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Posted in: Consumer Affairs Agency urges people not to walk on escalators See in context

Reza Rahman Most social norms are discovered by interaction and observation. No teaches you to sit, walk or talk Japanese. You follow other people's cues.

I won't disagree with you but you're proving my point. Not everybody choose to do so and just because you do and are able to doesn't mean everyone else will. That presumption is what cause accidents most times not just on escalators but driving etc.

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Posted in: Consumer Affairs Agency urges people not to walk on escalators See in context

Escalators weren't designed to be walked on. And to expect everyone to 'know' about the 'walking lane' (which does differ between Tokyo and Osaka) when it's not posted does cause accidents. Expecting others 'to know' just because you think it's the norm already is the cause of a problem.

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Posted in: MERS sparks mask rush in Asia, but are they effective? See in context

They may not prevent but am thankful at those that wears them on the train especially when they cough alot.

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Posted in: U.S. woman attempting to row across Pacific rescued after SOS See in context

It seems she just figured impossible to cross the pacific in 4 months when she only traveled 250 km in a week... would've taken her just about double that time.

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Posted in: ANA jet aborts take-off after SDF copter cuts across its path at Naha airport See in context

As a passenger, I would feel safe if PIC have the final authority over ATC, although he/she should only override in the name of safety (and if time allows, they do inform ATC before taking action). It's clear ATC will have more information at hand but PIC has a better awareness of the situation in front of him at times that ATC can't observe (and time can't be wasted to deal with such situation). And I don't see why there's this disagreement since both seem to be stating pretty much the same thing; just disagreeing if this particular PIC took the right action or used his/her authority properly.

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Posted in: S Korean court finds swimmer Tomita guilty of stealing camera See in context

@Kazuaki Shimazaki seems to me that Tomita admits it's him in the screen cap of the hallway video. Then once that is established, following the person entering the pool with the other cam placed in the pool area is sufficient to identify the person as Tomita as there is that exact footage (a man entering the pool area from the hallway). Follow the person from other cam until he sits on the bench, it's still Tomita. I'll admit that's it's impossible to identify it as him just with those individual footage (which the media seems to make you believe even after they show you a nice diagram of the CCTV placement). It also really doesn't matter what exactly he is doing turning back as the camera was found in his room (he even admitted that it was in his possession from the pool). And it's not far fetched to think that he was stealing in that footage as there is no other footage showing how the camera ended up in his bag before he left the pool. The only defense he used was that it was forced into his bag by this unknown person which cannot be found in any of the footage. So if that's not sufficient enough to make him guilty, please kindly explain.

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Posted in: S Korean court finds swimmer Tomita guilty of stealing camera See in context

The quality of the footage that's been linked here is quite bad but it's also obvious that it was probably recorded by some journalist at court then by the uploader watching the program that aired it using his/her smartphone hence all that multiple moire pattern, which will certainly lower the quality. What's important is that there's no footage of the unidentified person. Tomita's lawyer was allowed early access to the full footage and him not using it only tells one thing, the story was fabricated and there was no other person that supposedly forced the camera into his bag. Tomita never denied the camera being in his possession. So it wasn't planted in his room, he stole it plain and simple.

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Posted in: With time running out, Japan to scale back stadium for 2020 Tokyo Olympics See in context

Folding seats won't be a bad idea since they can sell it afterwards as a memorabilia and use that money to install what should have been...

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Posted in: Do surveillance cameras in buildings, stations and on streets make you feel safer? See in context

It sure does deter some but as it's often used to catch the offender, it's also a proof that people will still commit a crime even with it's existence. And as long as that is true, having a peace of mind is certainly debunked.

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Posted in: Doraemon voice actress Nobuyo Oyama suffering from dementia See in context

And I thought she wasn't the original Doraemon as she's the third gen.

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Posted in: Mayweather beats Pacquiao by decision See in context

Time surely have changed. Boxing used to be called a savage fight, now many so-called boxing fans call's it a well thought out chess match.

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Posted in: In U.S., 'comfort woman' demands apology from Japan See in context


As if the Japanese never done such acts on their people either... yeah think hard cuz it's some heavy stuff for you to gulp too. It's probably that mentality that somehow Japan is clean of any single wrongdoing is what makes some of these people frustrated. After all, Japanese are humans too and not some super beings that only do things right.

Guess it's okay for Japanese history to keep changing it's story in text books over the years, but for a traumatized woman that probably have been struggling to forget the past, it's unforgivable and should be called out unreliable.

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Posted in: Abe criticizes hate speech See in context

These hate speech only exist due to the lack of education. It's certainly easier to fool a fool and spread amongst these people.

