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Posted in: Japan's shinkansen best in world at safety, punctuality, tech, but not marketing See in context

>Too Good ?

The old Shinkansen kept its train running at a "slow speed" (considering the train is built with high cutting-edge and expensive technology, it could/should run very much faster) to achieve 0% casualty or accident.

I have read some teasing on the net: " why are they not safe if they run so slow ?"

and 260 km/h = high speed, now? I suppose many would prefer faster, as well safer and cheaper.

"Good vine need no bush", says it all; if it is not saleable, what? This is also a moot point, no offence.

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Posted in: Testing Beijing, Japan eyes growing role in South China Sea security See in context

No body would disbelieved China not winning in a peaceful respect without firing a bullet.

A properous and progressive environment is what the world expect and they know who are those that are creating chaos.

Asia is for the Asians, if Japan consider as one...testing Beijin?

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Posted in: U.S., Japan, Australia agree to deepen security ties See in context

Of course, Australia is good at "balancing" like what most Asian and ASEAN countries do.

The worlds "No 1" wanted the other "real" balancing and now his close Allies are those who let the golden eggs running loose instead. Who? Lol.

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Posted in: U.S., Japan, Australia agree to deepen security ties See in context

At the same time, Australia freezed the discussion no more and carried on the FTA with China like the one Korean did, perhaps more openly ; Australian may not want to be one late-doer in economy.

Things go sour sometimes.

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Posted in: Xi tells Abe he hopes Japan will do more to enhance regional trust See in context

They met, host with a guest,no body hopes this is the end. Good news is China still wanted very much to listen and watch what Abe is going to say and do next...and next.

In "Be sincere,if not please do not ....." term, that surely deems fare to one begging not to be disturbed.

What ever happened during 1st encounter does not matter.

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Posted in: Abe arrives in Beijing, eyeing first summit with Xi See in context

Still "eyeing", as late at this time?

Abe is not the one to be trusted, Chinese preferred some body else on the stage that does not have twisted tongue.

I am sure Obama is the one that steal the show from Abe this APEC.

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Posted in: Chinese media claim victory after Japan agreement See in context

"Chinese media" claim victory after Japan agreement? oh no!

Domestically, 9 out of 10 do not bother that victory at all!

No Chinese look forward for that, the world knows which side is desperately begging for the meeting.

Nothing will ever happened, neither sit nor stand, Chinese would definitely salvage this dignity from someone unsincere.

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Posted in: Ball in Japan's court for Xi-Abe talks: China envoy See in context

Whether Japan "needs" China is not the issue. In my opinion, the whole world is now connected,...

It seems Abe is ensuring Japan not to be "disturbed" by the "unsincere" China,“非诚勿扰”are the words, sound familier isn't it?

Whatever, no country is going to die without others, esp a wise Japan, as long as there are peace for a couple of decades, or perhaps a few more centuries.

Stay cool Abe, Chineses and a few others are wise to let you undisturbed. You are winning, didn't you notice that?

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Posted in: China's top leaders remember victory over Japan See in context

Xi stressed that "facts are facts, that axiom is an axiom. In the face of facts and axioms, all empty and unsincere promises, blatant words and deeds will be in vain. Black is black, said a thousand times it can not become white; white is white, said a thousand times and it can not become black neither. All words that turned right into wrong, eventually be it self-defeating and self-cheating. Japan should very well based on its unfavourable history, be responsible to people and the future of the world, to maintain Sino-Japanese friendship and maintain stability and development of the overall situation in Asia; with a cautious attitude, remember lessons of history, while insisting the path of peaceful development."

Let's tell the young one do not have to believe words said by one that represents 1.37 billion local and 50 million oversea Chinese, because Japan have mouthful of wisdom....

Is it relevent to compare "invasive foreign cruel killings", with civil, revolutionary wars, rebellious, uprising battles etc.. that were fought "within countries", and we called those deads were"sacrified" timely on purposes and needs of their countries?

Happy finding excuses? Imagine how Japan "sacrified foreign deaths" to honor its "heros".

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Posted in: No. of Japanese living in China drops 10% amid island dispute See in context

RecklessAUG. 19, 2014 - 10:11AM JST @ChinaDragon: "So, lets prepare the worst scenario to happen, there is only one dominator in history of East Asia, as an old saying goes:" one mountain can not hold two tigers".

The only tiger in Asia is USA.

