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Posted in: 28-year-old man dies while sunbathing in his home garden See in context

Mugicha is good. Buckwheat tea doesn't have as much caffein as green tea so less diuretic. Adding salt makes even more effective to prevent heatstroke.

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President Quirino granted a pardon to the Japanese war criminals amid the Philippinos' still boiling anti-Japan sentiment in 1953. The war reparation treaty bet. the Philippines and Japan was signed in 1956 after his death. ODA in general kicked off in 1962.

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As a Japanese, I don't find the girls' faces offensive but adorable. Perhaps because they all look good in an exotic way.

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Here you have Ogura Yuko, typically representative of Japan's "baka talento"

Not that I disagree with. But she has another side, running her own yakiniku restaurant and playing with stocks a little. I guess the distributor thought the cute celebrity on the capitalist side would be a best match for Moore.

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Posted in: How to stay beautiful in Japan through your diet See in context

Everton2: I think many Japanese women wouldn't mind if they could retain a nice olive tone. But tanning makes their skin leathery and leaves spots as they age. That's why even those who frequented tanning salon in their 20s eventually start avoiding the sun like mad.

LoveUSA: I know eating lots of mikan or pumpkin makes your skin yellow. But darker? Sorry..

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How this one character breeds xenophia or stereotypes is beyond me. Average Japanese are exposed to a variety of foreigners on TV from Hollywood stars and fashion models to more approachable types. If you are upset with one dorky character, toss the company that's selling.

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Posted in: Jero performs new single 'Tsumeato' before crowd of 4,500 in Kobe See in context

My understanding is that his outfits are absolutely his choice, not the agency's. (He showed up in the same style from high school at the first NHK audition.) He also had a dozens of baseball cap collection to show, when a TV camera visited his room.

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in Japan there ARE NO strong female role models.

It depends what you see as strong, but let's see.. Akiko Wada, Tetsuko Kuroyanagi, Kaoru Sugita, Aya Sugimoto, Ryoko Yonekura, Kyoko Kano, Devi Sukharno(sp.?), Kazuko Hosoki..

OK, I admit that average Japanese women don't aspire to be like some of them.

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Spudman, this is not a striptease. I've taken a poll dancing lesson, too. It's a highly athletic, art form.

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I think it's one of those issues that have no weight if they are not your own. The Japanese gov't overlooked the issue for 30 years, and the reason some abductees could return home was strictly due to their families' tireless campaign and a few politicians finally standing up for them. The recent gov't abductee campaign is based on the remorse for the aging families, and the public knows that their continued concern is the first step for any further development despite their doubt for effectiveness.

It's too bad that the abductee card have to be played with the nuclear talks on the same table, although it wasn't those families' first intention. They've always just simply wanted their missing members home but ended up in the political quagmire.

Lastly, the Japan's WWII atrocities have no relevance to this issue, as even NK never meant the abduction to serve as retaliation. Japan has already made numerous apologies on WWII issues and cannot change the past. NK is dealing with the ongoing issue and always has their option of solving the issue.

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Posted in: Mass despair permeates working class See in context

moonbeams, foreigners like you and all the Japanese temp workers can enter Kokumin Hoken (National Health Insurance) regardless your employment status.

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