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Posted in: Plans for deep seabed mining pit renewable energy demand against ocean life See in context

The answer is stop battery driven vehicles and instead concentrate on Hydrogen powered cars. No mining should be allowed on the seabed.

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Posted in: Japan reports 64,450 new coronavirus cases See in context

Do they still do mass testing in Japan? If not where do they get these large numbers from.

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Posted in: Stop and smell the metaverse roses See in context

Not for me I'm afraid, I like to live life and enjoy the experiences that brings.

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Posted in: Emperor wishes 2023 to be year of hope amid pandemic, war See in context

In the UK edition of the Daily Mail it's the same picture but with a rabbit sculpture instead of the flowers, maybe its to inform us westerners that its the year of the rabbit.

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Posted in: Christmas cakes in Japan: An affectionate history See in context

The English Christmas cake is still made masses of dried fruits including glace cherries and ocassionaly a few nuts topped with marzipan ( and almond sweet paste) and if factory made fondant white icing if home made it would be a harder covering made into peaks with Christmas decorations like artificial Christmas trees snowmen and father Christmas.

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Posted in: A brief history of Yorkshire puddings – and why they technically shouldn’t feature in a traditional Christmas dinner See in context

Never buy frozen mass produced Yorkshire puddings they taste of nothing. I make a couple of batches at home and then freeze them ready for popping in the oven for a few minutes to heat up and get a crispy crust but while still having a soggy bottom. Obviously they are called Yorkshire puddings as they have a heavenly taste and as everybody know Yorkshire is Gods own county.

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Posted in: Kishida under pressure over errors in campaign expenditure report See in context

Politician's the world over seem to have corruption in their core and spend all their time in a bubble all looking inward. They bend the rules or break them without thinking of the consequences. Uk's recent Partygate fiasco the country was on lockdown but the prime minster had a party for himself advisors and civil servants, meanwhile I couldn't celebrate Christmas or see my grandchildren

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Posted in: How cooking food and gathering for feasts made us human See in context

Do the Japanese celebrate the American thanksgiving or do they have similar festival to England which is called Harvest Festival held on different days according to local tradition. A service is held in church on a Sunday normally in September but it is slowly dying out. Maybe because of the UK's high immigrant population.

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Posted in: Don’t uninstall that COVID-tracking app yet, warns Japanese government See in context

I think the UK governments app cost more of taxpayers money. Only people who didn't want to work and still be paid used.

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Posted in: Number of new coronavirus cases in Japan surges to 102,829 See in context

Our government authorities announced 2 million people had Covid yesterday in UK but life has returned to normal in the UK no masks no social distancing. However I don't believe this figure as that would mean 104 million people have had Covid over the last 12 months when the UK population is about 66 million maybe be its a vaccination drive as just over half the people entitled to a booster have taken it up. Myself and my wife had both the Covid booster and flu vaccinations.

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Posted in: Krispy Kreme adds doughnut burgers to its menu in Japan See in context

Krispy Kream in the UK are so sweet and not popular either and so expensive for an over sweet tough to eat donut. My favourite is a icing sugar dusted jam donut.

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Posted in: 15-year-old girl dies after being hit by train in Tokyo See in context

Today I will have great sadness in my heart a young life lost. I will think of her and her family.

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Posted in: Japan reports 78,577 new coronavirus cases See in context

Here in UK life is back to normal only real testing is done when people enter hospital for admittance for treatment for other problems. You don't even wear masks in hospital except when medical staff ask you to, which is rare.

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Posted in: As yen tumbles, gadget-loving Japan goes for secondhand iPhones See in context

I see iPhone's are cheaper in Japan compared to the UK, however our VAT (purchase tax is 20%. Also I hadn't realised that mobile phone tariffs were so expensive in Japan, in the UK on Smarty carrier I pay equivalent of Y1160 a month for unlimited calls, unlimited texts and 12 GB data on a monthly rolling 5G contract.

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Posted in: Colonoscopy still most recommended screening for colorectal cancer, despite conflicting headlines See in context

Here in the UK we are invited to supply a faeces sample by using a supplied kit from age 60 every 3 years for bowel cancer. Women have Smear screening till 60 and mammograms at reaching 50 and then every 3 years. Men also have an aorta scan at 65 all these screening are carried out free of charge on the National Health Service.

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Posted in: 2 die in vehicle collision in Hokkaido after car hits deer See in context

We have the same problems with deer in most area's of the UK. I myself was lucky when I hit a Fallow deer a couple of years ago as I was going quite slowly in the dark on a country lane. My car only received minor damage to its bumper which a local garage filled and resprayed for me.

A few years ago in the same place a man was killed as the deer jump over a hedge and smashed through the windscreen killing the driver and seriously hurting his wife in the passenger seat.

It difficult to obtain a licence to own a hunting rifle and also get permission from the land owner to hunt deer, so basically their number are increasing year on year.