There isn't two tigers in Asia; Japan is only a watch-dog, USA a paper tiger.

Time will prove who will be the real tiger in East Asia(world), if that would not be China.

Predicting China fall has failed for decades. Asian likes to have peace leads by the Asian, not the outsider.

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Posted in: China urges Japan to ease political tensions in informal meeting See in context

>“Leaders need to talk because there are issues. So I have said, Japan’s door for discussions is always open, and I would like China to have the same attitude,” he said.

Japanese media reported last week that the region’s two biggest economies are planning to hold bilateral talks at the APEC summit in Beijing in November in a bid to ease some of their differences, but Tokyo has denied the claims. ** Just how cynical and hypocritic the above is; days ago at the summit, the Japanese counter parts were so deperately inviting Wang yi to discuss on the probabilty for the two leaders to meet, and they suceeded.

Japan played good; now to them Japan's door is always open and China is begging to meet and being KIV only.

One should really needd to know what "Xiao Ren" means in Chinese.

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Posted in: Japan seeks talks with China at November summit See in context

The 4 letters word from China(QinGang), is, 非诚勿扰...If U are not sincere, then do not disturb.

China will prefer to do more businesses with S.korean, German, BRICS, Latin American and the rest of the world. Please, 非诚勿扰.

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Posted in: Japan slams Korea-China proposal to jointly mark end of war next year See in context

Taiwan, most of ASEAN(Philippines included), even Australia and U.S., like very much to be represented by both C & SK on "digging up"...these enermous job against Japanese denial.

Which of the above mentioned had no lives LOST due to the invasion?

Muting doesn't necessary mean acceptance.

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Posted in: Japan slams Korea-China proposal to jointly mark end of war next year See in context

*Jay WilsonJUL. 05, 2014 - 08:52AM JST

Strangerland: Japan can believe that all it wants, but the fact is that if China and S. Korea decide to make them diplomatic issues, there is nothing Japan can do about it. So Japan should deal with these diplomatic issues, rather than burying it's head in the sand and saying 'no, I don't wanna talk about that' like a spoiled child.

Just like there is nothing China and South Korea can do about Abe visiting Yasakuni or stationing radar on the Senkaku Islands.*

No! Abe knocked on cold doors from both C & SK and will be on this status if he does not give a damn while U.S. does.

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Posted in: China starts publishing daily Japanese war crimes 'confession' See in context

I apply "脑羞成怒"(anguish out of being disturbed and shamed) to most of the negative responses in this column.

Will it not be another 44 more days of "脑羞成怒"?

If all these are fabricated and misinterpreted names and figures, let the whole world judge on these Confessions and not you alone!

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Posted in: Japan hits back at China for criticizing Abe's remarks See in context

There is a saying" 恼羞成怒 " turn angry (and hit back) from embarrassment and shame; extreme shame turns into anger (and hit back), and this is it...Japan hits back.

Read below what the " third " media commented;

Participating in the Shangri-La Dialogue, representative of the Indonesian military, a reporter from" Global Times", said Abe openly "backup" US-Japan as the cornerstone of security order in Asia is only a " wishful thinking ."

He said, the U.S. and Japanese levels of economic development, political system and culture are not the same with many, whereas China 's level of economic development and culture are much closer with ASEAN and countries around. Thus, Cornerstone of Asian security order "to do away with China" is for sure not possible.

Moreover Abe boasted he wanted to send destroyers and other armaments to Philippines is a very distasteful and disgusting act in the eyes of the public.

" Voice of Russia " on the 2nd June 2014, quoted words from an expert in from Far East Institute of the Russian Academy, Puff Leah Kennedy Branch, said " the United States and Japan, wanted to take advantage of the Shangri-La Dialogue to criticize , but among the small countries trailing behind were Vietnam and Philippines only , other ASEAN countries do not utter a word on China , therefore, the attemp U.S. and Japan to establish anti-Front failed at the meeting. " And "The failure U.S. responded to the plight of China's rise reflects in the balancing strategy by the Southeast Asian countries, too"

Bloomberg commented that Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia Defense Minister at the forum, acknowledged that China's influence is inevitable , though in expressing concerns about the South China Sea issue, were still emphasizing the importance of keeping a close relationship with China.

