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sasakama comments

Posted in: Abe to review Fukushima crisis before deciding on restarting reactors See in context

Clarifying what went wrong.....the mistake by human or the cause by Tsunami?. I think either of them should be root cause of worst nuclear incident in Fukushima. Regardless of the government, LDP or DBJ, Japan should develop the independent sink tank which set the policy of the electricity...

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Posted in: Japanese firms look at other countries as alternatives to China See in context

This argument is quite relevant to the risk of disasters like in case of a big earth quake. After the big quake last year, Japanese companies started thinking of alternatives in terms of components, raw materials and etc. If you expect to see China risk again, it's very natural to seek for back up solutions in terms of production sites.

Regarding countries as alternatives, companies should have much more discussion. in addition to a moral level of a country, they should investigate carefully basic infrastructures when it comes to producing the goods. It should include not only material wise but also skill sets toward good quality, motivations, learning curve and so on....

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Posted in: China warns of 'further actions' in Japan island dispute See in context

The strong arguments from both side are becoming one of political tools before elections. In China, new president will be assigned in meantime Japan is getting into a lower election mode. I mean it's just performance. Whether the historical track records that they're claiming are true, it doesn't matter. I hope politicians are under the unofficial talks to settle this dispute.

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Posted in: Sony to begin phased global launch of 4K LCD TVs See in context

This is a good movement that SONY has just started promoting 4k TVs in the market. However, for me, it's unclear if they've performed a survey to make TVs which capture a market requirement, demand and etc. Otherwise, it may easily come down to a pricing at the end of the day.

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Posted in: Politics pushes Japan toward fiscal cliff See in context

It's really disappointing situation that the conflict bet DPJ and LBP is giving citizens disadvantages of welfare. I want to see the situation recovering as quickly as possible. Unlike Greeks, Japanese officers are not a kind of people who want to parade in the street....

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Posted in: Danish variety store Tiger in Osaka can’t keep up with shoppers See in context

They should have investigated the tendency of Japanese shoppers first. You have a lot of case like IKEA.... Whether they buy or not, they're entering into a store and enjoy.... finally end up at cashiers.. sometime they're just looking. It should cause long-que make it crowd..

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Posted in: Study sees U.S. auto job losses if Japan joins trade pact See in context

There is a conflicts even in US regarding Japan's participation in TPP. For me, looking at the number of a car selling, it's covered by 70% of a production in US. So, it means there may not be such big impact that Obama should push Japan to keep considering TPP.

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Posted in: China increases rare earths export quota See in context

As China is losing the power in terms of a cost of making something, they appear to shift the country that is focusing on natural resources like rare metal. Unlike Japan, they might want to be in good position in high tech industries even after most of production shit to another countries where a labor cost should be much more cheaper.

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Posted in: JCB International, Bank Verlag sign license agreement See in context

There should be two reasons to expand JCB brand in the worldwide. One is if the transaction fee is attractive for retailers. Another one is what interests the card users to take the card in the world wide. If the transaction fee is cheaper than other big names like VISA, Master card, the number of the acceptance will definitely increase. On the other hand, 2nd reason is a little bit complex. If you're in Europe, you' ll not be engaged in using JCB card. Only scenario is that european travelers should may use JCB card when visiting Japan. I don't think it's profitable not only for JCB but also for card holders.

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Posted in: Wendy's to open 2nd Japan restaurant in Roppongi on Aug 17 See in context

The most important thing for them to win is that hamburgers should taste as same as it used to be since most of lovers of Wendy's should put the priority on the taste..which differs from the Mac. It's a kind of branding. If the taste is nearly same, most of funs should willing to pay for expensive hamburgers.

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Posted in: Noda tells Diet Osprey will not fly in Japan until their safety is assured See in context

Before getting excited, residents and Japanese government should investigate the rate of crush among each types of aircrafts. Having results, we should be cool to make a conclusion on which crafts are most danger for residents. Otherwise, it doesn't work.