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Posted in: Japan reports 50,294 new coronavirus cases See in context

Mask wearing is a rare sight now in the UK, I've only warn one once and that was last week in a routine Aorta scan (65 years) at the request of the 2 nurses present, there was no requirement to wear one whilst walking around hospital.

I've had my 4th booster along with flu vaccine a couple of weeks ago so there is no more I can or want to do.

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Posted in: Five things that’ll surprise foreign tourists in Japan when they visit See in context

Here in the UK we queue as in Japan, it appears only truly civilised countries are not afraid to queue.

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Posted in: It's flu vaccine time and seniors need revved-up shots See in context

Had my flu shot last Saturday and my autumn booster of covid 19 vaccine Sunday I can do no more.

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Posted in: Japan most Googled travel destination for Aussies See in context

I really hope Japan doesn't get ruined like Bali and Thailand. Quantity doesn't make quality

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Posted in: British Antique Museum opens in Japan with authentic Sherlock Holmes study exhibit See in context

Odd ceiling for a Victorian London building, they had cornicing and a central ceiling rose, it appears to be a rough copy of the room in the Sherlock Holmes museum in London. That London taxi dates from about 1949 long after the last Sherlock Holmes story!

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Posted in: Digital minister aims to drag Japan out of analog doldrums See in context

Fax machines really, neither of my sons have ever used one, One works for an investment bank the other is a electrical project manager they are 41 and 39 years old. Email has been king for years and years.

I do all my government, local council and utility bills online and have done for years, my car tax and insurance is done online only old people use the telephone. I buy most items online hence why the high street shops have mostly disappeared.

Older people complain about the number of actual bank branches that have closed but here in the UK the vast majority of people do online banking either on PC's or tablets and smartphones. I myself never carry any physical money as everywhere takes debit cards or NFC payment on smartphones and due to Covid physical money is very much in decline.

The first time I visited Japan I was amazed how far behind they were, as for the USA being number 1 I can't believe it as they still use those antique cheque's.

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Posted in: Japan has disappointed many people who love Japan and have a potential to like Japan. The border closure not only made many tourists who had plans to visit Japan upset, but it also will make them more cautious of Japan at least for the next few years. See in context

We've been to Japan 4 times and had to cancel in 2020, we will not return until we can travel where we like without having to be part of a tour group which would be our worst nightmare. We don't mind wearing a mask inside if we have to but outside is just silly. Its very rare to see anybody wearing a mask in England even in the hospitals.

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Posted in: It’s time to talk about no-mask anxiety See in context

Its very rare in the UK to see anybody wearing a mask even in hospitals. Besides the cost of living worries England is back to normal and has been for quite awhile.

As a couple we are fans of Japan having visited 4 times, however we will not visit if we have to join a tour group, its not the way we travel, having to wear a mask inside we could accept but to wear one in the open air will stop us from visiting.

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Posted in: Japan eases COVID-19 border controls but tourist surge doubtful See in context

I live in the UK and have had 2 initial vaccinations followed by a booster. Within the next 8 weeks I will be getting the new type of vaccine that covers the Delta and Omicron variants along with the normal annual flu vaccination and yet I feel that I'm unwelcome to go to Japan. So once again I will rent a villa in Europe instead of travelling further a field.

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Posted in: Japanese government wants to encourage wealthy foreigners to travel deeper into Japan, NHK says See in context

We've been to Japan 4 times over the years as independent travellers and have absolutely no interest in joining a tour group to visit Japan we couldn't think of anything worse being dragged from place to place.

When we can finally visit we plan in visiting Nagoya, Hikone, Okayama, Hiroshima, Wakayama flying in and out of Osaka. We normally spend somewhere around Y600,000 in Japan excluding flights.

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Posted in: Greasy spoon eateries to avoid like the plague See in context

Here in England all food restaurants and takeaway outlets are regularly inspected by the local food health inspectors and awarded a star rating. I personally would never use a place without a top 5 star rating, a 1 star rating will need to improve quickly or just close due to lack of business. If a restaurant or food outlet don't display a rating in their window I would walk on by to one that has. The inspectors can shutdown a business on the spot to make improvements ready for a further inspection.

They have an inspection list that is very strict, hand washing facilities, food storage separated for types of food, cleanliness, staff food hygiene certificate's and many other checks they make.

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Posted in: Outgrown or unwanted? See in context

Here where I live almost weekly we get a charity bag in our letter box collecting for lots of different charities its a convenient way to dispose of unwanted cloths books etc. You place the bag on the kerbside on the day of collection. We also have a growing number of charity shops as traditional shops disappear due to online only stores growing.

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Posted in: Source of Britain's River Thames driest ever as drought nears See in context

So far where I live on the south east coast of England we've had 1.2mm of rain in 2 months, my grass is brown as are all the fields around, nearly as bad as 1976.

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Posted in: On the menu at a UK restaurant: carbon footprint See in context

Do they sell fizzy drinks which of course are carbonated with carbon dioxide not to mention the carbon emissions whilst making and transporting it.

Fake meat and vegan products are highly processed and full of chemicals.

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