Director of the Russian Center for Political Studies and forecasting, Vinogradov on " Voice of Russia " commented that Americans can not compete with China in economic and trade fields in this region , they will do everything possible to heat up the Asian military and political tensions, that is the only means to curb the region's lead in China integration process.

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Posted in: Drones meant to show U.S. commitment to security in Asia See in context

On meeting between Russian Deputy Defense Minister Antonov and PLA Deputy Chief of General Staff, 30th May 2014.

Antonov: "Today we tell everyone on various matters relating to international stability, you people can see China and Russia have no differences, I just want to confirm that Russia and China will have Everlasting Friendship.

With Russia and China to work together.. , the world can sleep peacefully."

America is not the only country that have unmanned vehicles.

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Posted in: China says U.S. must be objective about Asia tensions See in context

__hidingout What does this even mean? Talk about a bunch of jibber jabber. An ally is different than a friend? Friends are good, allies bad? PRC is superior because they have no friends or allies?

[ “俄中不是盟国的关系,盟国要根据另一国的决策做一些事情,我们两国是战略协作伙伴。”


"Russia with China is not a relationship between allies, allies have to do something according to the decision of the other country, but a strategic partnership between two countries."

Russian Ambassador Denisov ] Are they not superior countries? Parents will never want to see their children cliqued-up instead of making friends or joining some healthy organizations.

子曰:“君子周而不比,小人比而不周。” ....Superior men keep harmonious relations with each other but they never form cliques. On the contrary, inferior men tend to form cliques but fail to keep harmonious relations with each other...rightfully right!!

"The US has clearly taken a side. There have now been multiple declarations from the US that they will defend the Senkaku islands if it comes to that. The only reason they even give the communists the time of day is because PRC is so unpredictable that no one can imagine what kind of ludicrous action they may next engage in. Think of the US interaction with PRC as you would a sane person trying to calm down a drunken lunatic waving around a loaded gun. " Yes, U.S. has taken one side; a side that is to help if Japan and Philippines are under attacked. As regards to the presumeably disputed islands, U.S.does not even recognize them as part of or under both countries' jurisdiction. Japan only administered unlawfully!

"Fang is an idiot. Don't swallow his propaganda. I ask again? What friends does PRC have? Answer, none."

Personal attack is not a good idea, unless one feeled desperate and disturbed.

PRC and Russia are friends, are they not?

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Posted in: Japan, N Korea to hold talks next week in Sweden See in context

A good "Minus Strategy"; try to do away with one and sleep soundly, esp. One prospect with nuke ability.

Pay to lessen tension, this may not be a Mission Impossible, if, possible.

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Posted in: China says U.S. must be objective about Asia tensions See in context

[ Speaking through an interpreter, Fang blamed any provocation on other nations in the region, including Vietnam and Japan. And he said that “some neighboring countries” are using America’s so-called pivot to Asia as an opportunity that has “stirred up some of the problems which actually make the South China Sea and East China Sea not so calm as before.” ]

Now I see! there are countries that do really have a very strong desire to see the world in chaos (usually there are a gangful of them, call allies). China would rather prefer to stand alone than having "this kind" of friends.

子曰:“君子周而不比,小人比而不周。” ....Superior men keep harmonious relations with each other but they never form cliques. On the contrary, inferior men tend to form cliques but fail to keep harmonious relations with each other....

Though not agreed, U.S. did not disagree neither; by not taking sides and created havoc. 玩命派對

Thanks to Fang for mentioning those evils in the message. @hidingout Can you name any countries that would stand up and call them friends, other than allies??

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Posted in: Japan, U.S. express concern at China-Vietnam maritime dispute See in context

Expressed concern? This sentence:“唯恐天下不乱”-(anxious to see the world in disorder; crave nothing short of nationwide chaos; desire to stir up trouble; desire to see the world plunged into chaos),... .. is best to describe these 2 nations, and the other small pawn.

What businesses do they have over there?

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Posted in: Obama reassures allies, but doubts over 'pivot' to Asia persist See in context

(A) "I'm here", What it takes to mean, firsly, as in geographical term; China is an Asian country, is a country where Pacific Ocean, Indian Ocean are at hands' reach. You come all the way and tell that you are returning to Asia, is actually come interferring the affairs of Asian people. "I'm here," is to tell Americans that, as an outsider, what ever you try to do here in Asia is in no way can be done without the presence of Chinese, and not at all you can do any damage to the interests of China, because, China will not allow it.

