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Sarunghakan Feng comments

Posted in: Kishida sends offering to Yasukuni Shrine for spring rite See in context

Betcha all the bots and status quo lovers are gonna hate this, but just remove Yasukuni Shrine. Do you think China, Korea, US, or any country evens put a shrine to commemorate those who are war criminals? Even for the US, I reckon they keep them far away, or at least buried with a normal grave. Nobody honors them. They're only remembered. Again, Japan is as aggressive as China, and would be if they had the ability to do so. This is brainwashing from the political sector. None of these countries, would "defend", they only say to "defend" their interests and "further" their conquests. Dictatorship? Despotic hegemony? You're on the side of those who enslave, warmonger, brutalize other countries with policies that claim to be "democratic". Evil loves to portray itself as good. But again, the key point here is to have countries and the politicians themselves agree it's of their own responsibility and to tell people to forgive their enemies and themselves. But no one wants to do that, everyone, especially the West and their lackeys, believes they're on the right side. Same as what those "terrorists" do. Sigh, the human ego is insurmountable in this age. Best hope or solution is to get China to defend it's war criminals and come up with its own shrine and see how people react. If they react with hatred, the hypocrisy comes to light. Every empire, nation, power wants to claim its victimised or never take responsibility for being the aggressor, or the opposite, until there's a collapse internally, or it blows to a war. People just can't shake off political dogma tied with a "moral" juxtaposition. They refuse to admit everyone, Japan, Korea, China, US, etc, etc are all wrong here. But again, it's about power and profit. It's not about whose right. Those who are wrong must stay wrong to be seen as the aggressors, nothing else. Reminds me of Emmanuel Goldstein from 1984. You show a picture of Putin, that's the modern Emmanuel Goldstein, and everyone has more than a 2 minutes hate frenzy...

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Posted in: Japan's population falls below 125 mil; down for 13th straight year See in context

You don't need more people. You don't need more power. You need a distribution of power. This is at its basest, an issue about reproductive strategies and mitigations. As a whole, men competing is the issue. Granted, women have their biological impératives. But given the chance, this is about the very intrinsic pitfalls of the socioeconomical system Japan lives in, and so many other countries. "Oh boy, do I detect a Commie?". I'm not going to argue at all, but those are the facts. We live in a finite world, with finite resources. It's plain as day. Naturally, everyone wants a piece of the cake. What's happening here is that, there's not enough biologically diverse or top quality genetics locally to support the demands, and vice versa. You've turned it into a dichotomy. The gender balances are tipped tremendously. With Japan, it's a very homogenous society. They all argue about race, and naturally humans are...humans. "Stick with your own kind". There's no solution to this, within our current social, political, economical norms. It'll keep being a parasite until it's sucked out, replaced, come to a tipping point where at least the majority will realize the crucial danger, which is themselves, and either they adapt and change for the better, or think that the better is the same and risk collapse. That's what's happening right now, no matter how much one wants to bury their head in the sand. Population decline, infertility rates, political dogmatic wars, etc... the old status quo wants to usher in a totalitarian mode, yet it's pushing a different message about democracy and peace... the same goes for our regression despite technological improvements, etc... our sociological progress has, in fact, regressed into the tribalistic, primitive state. If we continue to prop up, support one side, and neglect the other, and continuously compete, it'll be worse than the "Tragedy Of The Commons". At the moment, alot of Japanese people are sort of migrating externally to other countries, to sort out their fertility issue where they consume the resources out from other countries whilst trying to do better to get those resources back into their own country. It's reductionalist view, but this is akin to a ant colony using out its resources and establishing outposts. The key issue is here, race, dating standards and economics. Sorry but, the truth is, if both genders in that culture can't change to be more accommodating for whatever issue it is (such as lookism, and that's a scientific biological fact) in terms of disparity, and discriminatory constants and factors... things are not going to get better. Unless Japan can grow clone chambers, mandatory IVF and sperm fertility donations, acceptance from females and better work conditions and work cultures (an optimal one not based on the West or the east but a hybridized package), even then with that contingency plan, the fundamentals of human sexual relationships and discriminative attitudes HAVE to be changed in order to save the population level. Otherwise we go down this fatalistic, nihilistic path that it's about the survival of the fittest, prettiest, and it's the "better we have less competition". That's absolutely great, it's more pressing rather that it's the equity of human touch and needs getting met. Research more contraceptive methods, more legalisation of well... care "outlets", more dating incentives, and debt forgiveness. A dichotomy between choices is never the answer, but so many people think that it is. It's even worse when moral ethics about sexuality regresses back into it. We're humans, we need to get our needs met whilst sustainably and self independently relying on the external environment, ie nature and other humans. The more we push against, the more it pushes back. If it was ever one world, one race, one system, one of it all, therell inevitably be huge civil wars and conflicts within that system, or it leads to this. Thus, massive internal change is needed.