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Posted in: Pilots' retirement age to be raised to 67 to cope with shortage See in context

I don't think any airline would take the risk of allowing incompetent pilot to fly their aircraft. Plus all aircraft is flown by two pilots for safety measure to begin with. Besides, I have seen many pilots fly for airshow after their retirement well into their 70s; they do go through proper and rigorous health check that is required by the FAA.

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Posted in: 2,100 people sue Asahi Shimbun over 'comfort women' stories See in context

It still doesn't nullify anything even if they were paid prostitutes when they tended unbearable numbers in a day. As if those ladies didn't mind such treatment and enjoyed all the income they were able to make... right? It's sickening for someone to think it's all good if they paid; almost like causing an accident, hurt someone but rids of responsibility by saying 'but I paid' and disregarding any consequences.

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Posted in: Japan set to stick with embattled soccer coach Aguirre See in context

I don’t mean to make excuses but we only had two days off in between.

And it doesn't make sense when the coach retained the starting members throughout the tournament denying the players enough time to rest. But that's just my opinion.

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Posted in: University lecturer found naked on campus in Tokyo See in context

A man over 50 in a position that lectures student couldn't come up with any other solution in handling the situation but to listen and do what an emotionally unstable partner demanded him to do?

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Posted in: Sony works for 3rd day to restore PlayStation after attack See in context

You would think they''d be prepared especially with the experience from 2011 attack. That one was down close to a month.

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Posted in: LDP accused of avoiding election questions from foreign journalists See in context

And the brainwashing of the public continues.

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Posted in: E-cigarettes contain up to 10 times carcinogens: Japan researchers See in context

If you take a look at Kunugata's published paper, the highest level of formaldehyde registered out of 13 brands is at 34 while formaldehyde produced from cigarettes are believed to be around 200. So this must be some new test result on a single brand, which does make me want to know which one.

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Posted in: Japan serves up yet another weird pizza See in context

Many cheap pizza chain in the states offers dessert made of pizza crusts but aren't insane enough to call it a pizza.

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Posted in: Hamilton claims second Formula One title See in context

It's amazing people still watch F1.

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Posted in: Hanyu 2nd at Cup of China after scary crash See in context

It was an accident unless you have a set conclusion and dismiss anything factual. Both were skating backwards and just before the collision, Hanyu is the one that actually changed direction as Yan turned around making it impossible for both to avoid.

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Posted in: Tomita denies stealing camera at Asian Games See in context

The only person that can initiate to release the video is Tomita. And that is why his lawyer is so confident in telling the public that such footage do not exist or Tomita never was shown such footage because they have no intention of shooting their own foot. The lawyer also was witty enough to claim the JOC member that saw the footage with Tomita didn't see the 'actual' footage because technically it wasn't; they saw it on a smart phone that recorded the footage (surely what was well prepared to fool many but not all).

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Posted in: Tomita denies stealing camera at Asian Games See in context

@Papi2013 His alibi only works if it occurred at 10:48 which Tomita's side claims (probably the lawyer didn't do enough research that the initial report was not correct) but since it actually occurred at 11:48, his alibi is actually meaningless. What I want to know is why he put the camera in his suitcase once he got back to the room, the camera he thought was a trash and wanted to throw it away immediately but couldn't since there was no trash bin around... real strange fellow.

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Posted in: Swimmer Tomita suspended until March 31, 2016, for camera theft See in context

If it was placed in his bag by someone else why did he not report about it in the first place (the load difference of his bag with and without the camera should be noticeable)? And didn't he compete the very next day before being questioned by the authorities? It's not like he had no time to inform someone.

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Posted in: Out-of-Africa gold rush prompts disquiet at Asian Games See in context

That's not true, as Japanese National Soccer team sort of have a tradition to have one imported foreigner in the team usually from Brazil like Ramos Ruy, Lopes Wagner ,Santos Alessandro, Tanaka Tulio, in the past World Cups and had Suzuki Musashi (Jamaican) in this Asian game. If it's legal, every country will do it including Asian countries.

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Posted in: Chiba woman kills 13-year-old daughter See in context

Not that I don't understand your point, I also think the situation is quite different when you lose a place to live.

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Posted in: Early results favor 'No' side in Scotland independence referendum See in context

With 17 out of 32 council declaring it is 44% yes (2, 521,441) 56% no (15, 670,354) with target 1,857,276.

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Posted in: Yakuza boss arrested over 1998 murder See in context

Nomuras vast residence in Kitakyushu

I call that a castle

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