of seating, not the structural layout, access strategies, service access and the geometry of the stadium bowl that is in question.

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Posted in: Hadid says Japan trying to take her Olympic stadium design copyrights See in context

Hold your horses, this article reports only one side, there are not enough details, but I guess that won't stop the anti Japan lot on here

It's really not a one sided report if you have been following the story. She did claim the layout of the seating was identical to her design when Kuma's design was chosen. Now, JSC wants to shut her up about it withholding payments.

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Posted in: Balancing act See in context

Looks more like 'don-mono' to me. I remember back in the days (probably even now but hardly see them), it was delivered on super cub with a gadget that hung the aluminum box in the back. It had three air spring that allowed the box to swing freely to keep it level.

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Posted in: Cycling body close to agreement on Tokyo Olympic venue move See in context

Since they are changing the logo, mind as well rename the Olympics to Kanto Olympics.

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Posted in: 2 teenagers killed in car-motorcycle crash See in context

Here is a link on how they judge http://amami.rindo21.com/ks_bike/ in Japanese though.

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Posted in: Nissan CEO says it would be hard to hide effort to falsify emissions data See in context

If you're in doubt with other German brands, Audi and Porsche are more likely to have the same chip as they are under VW group.

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Posted in: Q&A: A look at Japan's contentious security legislation See in context

And I thought Abe was the one that stirred the pot in China cunningly by provoking here and there to get the support for this legislation.

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Posted in: Technology doesn't make school pupils smarter: study See in context

When Texas Instrument came up with advanced calculator, I recall myself spending more time learning how to use it. Good ol' paper and pencil is easier and helpful for developing minds (hand eye coordination) especially with math, I think.

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Posted in: Japan starts getting ready for Halloween…in August?!? See in context

Not so surprising that Japan are growing to celebrate Halloween when it's probably like a 'cosplay day' for them.

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Posted in: Cabinet OKs revised 2020 Olympic stadium plans See in context

Looks good for now until they expand to 80,000 seats later and charge extra 100.

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Posted in: Nuclear regulator says there will be no repeat of Fukushima under new safety rules See in context

Betting on a natural disaster to not happen is the worst risk to take.

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Posted in: Belgian designer to insist Tokyo changes Olympic logo See in context

The logo has been tainted either way, just scrap it. Hold another competition but this time don't limit to those who won some award; I've witnessed many great logo thought up by some children under age 10. And make sure the public gets to vote on it, not some committee that has proven to be nothing but a failure so far. Also simply award the winner with VIP seating during the opening and the closing. Involving the public will get back interest as well.

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Posted in: Critic review 'Attack on Titan' movie: 'I wished the titans would eat the kids so it would end' See in context

Er, what I meant to say is, who’s the idiot who gave this guy an early release of the film?!

The movie must be really bad with such comment by the director having no confidence of his work.

I'm just looking forward to seeing "Star Wars".

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Posted in: Tokyo 2020 Olympics logo design ruffles feathers abroad See in context

'T' and 'L' stands for Theatre Liege which makes sense but Tokyo o'Limpics? although with all these stumbles, it's becoming appropriate.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic stadium designer strikes back at critics See in context

The Japan Sport Council, the body overseeing the project, attributed about one-third of the increase in price to rising labor and materials costs, and two-thirds to the unusual design by Zaha Hadid.

So they blame two-thirds to the unusual design but in reality was about to become pure profit for these construction companies which I'm sure would have been used to fund certain unusual payments.

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