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Posted in: 'Facebook killer' commits suicide after brief chase: police See in context

It's important to consider of the ripple effect of creating victims. The direct family & friends, the first responders, the police investigators, the people who know or know of this person murdered in cold blood, those who were in fear of being in the presence of the the killer, those who were in shock of hearing about the crime, and so on and so forth; are all victims of this crime. A single action doesn't imply a single reaction in this instance. This killing shocked the entire planet, and we're all being forced to deal with the effects.

I was informed today by my boss that the victim in this case is the grandfather of an employee who works for us. I now feel a slight connection to this story. What should I say to my good-working employee now? What can I say? How could I possibly comfort my friend? I have to answers these questions on my own now. The result of a senseless deranged act that victimized more than one person.

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Posted in: Police urge man who livestreamed homicide on Facebook to turn himself in See in context

Shot himself during a car chase. A bad but not unexpected outcome. The manhunt is over. http://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-39634681

This happened north of the area I live in and it put the entire greater-Cleveland area in a state of unrest. I couldn't help but spend most of yesterday's work day thinking a lot of "what if's." There was a general feeling of fear and doubt of assurance of safety in the air.

I wonder what it will take to make this nation wake up and rethink gun policies. There's multiple shootings happening every single night in this city. Guns are in the hands of the violent, vindictive, and deranged. People I know personally have been shot. Nothing about that is right.

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Posted in: Colossal Titan stars in Tokyo government anti-drug campaign See in context

can't understand the video but i've used synthetic marijuana in the past and didn't find it more addictive than the real substance, which isn't habit-forming to begin with (i no longer use either). maybe they're talking about a different chemical compound, or several, but lumping them all together and saying they're all bad doesn't educate anyone on which ones are seriously dangerous. i'm sure there are plenty of loophole drugs that just shouldn't exist and nobody should use because they're terrible, but synthetic pot, in my experience, was not all that terrible. as a reminder, it only exists because the real (harmless) thing is banned in so many places. i wish the world would give marijuana another chance.

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Posted in: Music streaming business targets CD-crazy Japanese See in context

the majority of pirated albums are not even distributed with artwork, or anything more than a low quality thumbnail of the front cover. you'll generally see this when consumers are buying them digitally too. you may get a medium to high quality cover and some services give you a choice between various compression formats, but in most cases it is not a complete collection of artwork, and not how the artist intended you to experience the album.

when i pull a CD off of my shelf, i remember where i bought it from, other various details of acquisition such as saving my lunch money for a week just to afford it, how long ago it was, and what it felt like to rip the cellophane off and pop it into the CD player for the first time. i remember thumbing through the artwork, being either amused or baffled by it at times, and reading the lyrics sheet as the song plays trying to extrapolate the message it was conveying. i have special memories such as buying all the music of the artist whose music i pirated and subsequently fell in love with, and opening the inlay to read the artist's actual handwriting explaining the conception of this entirely instrumental experimental album i love, even explaining what hardware he used and revealing it was made entirely in his bedroom during a weekend. tiny details like that actually changed the entire way i experienced the album and would have been lost to me if i'd never actually bought it; even so if i had decided to buy it digitally.

i have to ask dominantly digital music consumers: do you still think of music as art, or is it just another mindless distraction? are you paying $2 for that album to hear a message, to gather an experience, or is it just white noise?

i think we are not meant to break down, rip apart and destroy the standard experience of an album, divvying out partial ownership to a compressed copy of the original. this practice is dangerous to the concept of music as an artform, and is badly damaging the music business for collectors. vinyl collectors already have a hard time buying modern music on vinyl, as it's always marked up as an expensive "collector's edition." i'll be furious the day that digital download partial ownership practices are not only dominant but considered normal and i can't buy a physical compact disc anymore without paying a baseless fee for it; the CD version being considered an "audiophile's collector's edition." i'm determined to not let it come to that by voting with my wallet. vinyl was once king, now CDs are king. digital ownership is still barely an apprentice and not yet worthy of taking the throne.

