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Nice summary of studies on this here:

Summary of the summary? This is not unique to Japan and it shows not seen to be related to parenting style.

Tmarie, I agree with you that there will be certain situations when parents are coddling kids but I think it's important to remember that the amount of situations this relates to is probably quite small (as the link explains) so, yeah I agree, but your point isn't super pertinent or relevant to this conversation. But I do agree that it's not outside the realms of possibility for a limited number of people.

Chimao Honda, I think we only have slang for this, like 'shut-in', as we have further psychiatric diagnostic divisions (and the systems and resources) to identify why people might be shut in in this way. As mentioned above, we use the term NEET but it's more descriptive of their role (Not in Education, Employment or Training) that the reason for why they are NEET.

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