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Posted in: Oppenheimer reportedly apologized, cried in 1964 meeting with A-bomb victim See in context

Sadly thes obsessed scientists rarely think of the consequences of some of their inventions until they have already opened Pandora's Box!

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Posted in: Israeli tanks push deeper into Rafah, forcing people to flee again See in context

I thought Israel agreed to a ceasefire....guess the war criminals were just lying as usual..

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Posted in: Israel PM Netanyahu blames Biden for withholding weapons See in context

Not sure the $15billion in weapons shipments including 50 f15s is exactly a slap on the wrist for slaughtering 40000 Palestinians and maiming 70-80000 more....shameful!

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Posted in: Russian food shop in Ginza to close as war in Ukraine drags on See in context

So many ugly minded people around! Shame on you! How the hell is it her fault that this stupid war is continuing?! Get an idea please!

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Posted in: Netanyahu dissolves war cabinet after key partner bolts from government See in context

The sooner Netanyahu is jailed for corruption and war crimes the better!

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Posted in: Man goes on trial for murder of ex-girlfriend in Fukuoka See in context

Stabbed 17 times and they are worried whether or not he ambushed her?? Sadly this scumbag will escape the death penalty!

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Posted in: Battles rage in Rafah as Biden blames Hamas for truce delay See in context

"a permanent ceasefire and complete withdrawal"

This should be a minimum! Everyone knows that once Hamas hands back all the hostages without some sort of guarantee, Israel will destroy the remaining 20% of infrastructure and kill thousands more women and children!

Biden is an absolute joke if he is trying to spout this nonsense!

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Posted in: G7 summit opens with deal to use Russian assets for Ukraine See in context

G7 and the pope are the problem definitely not the solution! Just a hypocrisy photo op!

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Posted in: Russia, largely excluded from international sports, hosts athletes at BRICS Games See in context

But let Israel into the Olympics... hypocrisy much....

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Posted in: 2 women arrested for alleged murder of high school girl in Hokkaido See in context

Model citizens...not!

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Posted in: Hezbollah vows to intensify attacks against Israel after senior military commander is killed See in context

Well looks like the war criminal Netanyahu has his plan B in place if he is forced to stop slaughtering babies in Gaza!

Just start a war with Lebanon...

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Posted in: Blinken returns to Mideast as Israel-Hamas cease-fire proposal hangs in balance after hostage rescue See in context


Today 07:35 am JST

This hasn’t been verified by any news agency so I’m curious how JT got this information? The Palestinian health authority doesn’t differentiate between civilian and combatant deaths in Gaza.

Umm that's because Israel has assassinated all the journalists in Gaza! 150 at last count...if you can't control the narrative just kill the journalists right?

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Posted in: Blinken returns to Mideast as Israel-Hamas cease-fire proposal hangs in balance after hostage rescue See in context

This is probably the most biased article I have seen!

Hamas put this exact proposal out about 6 weeks ago and as now it was the war criminals in Israel that rejected it!

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Posted in: Blinken returns to Mideast as Israel-Hamas cease-fire proposal hangs in balance after hostage rescue See in context


Today 07:07 am JST

it is common sense that holding hostages as bargaining chips is total behavior of terrorist, and why on earth people are supporting the terrorist? imagine it is your family members being hold hostages now! May the fist of wrath will keep continue neutralizing the terrorist

You're talking about Israel right?!

I think at last count they had about 10000 Palestinians held hostage ..

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Posted in: 23-year-old man goes on trial for murder of 18-year-old ex-girlfriend in Yokohama See in context

Sad the death penalty doesn't apply here what an absolutely selfish mutt!

Hope he goes away for Avery long time!

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Posted in: Gaza war rattles European politics from the left See in context

The only time politicians will speak against Israel is when they realise they are going to lose an election because of it! This is true democracy in action and I can't wait to see it! The sooner Israelis sanctioned and ostracized the better!