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Posted in: Driver who killed cyclist in crosswalk accident found not guilty See in context

once saw a cyclist get hit by a van because he sped across a crosswalk (side street, so no signals) at a cruising speed with seemingly no intent to yield for potential traffic. the driver never saw him coming. he was not knocked off or hurt, the bike was also fine, but having been witness to this situation immediately all i could think was how it could have ended much worse. this is all simply because he never considered stopping or slowing down to look both ways before crossing a road.

this article is an example of where a story like this can have a much more tragic outcome. i do feel bad for the man who died, but cyclists should be aware that if they are riding on a road or merely onto a road, they should feel like the road rules apply to them as well.

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Posted in: Reddit cracks down on harassment See in context

while the article doesn't cite any specific cases of harassment on reddit, as an improvement for a website like reddit i'd suggest the implementation of forced anonymous posting. those who wish to reveal their identity; such as when it's necessary to the discussion, can opt-out of anonymous during the act of posting. while this would definitely not curb hate speech or harassment it would remove the ability to track down a specific user and remove the possibility of continued harassment. there is also an added benefit of being able to judge the contents of a post on its own without giving any regard to the person who posted it.

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Posted in: What’s wrong with English education in Japan? Pull up a chair See in context

i think katakana is just too inaccurate to be used in some scenarios, and it does effect the ability to understand the real foreign pronunciation of words. as a crude example, take two english words that have different pronunciations, but same pronunciations in japanese.

plastic = purasuchikku / plus = purasu

i do not live in japan, however when i read japanese texts and come across katakana, i often struggle to understand what english word they're trying to represent. i can't help but feel it'd be less confusing for all parties if they instead just used the roman letters and the native spelling. we live in the perfect age for this change. if it's a word too difficult to pronounce, they can look it up on the internet. google and wikipedia will even read it to you. no memorization of confusing pronunciation tables required.

the other thing is there can never be enough english-speakers to help students practice speaking. when it comes to learning a second language, you need to speak it to remember it, and you need to practice it a lot to get better. i feel that for some students they may learn better, retain memory, and feel more comfortable if they get to speak to the same person all the time (for instance, a teacher, volunteer, personal instructor, or pen pal). once again, it may be worth tapping into the resources of the internet and have students communicating with foreigners who may not live in japan, but are interested in japanese and teaching english.

as a final note, i believe learning a second language is a solo journey. it's unfortunate but, yes, secondary language study needs to be required in schools, however most kids will do the bear minimum just to pass and will just forget everything they learned because they feel like they don't need it. if a student really wants to conquer the second language, they may be held back by the relaxed lessons that don't push the students too hard. the best thing a teacher can do in these scenarios is offer supplementary lessons or encourage self-study and recommend the right materials/methods for doing so.

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Posted in: Growing restrictions make for frustrated park users See in context

i live next to a primary school. there's several recess breaks for the individual grades per day. naturally, they are noisy. we shut our windows and deal with it. complaining would be the wrong thing to do. we knew the school was there when we moved in. you wouldn't move near a football stadium and tell them they have to ban sport events or pick a quieter game because you don't like the noise.

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Posted in: Chiba convenience store robbed of Y1 mil See in context

was one of those employees a manager or did those employees seriously have the combination to the money safe?

it'd be better to have a drop safe. employees and managers don't get the combination, just unique number IDs and a password to drop money in the slot. only the store's owner would be capable of opening such a safe, so if the boss isn't on the clock, a careless robber who didn't do his research would get nothing or just what's in the registers. however when you have a drop safe, the amount of cash inside registers would never exceed ¥20,000, or an amount that is just enough to make change. it's not a solution without flaws but it's a definite theft deterrent.