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Posted in: FedEx Express to test 100% electric Nissan e-NV200 in Yokohama area See in context

Using electric vehicle for such logistic applications like FEDEX is quite practical solution because of very limited distance for commercial use only in urban area. That would be fascinating. If you look at home use case, you should think about where electric power stations are. It seems there're only few stations available even Tokyo area. The more popular EV is getting, the bigger number of stations are necessary. Before expanding into home use case of EV, this trial for logistic services, where they can get a lot of data from, would be benefit for Nissan.

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Posted in: China overtakes Japan in Fortune 500 ranks See in context

Looking at this report, interesting points are...(1) Natural resource companies are dominating the list. (2) The number of China based companies jumped from 11 in 2002 to 73 in 2012. (3) Japan is losing the number from 88 in 2002 to 68 in 2012. (4)New rising sun from India. Two companies are listed within 100. Given this result, it seems to me that a lot of companies may be listed within 100 in coming 10 yrs.

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Posted in: N Korean leader's brother told to be quiet, Japanese paper reports See in context

As far as we know, we could not imagine more tougher situation that what's we're seeing today. That's partly because there's an uncertainty in the current regime. With much more uncertainty regarding nuclear power, it might not last for a decade. Why not ask Jong-Nam, who is a realistic person, to be a top of leader in N-Korea!? Only bad thing is the rumbling that he tends to be a bit of a playboy.

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Posted in: Gov't aims to make all lighting LED-based by 2020 See in context

LED lighting has just started to look feasible in real case at the home, the office, outside and the factory because of technical innovations. Other than asking LED lighting manufacturers to help the government, they should make commitment to provide money to them to boost the technical innovation more to be more feasible. That would lead to further cost down and bright lighting. Cost and less lighted are downsides to LEDs. I'm using LED lights all the time but the level of light is not enough.

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Posted in: Burger King plans big expansion in China See in context

Whatever industries are, every companies have been focusing on China for long time. But recently, somehow, the outlook is changing... meaning Africa and Middle Ease has emerged as new target where you can expect further growth. When you look at Japanese companies, I think no companies are looking for both market. Every body devalue such market.

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Posted in: IMF says Japan must raise consumption tax to show fiscal commitment See in context

No doubt that the tax hike will help Japan secure the budget for the welfare system where older people can live with the minimum living cost. As far as the government draw "no tax hike" line, Japan should be downgraded by rating agency, which lead to another crisis that is downgrade of Japanese bond. I assume that the interest rate will soar definitely if the bond is downgraded.

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Posted in: Sony execs give up performance bonuses See in context

First you need to understand SONY is not domestic company, aiming at only Japanese market. If I take the case of another foreign electronics company, they have a lot of factories, R&D center and sales office. In addition, from the past, there were a lot turbulence of exchange rates among countries. It's under fair competitions in the market. It gives a lot of meaning that , like SONY, most of Japanese electronics giants are getting less competitive in trying to make something creative. If you look at Apple, it's obvious that SONY is behind them. Apple doesn't have own factories. How come? due to the lack of marketing strategy.

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Posted in: Gemba rebukes Japan's envoy to China over Senkaku remarks See in context

Whether it's true that the disputed islands are owned by Japan, the comment made by Niwa was so "less-consideration that the cabinet was shocked. Such comments from Ambassadors, that would be careful make it. it should clutter up them. Rather than criticizing somebody, the most important thing for Japan is to control such sensitive topics by government. Otherwise, it should cause many scandals or slipping tongue which probably lead to resigns of cabinet member or related politicians again.

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Posted in: Super Cool Biz See in context

Great to idea push the public to go forward to cooler fashion compared to the past. Recently the consensus on the cool biz is getting so matured that you're really free to ware short sleeve shirt in biz scene. That would be very effective to rise the temp of air conditioners to 28 degree level. In the fact, wearing short sleeves shirt can make me quite relaxed in the commuter train. It's far superior to the situation in the past. Need to change the classic concept. That's something what you need everywhere.