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Posted in: Russia says U.S. military presence in Japan impedes any peace treaty with Tokyo See in context

America and the free world? What a joke. It's a world ruled by certain Oligarchs, that's what it is, and the rest want to actually have the world ruled by these Oligarchs. The Western ones. Now, we have individuals brainwashed to basically force other individuals to believe that whatever else, whoever else is "evil". The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

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Posted in: Russia says U.S. military presence in Japan impedes any peace treaty with Tokyo See in context

The US makes its own enemies. Even if Russia was gone, China was gone, the racial and political divide would've been really awry. The West loves to portray itself as the saviours of the world, but the reality is that it's making more enemies by forcing their systems onto others, just as other systems are forced onto China, onto Russia, etc. Russia isn't the problem, the problem is the West, AUSUK just not actually, actively looking to peacefully settle relations. Yes, it goes both ways, but it's not always the "Oh, foreign guy, bad man". Sometimes, there's no solution because both refuse to budge. Especially for the side calling itself the "right" one.

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Posted in: UK court says Assange can't be extradited on espionage charges until U.S. rules out death penalty See in context

Believe it or not, it doesn't matter. Russia, China, Assange... the West itself is enemy, they can talk about democracy, whatever they talk but they know it's a facade. You know it, I know it. They love to hate Russia and everyone else to portray them as the enemy, but know this. Assange is not a traitor, he is a whistle-blower, and accountable person who revealed the crap the US and UK did under their pretentiousness. In the Chernobyl series, Legalov was right. For every lie you tell, it is indebted to the truth until it will be paid. It's ironic this is stated for the Soviet Union, but in doing so- it shows hypocrisy. The West in itself has made so many lies, until their own citizens believe in those lies. They've built a nation under a technological marvel, that compared to other nations, everything is a continuous lie. They want to destroy everything else under the pretense of democracy till there's only one power, which is them. I shudder to think of a world where China and Russia and the opposition that holds the West accountable are no longer here. There's a saying that is true however. There are no real allies, and no false enemies.

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Posted in: 65-year-old woman assaulted, robbed outside home in Hokkaido See in context

Yeah... unnecessary. One time in Malaysia, a guy on a scooter tried to rob me by just taking the bag off of me, and I almost nearly lost it, luckily.

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Posted in: Don't let it bug you - how not to worry See in context

Democracy? Bah, if two wolves and a sheep deciding what's for dinner is democracy, then a dictatorship is better than a democracy. If red, blue, red, blue, a dichotomic choice was a democracy, I'd rather have red all the way. If democracy was touted as the best choice of all the political systems, I'd rather have a dictative meritocracy. If corporations ruled the world, that billions of government spending has been bought by foreign investors, effectively buying the government, I'd rather have an honest authoritarian, socialist, communist government than one who pretends and hides behind a facade that it's still democratic, that in truth, really the people are ruled under IBM, Apple, Exxon, BP, etc. At least those who believe the Western government's are democratic, they want that ruse to continue, they want to believe that they're ideal fantasies are still true and factual. Why argue about one dictator in power, when you here have a thousand dictators in power?

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Posted in: Japan diversifying seafood export destinations after China ban See in context

Somebody must've misconstrued the instructions. Probably said ban all fish that's coming from the affected areas, but I guess they went with a blanket ban, since somebody didn't listened.

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Posted in: Ukraine-born Miss Japan relinquishes crown after reported affair See in context

Where are the male models? Or rather, get rid of this useless BC. It's nothing but obsolete practices. Also, again- it takes two to tango. Still the girls fault. And of course the man, but more so of the girls. If a married woman has an affair, it is even worse or just as bad as a married man. Then again, reproduction is separate to morality. Reproduction and biological evolution doesn't really care much for morality. It only cares for whose able to survive.

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Posted in: Man arrested for filming up 14-year-old girl’s skirt See in context

Another repressed poor guy, the rules have to be changed. I pity him. Look at the cause, not the effects.