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Posted in: Violent video games linked to risk of crime, alcohol abuse See in context

violent children have an increased risk of consuming violent media. they've got it all backwards. correlation does not imply causation. this means kids who already have a violent disposition will want to play the violent games, and their violent behavior becomes more apparent as a result.

my first encounter with a violent game was when i was around 12 years old and i played grand theft auto 2. i've been in love with Rockstar North's games (formerly DMA Design Ltd.) ever since. in my opinion, they make genuinely fun games that deliver an unforgettable experience and are possibly one of the greatest games studios ever.

in real life i'm afraid of confrontation, fighting makes me sick, and being around guns makes me uneasy. i'm mindful of other drivers, and always wear a seatbelt. i'm the antithesis of a grand theft auto protagonist (especially the seatbelt part). these games i adored so much during the most influential years of my youth did not make me into a violent character at all.

i imagine some would want to say i'm a 'rare exception' but i don't think that's true. i have no way to explain the lack of link between what games i've played and my non-violent history, since i'm not an anti-video games psychologist who tries to imagine connections that aren't there.

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Posted in: Convert music on vinyl into MP3 See in context

the point of ripping vinyl is to have a transferable, digital copy of the superior mastering of the original record. storing music in a lossy format like mp3 irreparably damages the audio and is counter productive to the ripping process. it's like a musician recording their first album with a telephone. it's like taking a picture of a painting, resizing it to a 500x500 jpeg and putting instagram filters all over it. nobody who is serious about their music and their vinyl collection will want this.

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Posted in: What is the trickiest question to answer in a job interview? See in context

Name an experience where you went above and beyond what was expected of you in your line of work The only full-time long-term job I had at the time of this particular interview was at a gas station, so the only thing I could think of on the spot was a time I noticed a customer beating his car trying to get his gas cap off, and without being requested to do so, I filled up a cup of boiling water from the coffee machine went out and helped him get the cap off. Didn't seem to impress any of the interviewers. Not sure what examples of exceptional work behavior they were expecting. I technically wasn't even allowed to leave that store while on the clock, and I never did much anything else than what was expected of me. It's one of those questions that seems more often than not to have a negative impact on the interviewer's impression of you, no matter how you answer.

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Posted in: Man gets away with Y470,000 in FamilyMart robbery See in context

not the first article i've seen about a thief getting away with an absurd amount of money. no business should have that much money being stored outside of a safe. there is no reason for it. a business can be targeted by criminals if it's known they don't use safes or if their employees are lax with the company policy on depositing money into a safe when there is too much in the register.

all businesses, small or large should have a drop safe for depositing money, leaving just enough in the register to make change for large bills. employees can't open them, and they can't be moved. if drop safes are commonplace, they are in themselves a theft-deterrent.

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Posted in: Beloved cat lost in Tohoku disaster comes home over three years later See in context

is the cat really over 15 years old? elderly cats are usually not as energetic as the cat i saw in that video. you'd be lucky to have an elderly cat allow you to set them in your lap, much less swat at and play with you. it's also hard to believe such an old cat could sustain itself in the wild, even for a short while. it really depends on the breed and their life experience. all doubts aside it's a very touching story.

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Posted in: Should overweight people flying economy class be required to pay for an extra seat? See in context

if the overweight are required to pay more for spilling over, can i pay less for being forty pounds underweight and a twig of a human being? if i'm traveling with an overweight friend, can i use my lack of weight to cancel out his fatty fee? who's going to be in charge of wrapping measuring tape around people to determine whether or not they're going to be charged for a second seat? what if you showed up at your airport and some skinny woman working for the airline said to you, when you've already paid for your ticket in advance, "we're going to have to charge you more for being too big. if you can't pay, you can't fly" that's like directly asking for a shouting match concerning morality and fairness, because i guarantee introducing such a policy silently won't be taken sitting down.

without a doubt it's uncomfortable being seated between overweight people. you kind of want to use the armrests, but this usually involves skin contact, a bit awkward if you're unfamiliar with both parties, and not the best way to strike up conversation "for the next eight hours, i am going to be touching you, and there is nothing you can do about it". then again, you're strapped into a twenty thousand ton tin can speeding through the air. rather than worrying about swapping sweat with strangers, i tend to think about the fact that if anything goes wrong, we're all boned.

and rather than having a fat-shaming 'obese class' can't we solve an age old problem that everyone complains about? give all the restless kids their own class, separate from the adults who want to rest. just strap child seats to the wing, put them inside the overhead compartments, or let them play in the cargo bay, anything is fine with me.

