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It was pretty good when I tried it, I look forward to having it again....much, much better than those decadent megamacs.

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I think the author of the article is a newcomer who doesn't understand Japan's music scene.

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The harsh discipline is supposed to help in escaping one's own selfishness. This is the goal of Zen. I want to read this book since one of my goals for this year is to fight my selfishness but I'm not ready for Eiheiji. I have to get rid of the "me" that I constantly think about.

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Umm, getting back to the reported office glut article... An office vacancy rate of 3.5% is still pretty hot. Most cities would kill for that kind of rate. Actually, you don't have to worry about vacancy rates until it drops double digits. The author of the article is just a sensationalist and probably knows little about real estate.

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