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Posted in: China seeks stable ties with Japan on Nanjing massacre anniversary See in context

Oh you could talk about the genocides the Chinese are committing. Not as much as the West, I assure you. And the West is to commit even more in the future. You can't compare Iraq or wherever it has been to, especially they'll let Japan and China fight amongst each other. Because they're going to go to Ukraine or reserve themselves for a major war. They want all minds to be agreeable, save by the media before they actually go out and commit genocide. I could argue that the preparation of war, includes dehumanising races and in particular, the Chinese. They get the phillipines to be the same (after 200,000 dead), they bow down. Americans have more military bases than Russia or China combined. I can assure you, it's easier to defame someone and have them insulted by others, so you can easily fight them and the populace would jeer for it. The Nazi's did the same, and their own populace cheered. You think the West really cares about the Xinjiang abuses when they are carrying out atrocities currently in Syria, and Israel? They let the nations fight amongst themselves now. They'll blame Iran, which has been their target for sometime. But off topic, I can assure you the hypocrisy is Jupiter-levels of amount. What Japan should agree on is, the tantamount need to acknowledge it's atrocities in the past, properly feel the empathy, apologize and hope China and itself can be forgiven, and rechange it's course. Yes, China too should stop whatever it's doing to impact its relations, but the Western media definitely is also implicit in maintaining a narrative of anti Chinese sentiments.

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Posted in: China seeks stable ties with Japan on Nanjing massacre anniversary See in context

Some people here voted against China and and play like Japan is the victim. Sick, sick people. If only you were in the shoes of those affected. Some look to revise facts and claim it's a political farce. You go look over at what the people said for their generations, they'll give you similar answers. It's not a farce. It's as factual as the holocaust itself. If you can't justify that, I myself was part of history in which my grandfather had to hide from the Japanese in Malaysia as they committed atrocities upon the Chinese there. Had to eat monkeys. If you could relive their horrors, you wouldn't be talking and denying, and supporting evil. Shows what the lot of humanity has become today. It has called evil, good, and good evil. It's understandable. Japan reverse strength and the United States forces Japan and others into making sure she goes against China. Because China is the key to stopping Western imperialism, nobody who rules from the West absolutely allows that. They'll do anything to grip that power- but it's all the same. Elites rule from the same coin, and but toss it in different sides. The US could spend billions for war, but it's also crashing its own country. Sure, we might blame the government, but whose to say it only takes one two tango? All are equally unjustifiable regardless of what ideology or politics they put on as a facade. It'll be if Japan doesn't wake up to the fact- that they're going to have to acknowledge and take responsibility, and that being controlled by foreign political and economical entities of immense power, if they don't realize they're in a massive collective Stockholm syndrome and wake up to seek better relations with China no matter its government, it'll be used and like Taiwan, the US and it's allies with throw Japan to the wayside. It is best to remain neutral for now, in the case a war does happen, it'll most likely be the US to force Japan into acting against China. It's up to the ruling elites in Japan to figure it out what their futures will be. I can definitely agree that it isn't Japan celebrating with the West over the defeat of China. You may think so, but there are surprises waiting in store for the future.

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Posted in: China declines to join IAEA system to monitor Fukushima treated water See in context

Urgh, China is screwing this up for themselves with Japan's relations. If they are staunchly opposed, it should be worthwhile the effort to join the IAEA.

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Posted in: Japan, U.S. sign agreement on open communications network See in context

I don't like Communism either. But the present can be changed. However the US...fearmongering itself from China, making more enemies and heading towards escalation in so many ways it is pitiful, saddening and dehumanizing. One can think that it's trying to desperately hold onto everything it can to be powerful, when power comes from within. Especially the elites... Whew. It's trying to escalate all situations and blame the victim nations from lashing out due to being pressured. We need an equivalent of USSR's Gorbachev to take power in the US. Understandable, I heard the first or one of the emperors of China established a no contact policy with Japan, but till now, that's a tremendous loss. Still brothers, hopefully.

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Posted in: UK, Japan sign defense agreement allowing troop deployments See in context

A shame. As much as it is inevitable, do not involve the populations of the countries in this. To us, we did not ask for Mao or Communism. Return Hawaii back to its sovereignty, then they can no longer be hypocrites. The West wants to enslave and destroy everything else that is NOT their white race, even their own brothers, the Slavics. They've managed to destroy or control many countries in the process, claiming they are the free world, an easy tactic. Accuse your enemies of what you do yourself. Worst case scenario, better that there's a nuclear war and these evil imperialists are destroyed. Better the annihilation of the Elites, mass casualties and the aversion of global enslavement... and even if they hid in bunkers- people will know the truth. They will finally see what the Elites have made them believed in a war that was for "democracy". Stop fighting for these useless ideologies, they allowed Capitalism and Democracy to flourish for awhile as they hid in it like malevolent parasites. They tested Communism over in countries that are not their imperialistic countries. Now the parasite has grown too big to be removed. It is impossible to kill the parasite without the parasite killing the host and vice versa. It is no longer a conspiracy. It is the factual truth that nobody wants to listen. Only a nuclear war will make us as humanity, listen and be awakened.

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Posted in: Feminist scholar calls Japan's gender problem 'human disaster' See in context

Keep up trying to support the status quo for women until a situation happens to you bud. There's no need for change yet, especially women are getting much more "privileged", though they really are, although men really need to change their aggressiveness towards one another.

