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Posted in: OPEC+ agrees on deep oil production cuts See in context

Time for the US to invade Saudi Arabia...The must be some WMDs there somewhere...

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Posted in: iPhone 14 cheapest in Japan among 37 countries: survey See in context

Just shows the price gouging going on by these scumbags! They know there is plenty of competition in japan and price it accordingly.

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Posted in: Pfizer COVID vaccine clears Japan panel for use with young children See in context

Make it stop! This madness is unjustifiable! Obese diabetic over 80. Vacinate away! 6 months old??? Never!!!

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Posted in: U.S. aircraft carrier to return after N Korea fires missile over Japan See in context

They need Kim otherwise how can they justify the trillions spent on arms manufacturing...

Funny how the Iraqi non existent WMDs caused a war but Kimmy 's actual progress to nukes didn't, maybe has something to do with oil as well....

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Posted in: N Korea fires 2 more ballistic missiles toward sea See in context

Nice job Kimmy boy! Giving the opposition a chance to test their own system which seem to be a bit lacking at the moment....

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Posted in: Japan apologizes for J-Alert malfunction after N Korea missile launch See in context

Maybe they should be thanking the Nth koreans for allowing them to test their alert systems which came up faulty! Next time they need to try and shoot the missiles down to see if their defense systems are up to the challenge in a real situation!

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Posted in: S Korean missile accident panics public on edge over North See in context

I suppoes at least the Nth korean missiles work.... Maybe Sth Korea should buy their missiles from them instead of the over priced poorly made US ones...

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Posted in: Retreating Russians leave their comrades' bodies behind See in context

Nice propaganda piece ...

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Posted in: One year in office, Kishida to face tough Diet debate See in context

Surprised he is still prime minister to be honest. The usual LDP way of overcoming bad press is to put a "new face" in charge and get the old one to fall on his sword...

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Posted in: Biden consults Kishida after N Korea missile test See in context

"ability to support its unlawful ballistic missile and weapons of mass destruction programs."

I like the hypocrisy here. Unlawful according to who the yanks and their lackeys at the UN?? No one is saying kim Jong Fatman shouldn't be deposed but this bunk of weapons programs for the "good guys" only is just that, utter bunk!

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Posted in: Kishida pinning hopes on big-spending tourists to revive economy See in context

While masks, temperature checks, plastic screens and vaccination entry requirements abound this guy is in la la land! Just not going to happen until the cronies wake up to themselves and fully open

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Posted in: Emperor to take prostate MRI test in November See in context

too much information!

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Posted in: Japan protests possible gas extraction by China in contested waters See in context

At a time when Japan urgently needs its own supply of gas, this gives a perfect opportunity for them to show some backbone and start extracting gas from their side! Send in the rigs NOW!

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Posted in: Japan WWII poison gas agents still scarring people today See in context

The agent orange problem in Okinawa is also of great concern but seems again the JGOV would rather sweep it under the carpet!

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Posted in: Japan WWII poison gas agents still scarring people today See in context

My Aunty lived where an old Ajinomoto plant had been in Kanagawa. They all started getting sick…finally after many years they got a sub standard offer that they had to take as opposed to zero… this stuff is rampant in Japan and I don’t think it will come as a surprise to anyone that the cronies in the LDP don’t give a damn and offer zero support!

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Posted in: What are the pros and cons of owning an EV (electric vehicle)? See in context

Hybrids beat EVs hands down! The EV has a distance problem and recharging problem along with limited infrastructure to support recharge. Battery replacement is nearly half the cost of the vehicle and batteries at this stage are only forecast to last 10 years so there will be a lot of problems with recycling etc.

maybe in another 10 years if they get longer life and better mileage from batteries.

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Posted in: Japan reports 36,646 new coronavirus cases See in context

PickleToday  06:59 pm JST


It is actually opening now though - you can literally book a flight right now and be here next Tuesday, no sweat!

Already locked in Pickle! Will be there Nov till Jan. while I am not keen on the peer pressure masks I will comply because the sheeple cannot think for themselves sadly.

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Posted in: Qatar confirms COVID-19 test requirements for World Cup fans See in context


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Posted in: Qatar confirms COVID-19 test requirements for World Cup fans See in context

This is fair as vaccination status has absolutely no bearing on contagion! While I'd like to see no checking at all non discriminatory checking of all I s the fairest solution

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Posted in: Japan's lower house speaker admits links with Unification Church See in context

And yet again nothing will be done about it and the LDP will continue to show it's contempt for voters as long as they keep voting for them. Trying to justify this cult as a religion is also a very long bow!

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Posted in: Schwarzenegger visits Auschwitz in message against hatred See in context

He should visit the Palestinian territories next so he can see the modern day equivalent!

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Posted in: Man sentenced to life for killing 9-year-old girl in 2004 loses appeal See in context

Sounds like a great guy.... Likes to hit children to see the look of terror on their faces??? Death penalty right there!

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Posted in: Emperor, empress to visit Okinawa in October See in context

care factor??

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Posted in: Japan to compile stricter rules on school bus safety after child's death See in context

Ya think?? geez could these bureaucrats get any slower in Japan??? Uniform policy of role calls for on and off the bus every pick up and drop off should be not only mandatory but common sense! No parent should be told your child died because i couldn't be bothered to check if they got off the bus or not!

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Posted in: Japanese cafe giving joy to elderly dementia-sufferers and families See in context


maybe the LDP can stop making slush funds for itself and actually help the ageing population of Japan with more cafes like this!

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Posted in: Japan to invest ¥1 tril in human resources development over 5 years See in context

How about investing in giving your people meaningful holidays and not expecting them to work 100 hours overtime a month for no pay??!!

Different face same party!

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Posted in: Russian annexation of Ukraine territory expected within days See in context

I wonder if Russia will now pull back to the new borders and defend from there. Could possibly be a de-escalation from here...

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Posted in: Diet to convene extraordinary session Monday See in context

It's ironic how the right wing "patriots" of the LDP are beholden to a Korean group...I guess money overcomes all in the end for politicians.

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