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Posted in: Services open doors for minorities in Japan looking for housing See in context

Single white male, early 40s. 14 years in Japan w/full time job, JLPT N1. 30-50% of landlords state they reject me because I'm a foreigner or require multiple guarantors.

I understand landlords take a risk because of the bad apples but I wish there was a solid background check system here. It would be nice if your renting history could be recorded as a means to show your reliability, much like a credit score.

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Posted in: Osaka police admit hiding 81,000 crimes to clean up image See in context

I feel like under-reporting crime only makes the problem worse. If everyone is under the impression of living in a safe place then criminals have an easier time targeting unsuspecting victims.

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Posted in: Osaka police admit hiding 81,000 crimes to clean up image See in context

81,000?? And can you imagine the number of criminal complaints they may have had but didn't pursue??

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Posted in: Cop busted for filming up skirt of student on escalator See in context

Are these stories real or do they just change the date and repost???

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Posted in: Lawmaker breaks taboo by handing letter about nuclear fears to emperor See in context

"Nuclear disaster? But I'd rather meet Kumamon!"

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Posted in: Use your keyboard and mouse for other devices See in context

BSHSBT04BK just rolls off the tongue..

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Posted in: Fukushima decontamination insufficent: Greenpeace See in context


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Posted in: Taxi, anyone? See in context


I thought Japan's taxis run off natural gas.

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Posted in: TEPCO: 6 workers contaminated by Fukushima water leak See in context

Japan Today needs to add a "Tepco Screw-Ups" section to their news categories..

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Posted in: Unusual punishment lands Hiroshima elementary school teacher in hot water See in context

That is hilarious and sorta cute. Yurushite-nyaa! (=^・^=) ニャーン♪

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Posted in: Smoking Cafe last oasis for increasingly ostracized smokers See in context

I wonder if the employees have to sign a waiver saying they won't sue for any illnesses (cancer) caused by their work environment.....

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Posted in: Police probe cause of blast at fireworks show in Kyoto town See in context

Always felt those food stalls were dodgy

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Posted in: Gov't - but not Ishihara - backs away from Hashimoto's comfort women comments See in context

I knew this guy was rotten the second he joined up with Ishihara.

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Posted in: Japan says no aid for N Korea until it resolves abduction issue See in context

Just curious, how much foreign aid does Japan actually give N. Korea?

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Posted in: Tsunami advisory issued for Japan after Solomons quake See in context

From http://www.bom.gov.au/tsunami/info/faq.shtml

The south Java tsunami (17 July 2006) was caused by a relatively small earthquake (magnitude 7.7) that generated a 0.5 metre tsunami. This tsunami inundated the coast with run-up heights of four meters in some places, killing over 600 people.

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Posted in: The 51 busiest train stations in the world– All but 6 located in Japan See in context

I'm surprised India and China weren't on this list.

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Posted in: 'Rent-a-Girlfriend' service offers simulated romance See in context

Even if there's no sex, it's still buying a woman as merchandise isn't it?

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Posted in: Beaujolais Nouveau See in context

I always thought Beaujolais Nouveau is used as a sampler for what the rest of the region's wine will taste like that year after maturation. Don't understand why it's so pricy....

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Posted in: Man on flight from Japan held in LA after smoke grenade, leg irons, body bags found in luggage See in context

A friend of mine was almost arrested for leaving FAKE brass knuckles in his carry-on. Maybe this guy paid off security somehow to get through??

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Posted in: 4 killed in Tokyo expressway accident See in context

@Alan Doing that in Germany will get you a ticket. Fight the urge to teach them a lesson and get out of the way. 1 reckless driver is better than 2.

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Posted in: Japan to make illegal downloading of music, videos punishable with jail terms See in context

So if I download a movie, Sony or whoever loses 1800yen and I spend 2 years in jail and the government foots most of the bill? Sounds like a great plan.

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Posted in: Calls made for bicycles to have number plates See in context

I totally agree that bikes are in an unfair position. No bike lanes and most roads have no room for them, and no where near enough parking anywhere for them. They need to address this first...

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Posted in: Calls made for bicycles to have number plates See in context

Last I heard, pavement riding is illegal (unless indicated) and carries a 50,000yen fine as does drunk driving etc... Seems like cops need to spend less time in the Koban and more time on the streets enforcing existing laws for bikes AND cars than creating redundant rules like number plates. Plus, I think children need to have the rules of the road ingrained in them on a yearly basis at school to prevent violations and cops be given more power to punish violators.

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