(B) "I'm here", as in political term; China is Asia's largest country, this is as obvious, unlike what the United States', claimed as a leader in the Pacific, cynically, is completely self-throned. China is not only the largest economy in Asia, and is Asia's power house, and the best trading partner. Together With all others advantageous(huge landscape, large population, unique cultures, moderate diplomatic policies and hard working people) components, China deserved to be destined by the heavenly, as a great nation(天命所归是大国)in Asia.

What "I'm still here" means, whether you admit it or not, I still stand as firm and strong as a superpower in Asia.

Nothing can skip China on Asian's affair, whether you come or do not come.

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Posted in: U.S. defends Japan against China's plutonium criticism See in context

“己所不欲勿施以于人”- Do not do unto others what you do not want others to do unto you.

You have gotten 2 A-bombs which you definitely did not like and will never like at all to get anymore in the days approching; don't ever try to give any to U.S of A.

Believe me, deep in the American's heart, they sincerely want the plutonium to be returned b'cause what will be the ill effect of "养虎为患", is, what they know exactly, on breeding, even though sort of a tiger that barks like a dog.

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Posted in: Japanese lawmakers call for revision of wartime sex slavery apology See in context

江山易改, 品性难移,it is easier to change the course of a river and to move a mountain, than to change one's instinct character. The world was worried if this would be used to describe the next next generations of Japan, if somethings had been getting on to educate them thoroughly; Abe and his rightist team were doing it and will carry on playing the "apologized but not apologising "drama here now and after.

Move right on for the revision for your no-proof brothel, Abe, your history will be well recorded as good, as your ancestor.

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Posted in: China to boost defense spending by 12.2% See in context

**" Thunderbird2MAR. 05, 2014 - 09:12PM JST 'We will safeguard the victory of World War II and the post-war international order, and will not allow anyone to reverse the course of history,'

China didn't win anything in WW2... the Allies freed it from Japanese occupation. "**

So, millions of P.O.W sent home to Japan were just only having their play-ground in China? Who the members of the "allies" were?

Are Japanese happy to see that it was the 2 A-bombs that bring the war to a close? Respect the 2 a-bombs, they had sacrified their life for world peace, China and the world will not allow anyone to reverse the course of history, safeguarding the victory of World War II and the post-war international order should always be in momentum.

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Posted in: S Korean president warns Japan over war sex slavery apology review See in context

Abe tries very hard to have "talks" with China and S Korea, that shows that he wanted very much Japan not to be isolated by the 2 countries that isolation have not really been started at all. Since Abe and his Right-wingers wanted the isolation so badly with waves and waves of denials one after another, Abe's request should be granted, and I don't think it will hurt Japan a bit.

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Posted in: China declares national days for Nanjing Massacre, Japan defeat See in context

冤冤相报何时了..there will no ends if one is to revenge hatred against hatred. If Japan is to keep on tickle-toeing and deny its wrong doings, let's see how it will be shrink into tiny pieces by the world without anybody firing a bullet.

This is the start and China please keep it up!

Being defeated or not being defeated, yet Japan surrendered, millions of P.O.W sent home from China unilled-treated (what specy on earth can call it "a stop fighing day", what to tell the world the 15th day of August 1945?, unique Ah Q mentality, lol!).

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Posted in: China declares national days for Nanjing Massacre, Japan defeat See in context

Haha ! Did anybody noticed most of the posts above? Chinese proverb "恼羞成怒“ is best described their feelings...anger out of shame! You will be cordially invited to the 2 memorable days. Look forward to meet you there!

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Posted in: China concerned at Japan holding weapons-grade plutonium See in context

It is a good thing that China pushes further and harder for the benefit of the world! If Japan is not to be named more evil, not less than N.K. nor Iran that should not be named evils at all (both not invasive). why should Japan worried? After all provision of any materials capable for nuke weapon by the 2 above are yet in doubt. With existing plutonium in the hands of the Japanese, why shouldn't the world worries a country full of mentality illed leaders and most ambushed history? Keeping what is not yours for long is really doubtful!

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Posted in: China angered by Japan's U.N. bid for kamikaze pilot letters See in context

The 2 A-bombs had really stopped the WWII from carryng on, which end more deaths and damages. They should be registered for highlighting the importance of world peace. Just how sweet those city folks are to remember the suicide bombers! We should not forget those 2 that did a good job.

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