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Posted in: 33 women sue Tokyo Medical Univ over rigged entrance exams See in context

"The unfair treatment of female applicants at Tokyo Medical University was aimed at preventing a shortage of doctors at affiliated hospitals in the belief that women tend to resign or take long periods of leave after getting married or giving birth."

That's a typical Japanese thing, isn't it. Action that is basically understandable and meant-to-be-good intentions, but the whole thing not very well thought through.

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Posted in: Suicide leading cause of death among Japanese children aged 10-14 See in context

Every single suicide of a child is one too many.

How does this compare to other countries.

Leading cause of death there by starvation, traffic, school shootings ?

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Posted in: Former Nissan exec Kelly released on bail; being examined in Ibaraki hospital See in context

"Kelly was arrested after his car was stopped on the expressway..."

Jeez, the more details get to be known, the more interesting it becomes.

This concertation of events really starts to make good material for a TV drama or movie.

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Posted in: Japanese tourist dies climbing Australia's Uluru monolith See in context

If only we could read what this man actually died of.

Fell down(under), got hit by stones, heart attack, got stabbed, got lost, what ?

Poor news reporting here.

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Posted in: Police officer shot dead in koban; 19-year-old colleague arrested See in context

It is really disturbing that a guy who is not even allowed to buy alcohol at 19, is given the responsibility to carry a gun. In public. Lucky, we didn't meet this one while he was on official duty.

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Posted in: Should saying thanks at a Japanese convenience store go without saying? See in context

I like this admittingly bit automatic conversation. It makes the encounter at the register in a "Convini" or other shops more personal.

More embarassing, if you work there, may be to yell "Irashaimase" every time a customer enters your Ramen shop or Izakaya.

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Posted in: Tokyo school hires guards after Armani uniform furor See in context

I think we can rest assured that for this folk 800.-USD is like 80.-USD to other people.

Also, these uniforms are often handed down and sold to the next generation in the schools. At least in our case. All in all not that expensive compared to the Millions of Yens that have to be spent during a kid's school life, when attending private schools.

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Posted in: George Lucas apologizes for calling Disney 'white slavers' See in context

I am amazed that this movie already made a biilion USD within such a short time. A record breaker for sure.

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