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Posted in: Japan trying to clear up 'U.S. misunderstandings' over TPP See in context

Quite a lot of misunderstanding caused by Japanese politicians. It's too bad. I wonder how they had proceeded the discussion. Probably there was no pre-negotiaon, pre-talk...etc. They have got to conclude objectives at official meetings w/higher level of politicians from US, Korea, China, Iran. Thinking about Japanese higher politicians negotiation skill-set, at the end of the day, if Japanese politicians challenge all issues head-on w/o any pre-negotiations , every negotiations may fail to be concluded.

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Posted in: Sony shares slump 4.77% on restructuring plan See in context

Sony can be successful by being technology leader. In fact, back in 90's, Sony was actually leader in TV, portable music player and gaming as their products had attractive features. Unless you have constant flows of innovated products, you can't win competitors in their business. Other wise, it's gonna come down to only pricing. Not fun.

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Posted in: Iran tells Hatoyama it will not give up nuclear program See in context

I don't understand why Hatoyama is very eager to visit such hot countries like Iran and N-korea. No matter which countries he visits, he cannot have any influence than ever before....

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Posted in: NHK apologizes for April Fool's Day Twitter joke See in context

Whether it's joking, bluffing and no matter what, NHK should remind that they're a national broad casting service provider. If they make any comment through SNS service like twitter, it would be regarded as a kind of national public comment. Why? it's because they're run by the country and it's paid tax....

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Posted in: Gov't accepts resignations of 4 Ozawa allies See in context

Good to see opponents leaving from the cabinet. Given a current urgent situation in terms of the tax to secure the budget, no time and no reason to stop the intensive discussion about this issue. If such internal battles continue, the public should definitely find it harder to execute the plan to secure the budget for future social security.....

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Posted in: Green subsidies boost Japan auto sales by record 78.2% in March See in context

The subsidy program is effective enough to pull the trigger to boost car industry. To gain the momentum of Japanese industries again, the government's ability to lead such programs should be quite important. Nevertheless, industries should not get caught in subsidy. They require continuous investment for innovations for sure.

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Posted in: Panasonic to make all mobile handsets overseas See in context

Strong yen and a big flood in Thailand were not major root causes of net loss. My opinion is that Panasonic hasn't been focusing on marketing to create attractive mobile phones in the market. To convince their stale holders, Panasonic should calculate the actual amount of net loss affected by strong yen, a flood in Thailand...and a 2011 quake.

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Posted in: Ozawa again criticizes Noda over consumption tax bill See in context

Ozawa should have expressed his manifesto toward Japanese citizens before criticizing Noda's ways. Otherwise, from my point view, he is just veteran politician who is criticizing young politicians. Looking at current debt level of Japanese bond, we should increase the tax by another aging countries's level... like Sweden..etc. It's obvious that we're going to face the critical budget situation to keep the social security comfortable level. Of course, we should continue to ask Politicians to shoot the waste of using tax for unnecessary things. Combining such activities w/rising tax, we should go from the current situation to something ideal.

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Posted in: TEPCO execs should face poverty over Fukushima, lawyer says See in context

If it's the civil case, personal speaking, there is a possibility to charge some penalties that some of TEPCO exec should pay. The point is whether the court can judge it as a individual case. Nevertheless, what's clear is that TEPCO execs could have predicted a huge tsunami that was occurred in 800's.

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Posted in: Hashimoto opens school for aspiring politicians See in context

This is the approach that we have never seen it. Increasingly there's the criticism of Hashimoto's way but I'm pretty curious to see how extent his school will achieve...., I mean how much the student can win at next lower house election. By seeing the result, we can criticize his way.

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Posted in: Facebook blasts snooping employers See in context

Whether it has private information or public information, employers don't have any right to force employees to submit password to companies. And employees should never inform the password to employers. Once giving the password of facebook, another SNS account info should be tracked down by employers.