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Posted in: Israeli strike kills at least 33 people at Gaza school the military claims was being used by Hamas See in context

At what stage is the world going to start sanctioning Israel for it's continued war crimes and genocide?

Imagine if this was China or Russia, the US would be the loudest voice at the UN screaming for sanctions and arrest warrants! The US has lost all credibility for their blind support of Israel!

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Posted in: Israeli strike kills at least 33 people at Gaza school the military claims was being used by Hamas See in context

Were those US bombs used to commit more war crimes?!

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Posted in: Can Islam and the Western world coexist peacefully? See in context

The Murdoch media has ruthlessly demonised the Muslims and Islam after 9/11! Which has stoked the Islamophobia apparent in most western countries iMO. People who are "informed" by the media will never accept it and that goes both ways I suppose.

While I have issues with the hijab and women's rights in general within Islam most Muslims are just normal hard working people who want to live in peace like the rest of us!

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Posted in: Russia ramps up disinfo ahead of Paris Games: Microsoft See in context

They're letting Israel in! The hypocrites haven't got a leg to stand on!

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Posted in: Japan's real wages fall for record 25th straight month in April See in context

Gee that's a surprise...not! When I started as an ELT about 25 years ago the starting salary was 250k yen ...which is the same starting salary offered today!

Fair enough when living costs weren't rising so fast but now..... disgraceful

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Posted in: Will Smith is back in 'Bad Boys: Ride or Die,' with Martin Lawrence riding shotgun See in context

Smith should have done the honorable thing and just disappeared!

Game over when they start believing their own BS!

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Posted in: Putin threatens to arm countries that could hit Western targets See in context

The US doesn't have a leg to stand on! It lost all credibility by sanctioning the ICC to support the genocide in Gaza!

Freedom and democracy? What a sad joke!

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Posted in: Many Americans still shying away from EVs, poll finds See in context

Until they can charge faster and last longer, EVs are still a gimmick!

Hybrids are the only real solution!

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Posted in: Israel bombs Gaza as mediators discuss truce-hostage plan See in context

Tensions were high in annexed east Jerusalem as thousands of police guarded Israel's annual "flag march" that has sparked clashes between Jews and Arabs in previous years.

And they wonder why organisations like Hamas become so popular! Their disregard for the human rights and dignity of the Palestinians is what has caused all of this horror and bloodshed!

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Posted in: Israel bombs Gaza as mediators discuss truce-hostage plan See in context

As long as the US continues to enable Israel with weapons and political support nothing will change!

The hypocrisy of saying they believe in the system of international order and law falls over pretty quick when they are now sanctioning the ICC for putting out an arrest warrant for the war criminals in Israel!

Shame on the lot of them!

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Posted in: Nagasaki holds off inviting Israel to peace ceremony See in context

Good! Israel should be blacklisted and sanctioned until it learns to respect human rights!

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Posted in: U.S. launches lobbying blitz to sell Gaza cease-fire plan to Hamas through Arab and Muslim nations See in context

That was followed quickly by a joint statement from the leaders of the Group of Seven advanced democracies calling “on Hamas to accept this deal, that Israel is ready to move forward with, and we urge countries with influence over Hamas to help ensure that it does so.”

Huh?? It is the war criminal Netanyahu who has stated he won't accept this deal!

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Posted in: In Japan, energy security fears put nuclear power back in favor See in context

Just as the govt removed electricity help for the people ..how coincidental...and the stacked the panel as well.

Why not more hydro? Nearly all rivers are dammed in Japan anyway!

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Posted in: Proposed Gaza cease-fire puts Netanyahu at a crossroads that could shape his legacy See in context

stormcrowToday  09:30 am JST

Anybody else but Hamas.

Israel can’t be expected to sit across the table from the terrorists responsible for October 7th.

Anymore than Hamas wants to sit across the table from the war criminals that have been stealing their land and slaughtering their people for the last 80 years!

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