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Posted in: Hashimoto reverses stance; OKs limited restart of Oi reactors See in context

He is a realist finally. But I'd like to know a vision of where he'd like to lead to and how he views the response by the gorvenment.

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Posted in: Panasonic may halve its 7,000-strong headquarters See in context

In my opinion, it's too late. Other hi-tech companies were executing the restructuring just after Leaman shock in Y2008. Looking at electronics industries, other players from Korea, Taiwan and others are enjoying the market. It's not only the case for foreign companies. Like Toshiba and Hitachi, which are continuing the restructuring, have been making a profit for past a few years. It's obvious that the current situation depends on whether companies tried to transform them in the past.

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Posted in: Ishihara wants to buy Senkakus to keep 'burglar' China out See in context

He is always in provocative manner against especially China. It it good for Japanese government? I think NO. Whether we should be provocative, even though we should claim Senkaku is Japanese's island, the government should control everything over the dispute of the island because this issue directly should link with our natural resources that Tokyo is not involved. As some people mentioned early on, the involvement of UN is a natural way in. No matter where it is about territory issue, that would be reasonable.

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Posted in: Japan's April trade deficit grows to Y520.3 bil See in context

As whole industries are transferring factories to countries where they can enjoy cheaper labor cost, you cannot expect that the export is going to grow dramatically, meaning you cannot expect too much that the export would help the trade surplus. Early on, before the big quake happened last year, no body realized that our balance bet import and export is so fragile that it could be easily deficit. That is becoming quite serious. I worry slightly that Japan's trade balance continues to be deficit unless the government changes the strategy on sources of electricity from highly-dependent nuclear to green energy.

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Posted in: Hashimoto clashes with Osaka officials over tattoo survey See in context

I don' think that workers w/tatoo in public sectors are acceptable. No matter what tatoo shapes, tatoo is something that brings bad images to the people. It's nothing to do with protecting human right. Like in privates companies, there're definitely guidelines explaining a dress code that employees should follow.

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Posted in: Turbulence ahead for airlines despite oil price drop See in context

Every industries should be affected by risky financial stuff like exchange rate, material cost and fuel cost. I would say company managements should transform companies to very solid structure, which can survives no matter how severe the financial condition is. Nevertheless, companies needs also to develop new services to expand their revenue which allows them to invest future services. Having either of cost saving and developing new services, companies can survive in the market.

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Posted in: Ford asks steep price for Japan to join TPP talks See in context

The barrier that Ford management is saying is not real barrier since the tariff tax is almost zero and most of Japanese cars for US market are made in US. GIven the fact, this comment sounds too politics..that would be for the election. If US car makers want to sell more cars, they need to change the strategy by investigating on Japanese preferences on cars. For example, European car makers like BMW, VW, Renault...etc are selling a lot cars in Japan by importing them from oversea. In addition, their service dealers are so well-organized that Japanese has feel any barriers against buying european cars. Having analysis on how european makers sell cars in Japan market, Ford and other makers from US would find keys.

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Posted in: Japan faces 'extinction' in 1,000 years, researchers say See in context

That's interesting report showing that Japan's gonna head for the complete extinction. Having disasters happening recently, I would say that the rate of speed toward the extinction should be boosted. Only thing we can do to avoid the extinction is to birth more babies! Why not the government plan pragmatic solutions? Enriching support programs for working woman is key success factors. That would be important.

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Posted in: McDonald’s offering free small fries for job applicants See in context

I don't understand what their intension is even though it's nice to have fries for free. Probably they're gonna test relationship bet the motivation for work and the motivation for eating. Personally speaking, I don't wanna join the interview even if they provide such free coupons. It's much worth reading books in their cafe....

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Posted in: Toyota shows innovations in production methods See in context

Toyota is obviously of passion for improvements which lead to next growth for sure. Even though you cannot make the innovation happen intensionally, you can see things innovated and beneficial if you continue to find issues, gaps and areas for improvement. This is so-called innovation.

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