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Posted in: Kimono firm chief arrested after furor on Coming-of-Age Day See in context

Obladi, not only did he take money from them the clients were never notified. To rent a kimono especially for special days like this you need to reserve week to months and sometimes a year in advance to have everything set up. These places usually have kimono reserved, they dress you and do your hair and makeup and these girls were left without any of this last minute. So yes he did ruin a once in a lifetime experience for these women. They only get to attend this ceremony once dressed in that specific style of kimono once. Scrambling to make different arrangements be it kimono rental or just a dress in general will cause extreme stress to the girls and their families on top of having lost a hefty amount of money that has yet to be refunded to them.

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Posted in: Aichi Pref to get Studio Ghibli theme park See in context

Maria they said they would be building the themed parts without destroying any trees or land that they would make use of available spaces. From what I understood they will be adding on and reforming certain locations to fit the image they are looking for.

I am hoping they won’t be forcing people to pay to enter the park as it has always been free to enjoy to the public aside from satsuki and mei’s house that requires tickets and a few other facilities such at the pool, kids indoor play center and skating rink.

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Posted in: Body of 3-year-old Fukui boy missing since Dec 9 found at river edge See in context

My 3 year old has been able to unbuckle a regular seatbelt since he was 2 1/2 and he is able to open car doors from the inside by himself as well. I’m assuming like most Japanese parents allow the boy was sitting in a regular seat belt without a child seat or in a booster seat. Many child seats made for older children don’t even use protective seat belts in Japan they just make use of the cars seat belt.

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Posted in: Man gets life in prison for killing 88-year-old woman during robbery See in context

I don’t find Aly’s comment that wrong. Multiple murders of the elderly in the news these days and people scamming elderly people is a huge problem in Japan right now. Saying what is wrong with some people may be more correct but it’s not that difficult to figure out what she meant.

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Posted in: Philippine leader's meeting with emperor canceled due to Prince Mikasa's death See in context

Toshiko says that yet they are in here calling people Gaijin smh. People dislike him because he murders addicts instead of getting them the rehab they need and how he acts towards Americans please research before speaking you never seem to like us "gaijin" so you are never any different from your accusations.

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