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Posted in: Posthumous Michael Jackson album due out May 13 See in context

never liked the practice of releasing the unreleased or continuing the unfinished work of artists after they've passed on. if the original artist has no say in the final product, and was only the inspiration for the finished piece, then it is really not a work of their own vision, and it seems disrespectful to use the fame of a fallen idol for gain.

i'd find it acceptable if michael verbally okay'd any posthumous projects continuing his ideas, but it would not be fair to attribute something produced totally after someone's passing with their name up front when it actually uses nothing tangible like lyrics or music sheets produced by the original author, just inspiration from his ideas.

releasing unreleased, finished work is another story. sometimes the case is a song remained unreleased for reasons beyond the artist's control, such as rights to samples used or labels selling rights to release said work, and if that can be resolved posthumously then i find no problem with releasing it to the public.

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Posted in: Traveling through time on Google maps See in context

looked around Japan for archival street views for a bit. there's few places in Japan with street views from 2008 while most locations seem to only have images from 2013 available as of yet.

Ishinomaki, Miyagi with street views from 2008-2013: maps/@38.416149,141.358674,3a,75y,287.92h,84.95t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1sWGBn2teD1rCyN78n6SLWeA!2e0

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Posted in: E-cigarettes may not help people stop smoking, study shows See in context

these e-cig things don't curb my nicotine cravings. i bought a modular e-cig back in 08 when they were still picking up steam on the market. since then i've even picked up a few of the cheaper ones you can find in stores as well. no matter what brand i used, i could puff on one of these for an hour or more and still want a real cigarette. after realizing they do nothing, are about as efficient at delivering nicotine as an unlit cigarette, and overall just fail to satisfy any cravings whatsoever, i had to come to the conclusion that they're a total scam. avoid e-cigs like the japanese cold. they don't work. they're not a safe alternative. they're just a waste-of-money placebo.

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Posted in: Vocaloid’s new automated composer set to simplify songwriting See in context

A new low for the music industry.

The uninformed nature of this comment makes me believe you're actually a program made to automatically generate slanderous comments. Microsoft Songsmith is a similar program that launched in 2009. Automatic music generation has been available to the public for quite some time now. Additionally you're ignoring what exactly this service is offering. Eight bars is not a song. What you'll end up with is nothing more than a short jingle, and they are not advertising magic here. Making a generated composition into a full-length song will still require time and creativity, as it always has no matter what instruments are available to the composer.

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Posted in: Japan votes on the musical act they most want to see in Olympic opening ceremony See in context

hatsune miku

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Posted in: Kyoto high school students detonate homemade explosives in public space See in context

I analyzed the audio in the 30 second video with the pedestrian walking down a hillside. At 0:21 you can hear two simultaneous clicks exactly 180ms apart. The initial click produces a smaller peak than the release, but both clicks produce the same tone. Its characteristics are that of a button push, where pushing the button inset in a casing causes a click with a lower volume than the click produced from the release. At 0:24 you hear both clicks again exactly 180ms apart. Then the explosion.

They definitely had intention of hurting or scaring an innocent pedestrian. It's more likely the latter, as the placement of the bomb was off the beaten path hidden in the brush. However, the idea of crafting a bomb just to scare someone is a bit hard to believe.

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Posted in: 4 junior high students arrested for hitting their classmate with mop See in context

This is good news. I was getting tired of seeing articles involving bullying where the tormentors received little to no punishment, or cases where the school administration was too scared to step in, or cases that end on a somber note. Hopefully that new anti-bullying bill will resolve more cases in this manner before they get out of control.

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