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Posted in: Gov’t to convert love hotels into regular lodging facilities ahead of 2020 Olympics See in context

Sacrificing something that holds an emotional value, to something that would bring a means of services.

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Posted in: Cold rice balls, no flush toilets at quake-hit shelter See in context

We need tin foil. Lots and lots of aluminium tin foil. most important is knowledge of survival skills at the current.

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Posted in: Japan succeeds in test flight of first stealth fighter jet See in context


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Posted in: Murder charge dropped against American in case of woman found floating in bay See in context

karma will hit back.

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Posted in: Backlash as Japanese police tweet warns women to not ride elevators alone with men See in context

First step to conquer all this is to establish proper social conduct between women and men. Getting into gender groups automatically is X at the start when normal conversations are ongoing. Alpha, Beta, Alien males? None of it. It doesn't matter whether that person is funny, etc, women have to try make effort to actually put an interest to talk to a guy she doesn't like, or likes. Women have to start making an effort to talk to any guy equally, just like we do. Why is it always that we text, chat so much and the receiving end doesn't even bother to make past the 10 lines? All should talk equally, one on one.

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Posted in: Japan launches satellite to study black holes See in context

Hope it goes further than that.

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Posted in: Crowd control See in context


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Posted in: Japan needs immigrants to boost population: minister See in context

My Japanese friend just moved back to his hometown somewhere in Yokohama from New Zealand, and seeing that he still is just the same, how will he be treated back there? Perhaps some indifference? Please shed light on this.

This systematic mentality, (the machine chunking out humans like used parts) should be stopped by each small changes as possible, that perhaps is more likely the base issue than the issues that branches from it, karoshi, gaijin, etc. It won't matter whether you're a foreigner or not in fact, since the system suppresses each individual free of beneficial thought. Coming from a graphics designer/artist/illustrator, it's as if saying we only need Japanese graphic designers that have that particular style, and not of any other cultural types. This doesn't make sense. We're all artists, at the end, although if you prefer, our style is dominant in that painting?

Obviously, it is a bureaucratic, run-around-the-mill, non-achievable system that blocks our way for an improvement.

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Posted in: Culture clash: 10 insider tips for visiting Japan See in context

Superficiality is a killer of genuineness. Explore your emotions, and don't succumb to what people should tell you to do.

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Posted in: 'Star Wars' proves treasure trove for philosophers See in context

and there's also more to it than the "good and evil" dichotomy. ;)

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Posted in: 6 tips for learning Japanese See in context

.....if you are in Japan, start off by getting a job in a Japanese restaurant. well, you can pick up loads of bits. How language is learned? Don't translate it to english. Try your hardest to make yourself think of the meaning visually, when you say a word in Japanese.

ps- Thunderbird2, listen to that JLPT N1 audio course again, sped up 2x XD

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Posted in: Japan's tiny refugee community urges Tokyo to open doors wider See in context

I think we need to watch Shinjuku Incident again, even though it's a movie.

It's because of the militaristic mentality that the Japanese/Japan is a unique country/race. And... who, or what gave this cancerous mentality to the Japanese themselves anyways? It's even affected some of the foreigners that originally arrived for a good break in the far eastern part of the world?

Hopefully, if the populace wakes up in times of crisis (no matter how late), or that your own citizens are aware and sneaking out the back door, in the end... the rich are left alone in this forsaken island.

Anyways... this may be an even impossible obstacle (but heck of a solution) to Japan's problem of identity and culture/race. Teach the Japanese themselves, that there is no race. "You are just part of a collective whole that embraces the country's work. ", again. If they are so collective, overpower one mindset that is already in there.

It's weird seeing people fighting and arguing about something that does not exist, yet we made it possible that it should exist, to the point it even changes our own biology. "Purity" of race. You even do know that the Japanese stole/borrowed many concepts and ideas from their brotherly nations. At least Korea had the initiative to invent their own actual written language, perhaps, and be twice as successful being a materialistic nation than Japan wanted it to be for it's own.

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Posted in: Why is Japan such an unpopular tourist destination? See in context

So...what's the reality? Realistic situation? Being a malaysian-chinese (looking mostly like a korean though)...

Am i going to face a bit of... embedded hostility on the first week i arrive in tokyo or osaka? My friends are from Yokohama and Sapporo... so i don't know about that, and... fukuoka too.

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Posted in: Japan should accept more refugees, fix asylum system: UNHCR See in context

If any type person/group is using any type of ideology, belief, system, etc in order to instill violence or disorder (even corruption) then they, having understanding reason should and need change their value. If she/he is here to talk about ways that we could actually formulate a plan (regardless how theoretical or practical it is), that individual should do whatever it takes to get the first step in.

But unfortunately in Japan, disorder is covered up as order.

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