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Posted in: Russia says F-16 transfer to Ukraine would raise questions of NATO's involvement See in context

These NATO Muppets really want to start WW3! Meanwhile the yanks will just sit back and watch Europe burn! Absolute insanity!

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Posted in: Man arrested for dangerous driving resulting in death See in context

Speeding on a narrow road is no excuse! Some Japanese drivers are shameless for speeding on narrow roads. This guy is obviously one of them! Needs to be more arrests and more police stopping this sort of behaviour!

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Posted in: Quad leaders vow to pursue region without 'intimidation and coercion' See in context

Quad leaders vow to pursue region without 'intimidation and coercion'

Through intimidation and coercion…..

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Posted in: Kishida, Biden agree to step up advanced technology cooperation See in context

"coercive behavior"

Not that the US has ever used coercive behaviour or supported dictators......

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Posted in: G7 leaders likely to focus on war in Ukraine, tensions in Asia at summit in Hiroshima See in context

Love the headline photo!

Imperialism sums it up pretty well...

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Posted in: 680-year-old Shinto ritual of horses running up earthen 'wall' draws animal abuse complaints See in context

Terrible treatment bit like the zoo's in Japan. Zero respect for the animal!

If they want to keep it going, at least remove the stupid jump at the top of the hill!

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Posted in: Ukraine says it downed Russian hypersonic missiles during attack on Kyiv See in context

JJE Today 08:53 am JST

The patriot has proved it can intercept Kinzhal missiles - on the ground when it blows up


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Posted in: Ukraine says it downed Russian hypersonic missiles during attack on Kyiv See in context

What a load on bunk!

Tend to believe more that the patriot system which has been shown to be a piece of junk was destroyed alot more than it was capable of destroying a hypersonic missile which travels about 4-5 times faster than its "kill" missiles!

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Posted in: Another ex-member of Johnny's talent agency says he was sexually abused See in context

Sad that it took this scumbags death before anything could be done about his sick perversions!

When are AKB48 and morning musume going to come clean?

there must be some horror stories there as well but there seems to be less appetite to criminalise abuse and over sexualisation of women in Japan.

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Posted in: Pieces that may be from wetsuit, surfboard found after surfer attacked by shark off South Australia See in context

Great Whites became protected species back in early 2000s . Since then there has been large increase in numbers also helped by the rebound in the whale populations migrating north for the summer which they feed on. From May to October now there is an increased risk of shark human interactions.

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Posted in: On final day of campaign, Erdogan accuses Turkish opposition of working with Biden See in context

Well he is probably not wrong but it is time for him to go regardless!

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Posted in: Ginza stroll See in context

Choose an unmasked photo for god sake!

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Posted in: Japan hopes G7 leaders will show 'strong' resolve to defend international order See in context

The US is losing and no doubt will start a war to try and recover their losses!

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Posted in: After 12-hour meeting, Japan, S Korea agree on visit by experts to Fukushima nuclear plant See in context

Can imagine how that meeting went…You’re are allowed to say good things but nothing bad? You aren’t allowed to investigate any irregularities or any of the dodgy sections…actually you can stay in Tokyo and we will show you a video recording of the site…

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Posted in: 3 more G7 ministerial meetings being held across Japan this weekend See in context

How can we make more money for our masters and shaft the poor…..

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Posted in: No matter how hard they try to hide their identities, we can always find information on them through their websites. See in context

Would be good if they put as much effort into the Ore Ore scammers!

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Posted in: Natto: You either love it or hate it See in context

Not as bad as Kusaya but the fragrance of smelly socks can be a bit hard to swallow…..

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Posted in: More than 71 million people internally displaced worldwide in 2022 See in context

GBR48Today  08:07 am JST

The obvious solution to this carnage is to bump off the leaders and regimes that cause this. The idea that leaders and governments cannot be touched, whilst it is OK for millions to suffer as a result of their failure and brutality, has to be dispensed with.

Does that mean western leaders are targets as well???

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Posted in: More than 71 million people internally displaced worldwide in 2022 See in context

Only going to get worse sadly.

So many war mongers on all sides making money from weapons and despair!

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Posted in: Israel kills senior Gaza commanders as rockets cause first death in Israel See in context

Typical western headline that omits the women and children murdered by the war criminals in Israel!

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Posted in: Ukraine unit says Russian brigade has fled outskirts of Bakhmut See in context

Reuters was unable to independently confirm the situation on the ground.

So basically bunk....

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Posted in: Gifu town’s population doubles as families descend to search for mythical 'tsuchinoko' See in context

Looks like the Australian blue tongue lizard.

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Posted in: Girl in late teens dies after being beaten by boyfriend See in context

What an absolute mutt. This scumbag hopefully will be locked away for a long time!

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Posted in: Gov't to pitch safety of Fukushima water release to S Korean experts See in context

Good luck!

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Posted in: Ukraine downs Russian hypersonic missile with U.S. Patriot See in context

Yeh sure they did…..

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Posted in: Shelling in Sudanese capital disrupts aid delivery efforts See in context

Sad yet inevitable how all these conflicts are always linked to oil and the powers who want the oil...

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Posted in: Chile's lithium industry takeover plan faces technical, political challenges See in context

What a surprise...a US company (Albermarle) gutting a countries natural resources and looking after it's own interests Time for a CIA led Sth American Coloured revolution if these Chilean "upstarts" get any more crazy ideas...

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Posted in: Eased COVID measures boost travel during Golden Week See in context

Too many masks still in view but how do we know it is not a stock photo from months ago?

Get over the chin straps an absolute waste of time but it will be many moons before a lot of Japanese can let go sadly!

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Posted in: Shiga Prefecture hoping Austria-shaped Lake Biwa makes tourism splash See in context

How about a photo so the readers can compare???

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