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Agree with a jail term for them. Hopefully it will all end well for those poor animals.

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I seriously wonder about those who actually look forward to the death penalty being imposed, especially those who in the same breath show concern for the lives of drug takers (those who have also made a choice in their behaviour, not innocent victims). Drug users in Australia need also take some responsibility for this crime, for they are the ones creating the demand for drugs. Indonesia needs to take responsibility for producing the heroin to sell to the overseas market. These two drug traffickers were also being used by those much higher up in the ranks of drug dealing. Essentially they are being executed for being young and stupid. As Australians we oppose the death penalty for our citizens, and also the citizens of other countries. I don't think anyone is arguing they should be released, just allowed to live their lives in prison.

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The smart ones got out early

I'd suggest those with viable alternatives were able to get out. The rest are making the best out of the options realistically available to them.

if I were a parent in that situation I would be at city hall every single day screaming blue murder until officials paid attention to my plight, and took action

In a perfect world (or in some other countries) this action may well work. If the government has been unable or unwilling to relocate all residents after the disaster it's unlikely this action would get a result.

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Posted in: No. of overweight children in Fukushima on the rise See in context

Tessa, I wonder if you would be financially able to move to a whole new city not knowing anyone there, find new employment and a buy a new house when are unable to sell your existing house, as no-one would want to buy into that area. Perhaps if you are so well off and knowledgeable about this issue you can contribute to the relocation of all residents of Fukushima. If the people of Fukushima haven't suffered enough they now have to put up with the likes of you questioning their parenting abilities too.

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