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Posted in: Australia raises permanent migration numbers due to labor shortage See in context

Yes, cherry-pick from nations that need doctors, IT specialists, nurses, scientists, and so forth - how capitalist!

Meanwhile, children and adults die from Afghanistan to Kenya - from Uganda to Venezuela - because elites leave and not enough medical staff. Therefore, nations further collapse.

At the same time, the usual poor get left behind internally. So Aborigines to Native Americans to African Americans fall further behind while other ethnic groups move massively in front.

Address internal issues rather than endless temporary work, increasing the pension age, and the usual social inequalities that persist. Mass migration in the long-term is going to make parts of Europe obsolete...

I don't see African nations seeking mass Asian or European immigration. I don't see Asian nations seeking mass African and European immigration.

Just the New World nations where mass immigration replaced the indigenous - or maybe they want their culture now to be replaced just like what their ancestors did?

Some EU nations are going down the same path - yes, how lovely to see parts of Paris and London and not even realize which country you are in... Asia and Africa don't want this!

Endless similar melting pots are going to make Canada, France, the United Kingdom, and others all look the same.

Wow, what a future world!

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Posted in: 3 found dead in Miyagi house in suspected murder-suicide See in context

I see, thanks!

Do you know what percentage are family-based?

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Posted in: 3 found dead in Miyagi house in suspected murder-suicide See in context

I wonder what the real murder numbers are in Japan? Do they include family based killings that are a real problem in this country.

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Posted in: Japan vows to work for 'more resilient' African economies See in context

Yes, the LDP's three squandered decades along with over two decades of static wages and a low birth rate - is going to assist African nations. Nigeria is blessed (for example) with vast resources (minerals, oil, and so on). Also, rich in agriculture. Despite this, Nigeria faces a malnutrition crisis in northern parts of the country and rampant corruption. France is finding the wrath of anti-G7 feelings in Burkina Faso, Mali, and other parts of Africa.

I hope the LDP isn't going to show Angola, Nigeria, and others how to print money at the drop of a hat!

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Posted in: Japan considers deploying long-range missiles to counter China: report See in context

(Joe) finds Agent Orange and dropping nuclear bombs funny! A strange sense of humor.

Oh, how boring to distract from endless warmongering by America.

Past LDP leaders focused on Yoshida Shigeru's theory of economics, economics, and economics. However, after three squandered economic decades then the LDP is increasingly looking to nationalism.

Look at Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria (US-supported proxies), Yemen (Obama and over 100 billion in military arms sales to fuel the war), and so on.

America and its allies are creating failed states. After getting bored they move on to another nation to destabilize. Meanwhile, 107,000 overdose deaths in America and high homicide...what a mess!

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Posted in: Daughter of ultra-nationalist Russian ideologue killed in suspected car bomb attack See in context

Russians and non-ethnic Russians who support rejoining the "motherland" are from the region. Never knew so many people supported the Soviet Union handing over land to Ukraine (closet Communist supporters in this place?).

Since 2014, Ukrainian nationalists have bombed the Donbass (Donbas) region and the surrounding area. The US has military bases in Japan, South Korea, and throughout Europe are encroaching on the Russian Federation (despite the demise of the Warsaw Pact).

Many areas of Ukraine (expanded under the Soviet Union) were built and developed by Russians.

You can't invade where you come from. Thus, the Russian Federation entered to protect people who want to join the motherland because of constant threats by nationalists in Ukraine.

Buddhists (Buryat), Christians, Muslims, and countless ethnic groups are fighting in unity with the Russian Federation. While Ukraine seeks to erase Slavic and Russian roots.

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Posted in: Japan considers deploying long-range missiles to counter China: report See in context

The US, the nation that dropped nuclear bombs and then Agent Orange on Vietnam (and on Cambodia and Laos along border areas) while utilizing Okinawa (Ryukyu), is blighted with high homicide, 107,000 overdose deaths in a 12-month period, half a million homeless, mass killings, and endless race-baiting along with gender confusion.

America and its usual allies have spread death and division in North Africa, the Middle East, East Europe, and South America (America supported vile right-wing death squads).

Japan is being dragged into America's containment policy of China.

The most war-mongering nation on this earth can't even protect its own border. Instead, take the knee Biden incites at home while supporting divisions internationally.

Japan should develop relations with all nations in Northeast Asia where possible.

LDP is dragging the nation down after three squandered economic decades. The only thing left for the LDP is nationalism - Japan really deserves better.

