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No. I meant axtra. it's a new type of glove used by internet hard men. i would have thought you'd know about them.

but i must say that this modern mantra on pseudo self help and self talk in order to do a job that let's face it add's no value and is just a way to keep us busy and out of trouble during the day. not refering to smartypartners in particular just the current situation that we all chase after careers rather than life.. we need more commentary articles on good places to busk and how to get hold of an alotment in Tokyo. (I suppose I could write one if i wasn't busy on my career.)

freddy5fingers: 6 spelling and grammar errors in my above post. hope you enjoy finding them.

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"Sales always follow the customer signing the contract!" very insightful. any other pearls of wisdom knocking around in there?

Personally i think "fists inside gloves" would be the more correct expression. Under gloves sounds like an axtra pair of gloves to go inside or rather under existing gloves that are both a bit too roomy and substandard to necessitate and acoommodate the addition of a pair of under gloves. you really should get one pair of gloves that a fit for purpose. even if that's a pair with removable washable inner gloves type linings. i think i had a pair like that once. Anyway, that's beside the point. Fight and sports analogies should be shyed away from as Rocky Balboa once said they are getting a bit cliched now. and he should know.

If i was asked about the above ring scenario i think i'd have kept my gloves on but taken the cricket bat from the cut man's kit. they always carry one. then i'd have had some Shaun of the Dead type fun.

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Tulio had a great game and the whole Japan team outclassed the aussies with skill, stamina, discipline and stuff. sadly the manager didn't give them enough confidence to play with some style and run at them. it was clear early on that all the crosses and corners were not going to yeild a goal as the Aussies were just muscling them out of it and Japan were having another one of those days were they couldn't find an empty net. for a 20 minute spell in the second half it looked like the aussies stopped trying and were happy to let Japan take pot shots. Japan should have been insulted ;-)

Man of the match. must be Nakamura. Looked like he was a set of twins out there, involved in seemingly every play that looked like it could have counted.

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