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Posted in: Docomo Xi LTE service subscribers top 2 million See in context

As LTE technology is based on full-internet protocol based technology, we can get clear voice, speedy internet and completely free conversation through the phone. I believe that the number of subscribers should be multiplied by a few thousand shortly. In addition, new Ipad is having LTE technology on board, which appears to be attractive for users who want to enjoy movie, gaming and etc.

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Posted in: Yen strengthens on surprise Japan trade surplus See in context

It seems to me that the strong yen may bring good effects to car makers when it comes to natural resources like steel, coal, and other metals. Furthermore, assuming that nuclear power plants will be under stress test for time being, the strong yen should help Japanese companies run factories with reasonable electricity cost.

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Posted in: Gemba urges China, India to cut Iran oil imports See in context

Without any back up plan as a replacement from Iran's oil, it doesn't work. Even if China and India join the talk. Considering the current situation of energy sources in Japan after the nuclear crisis, the oil , which is the alternative source, is definitely so critical source that we should be careful to see if Japan join the talk. No matter what strategy Western countries proceed, Japan should outline own strategy that is based on the current critical situation. Nevertheless, Japan always needs to seek for alternatives that would be geo heating, wind power and so on.

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Posted in: Japan working out details of missile deployment ahead of N Korea launch See in context

To secure the safety for Japanese lives and properties, it's should make sense for Japan not only to mobilize some weapons but also to shoot down missiles if the government make sure the orbit is expected on the trajectory over Japan islands. In addition, with such contingency, which probably would happen in near future, Japan could learn a lot from this situation including how we should react and prepare for such situation. Looking back to the history about how Japanese government reacted to disaster or military issue first, we cannot say that it was not professional enough to treat Japanese citizen safely. For example, in case of the conflict against Chinese fisherman ship in 2010, Japanese government was too amateur to negotiate w/Chinese government. In that sense, Japan is not trained enough. It's worth having such real contingency case.

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Posted in: Japan, U.S., EU take rare earth dispute with China to WTO See in context

It's not avoidable that China tends to monopolize some of rare metals because China has been already playing a key role in making consumer electronics.... and probably in making cars in near future. Because of low labor cost, developed countries has been outsourcing them to China from the past. Accordingly, looking at the situation that most of consumer electronics product, using certain rare metals, are being made in China.It's the fact. If some US, EU and JPN companies decide to transfer factories in China to another countries, it should bring some loss to them. Not beneficial. Furthermore, it'll take a time until getting up and running.

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Posted in: Noda asks Maehara to reword consumption tax bill to gain consensus See in context

I appreciated Noda's commitment toward raising the tax to secure the budget for increasing social security cost. Given the situation that Japan is heading for aging society, the government should lead this discussion. The previous government led by LDP hadn't reached to the serious argument on rising tax. In that sense, Noda's leadership should be appreciated even though there're lot of points to be discussed.

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Posted in: Japan ready to shoot down N Korean rocket, if necessary See in context

It's a kind of test to see if Japanese government is capable at such crisis. If the rocket pass over Japan, it would be nice to evaluate our defense system.

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Posted in: Uniqlo opens mega-store in Ginza, with 100 foreign staff See in context

Having flag ship store with huge spaces in urban area in each countries like New york, Paris, Tokyo-Ginza doesn't make sense because it's non profitable from the cost point view. Foe example, in case of Tokyo-Ginza described in the article, it seems non profitable as it prepares bilingual staff who can help foreigner shopping. And I can imagine the property cost is too huge to make it profitable.

On the other hand, It'll be reasonable if UNIQLO should have compact flagship shops in urban area with small space to do branding and in meanwhile UNIQLO should prepare tax free shop w/big spaces in each international airport in Japan. Definitely tax free should get foreigners motivated to buy clothes before leaving Japan to consume JPN bill completely.

UNIQLO should be calm to think about their biz model. I'm quite doubtful that UNIQLO could be successful by only having flagship shop in urban area. Generally speaking, backing to UNQILO's biz model, their base in making money is the shop w/space in local area. No matter where they expand biz into, they should have shops w/huge space in local area. Otherwise, the biz model will collapse consequently.