America out, LDP out!

America (highest debt in the world) and Japan (highest per ratio of debt in the world).

Go figure!

Military Defense Report in Japan points to increasing US-created problems http://moderntokyotimes.com/military-defense-report-in-japan-points-to-increasing-us-created-problems/

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Posted in: Nikkei rises above 29,000 mark to end at 7-month high See in context

Yes, a few heavily indebted companies getting a boost. America with the largest debt in the world to Japan with the highest ratio of debt in the world.

Such partners in crime!

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Posted in: No. of suicides in Japan increased 8,000 due to pandemic: study See in context

A lot of speculation: the restrictions were extremely mild compared with nations like the United Kingdom. Older workers are thrown on the scrap heap the most in this corporate-capitalist system (same in other capitalist nations that utilize temporary workers). Economic angles - and younger generation feeling pressured too much at schooling. Hence, hikikomori and so on.

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Posted in: Elon Musk tweets he is 'buying Manchester United' See in context

This is what happens when a business person doesn’t follow the PC line … He/She will get vilified by “sheep.”

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Posted in: S Korea urges improved ties with Japan See in context

Japan and South Korea should focus on being independent and increasing the low birth rates of both nations.

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Posted in: Amazon's Bezos attends premiere for $1 bil 'Lord of the Rings' prequel See in context

One billion dollars to make a film. I hope profits will help the 500,000 homeless that exists “in the land of the free.” Likewise, profits to assist in the fight against overdose deaths. What a country!

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Posted in: U.S., S Korea, Japan hold missile defense exercise with eye on N Korea, China See in context

US insanity abounds (100,000 overdose deaths in 12 month cycle, race baiting, high homicide, gender confusion at home - to inciting wars and sowing divisions abroad).

Taiwan issue doesn’t concern America nor Japan.

Last year the US fled Afghanistan - just like leaving Vietnam. Mass deaths and the graves of many.

Iraq and lies that enabled al-Qaeda and then ISIS to enter the vacuum. Irony being Iran is now firmly entrenched in Iraq while America is on the periphery.

The Sahel region deteriorated after the Libya debacle and the usual failed state followed by mass immigration.

The border of America? No, need internal and external chaos.

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Posted in: U.S., Japan affirm cooperation on 'any situation' amid Taiwan tension See in context

Japan needs to focus on Northeast Asia rather than US (the most warmongering nation decade after decade)… China brought art, Buddhism, culture, and countless areas of high culture to Japan … US brought Perry and Gunboat diplomacy, nuclear bombs, Mickey Mouse, and used Okinawa to bomb Korea, Vietnam, and other ill deeds.

Japan is blighted by mega debt - US is blighted by mega debt, over 100,000 overdose deaths in a single 12 month cycle under Biden.

Include high homicide rates then America is worse than most nations that are at war.

Taking the knee in vogue to heated arguments over the definition of what a female is. A nation that divides families at home and kills abroad.

Military Defense Report in Japan points to increasing US-created problems


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Posted in: Over 100 Japan lawmakers had links with Unification Church: survey See in context

Religions do a great deal of good in the world (and sometimes bad).

ISIS, Moonies, Aum, and so on, are cults. Mainstream religions, on the whole, don't demand vast amounts of money...nor do they seek to brainwash.

Secular culture in America, the UK, and others, are espousing race-baiting to gender identity wars...they sound "more moralistic because they admonish the "other" even stronger than mainstream faiths."

Imagine a world with no temples, shrines, mosques, churches, and so forth. Just endless capitalism, materialism, secularism, worshipping sports people to film stars, and an endless throwaway culture that leaves nothing behind but goes to more extremes.

No Nara, no Rome, no Karbala, no Bodh Gaya, no Kyoto, and so on...just endless materialism, new sexual terminologies to add to the pantheon, and so on.

Well, this secularism is ushering in collapsing birthrates from Japan to Spain.

Oh well, the throwaway culture seeks to be replaced...

People are good and bad irrespective of faith or no faith. However, a world without religion is hollow... irrespective if people are religious or not.

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Posted in: Over 100 Japan lawmakers had links with Unification Church: survey See in context

Japan is strange from Moonies, Nippon Kaiga, factionalism, family elites, and following US regional ambitions.

The US protected Kishi after the war and encouraged anti-Communism from any angle possible. Sadly, Japan is stuck because politicians are not only out of touch, they follow others too much (Nippon Kaiga, Moonies, factions, and proper up the next family generation.


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