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Posted in: Hosono takes to street to seek support for tsunami debris disposal See in context

It's very simple to make decision. The government should outline why it's safe for Japanese nations. If the radiation level after burning debris is beyond the threshold, it would be not acceptable. If the radiation level after burning debris is below the threshold, it would be acceptable. There might no be such explanations and scientific background that could convince nations to accept it.

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Posted in: Ryoko Yonekura to be first Japanese actress on Broadway in 54 years See in context

It's truly nice opportunity for he to challenge playing actor in New York. Looking at current new challenges in oversea market by Japanese famous people, I'm motivated to further fine tuning English. In addition, to be competitive in a market, being specialized in some areas like actor, baseball and etc is important to survive.

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Posted in: Noda urges all of Japan to help with disposal of tsunami debris See in context

On top of his comment described in the article, Noda is demanding that all local government over Japan should received a debris as a mandatory. It's quite nice commitment toward the recovery from this disaster. We should be involved in this process.

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Posted in: Japan urges N Korea not to launch rocket See in context

Since it's a kind of normal game plan that NK thinks about, JPN doesn't need to get upset. Having current situation that NK is short of enough food to maintain NK citizen, JPN government should take actions in a calm manner.

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Posted in: Japan automakers are back, a year after disaster See in context

It's good news that Japanese car makers are back. Since there're a lot of components suppliers in Japan, the growing sales will definitely help them making profit. However, a lot of hurdles may be ahead. For example, Japan market is almost so saturated that no big Jump of the sales in Japan is expected. On top of that, rivals like Hyundai motor is cracking into China market where you can expect increased number of car sales. Without any strategy for developing market that requires low-cost, no Japanese car makers can survive.

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Posted in: Android Market becomes Google Play See in context

Even though it would be nice development against Apple, I'm very doubtful that every products running on Android OS can work. Looking back to the history of many OS versions from Google, it might be difficult for all tablet and mobile phones makers to streamline OS as completely same as possible. As my opinion, the critical point would be how Google can certify them.

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Posted in: Nissan may revive Datsun brand See in context

If the company has another brand focusing on very low-end market, it would be nice for Nissan to capture emerging demand because Nissan doesn't have dedicated brand that can focus on low-end market in the past. Looking at car market over the world, the most of hottest market is coming from developing country. Therefore, such brand will make sense. In addition, since the brand for low-end market should need to be price competitive against rival like cars from Korea, it will speed up transfer of factories to another countries. Consequently it would also bring the competitiveness to Nissan by strengthening the base of factory.

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Posted in: Apple, Google most admired firms: Fortune See in context

It's somehow natural that Apple listed the no1 for the fifth year in a row given the situation people over the world have been excited with Apple products. However, we should track down it carefully. It's reported that Foxcorn's working environment is disaster that possibly caused some of workers suicide. Without investigation on this portion, I cannot say this result is true enough.

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Posted in: Gov't to set up new child care facilities to support working mothers See in context

Indeed it's nice idea to start it to support the shortage of the income because we can't expect the big jump of men's salary due to economy slow down and aging society in Japan. It's clear that the government should show the financial evidence or back ground to execute it to Japanese nations including rising the consumption tax for example. The problem is that we don't expect any budget for social insurance as we have been struggling to secure the budget. Without securing the budget by increasing tax, it should be ended up as just idea.

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Posted in: Okinawa snow event canceled over radiation fears See in context

It's ridiculous. Considering this article, I'm strongly afraid that the number of such stupid parent who cannot explain the fact with the analysis to their parent will reduce.

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Posted in: China complains to Japan over Nagoya mayor's Nanjing massacre denial See in context

We should move on by admitting the fact that happened in the past even though there're a varieties of opinions over countries. Otherwise, Japan could not make any relationships with south east asian countries. These countries should be definitely majorities of countries leading the economy and the politics in near future. Assuming they should take a important responsibilities in near future, we need to develop relations with such countries. If do so, consequently, it will bring the benefit to Japan.

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