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Sasakikojiro2 comments

Posted in: Survey shows most Japanese employees don’t like Western-style work socials See in context

I think you can take the word "Japanese" out of the title and it still holds true. Some work shindigs are good for a launch party -- just to get you ready for the Nijikai. But in general -- I use any excuse possible to avoid these. I think the Japanese got it right with the Bonenkai and Shinnenkai at a local izakaya. There's just too many of them though.......

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Posted in: This high school girl is incredibly popular online, but can you guess what her secret is? See in context

saw this someplace else so knew before hand... But -- is it possible for Japan to produce a real life anything other than a school girl or OL?

The obsession is creepy

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Posted in: Not a full house See in context

Look at the faces in the "Audience". Looks like most of them have better things to do and aren't even paying attention.

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Posted in: 7 decades after WWII, many praise Germany, scorn Japan See in context

Of course, there are extremists in every country. But the problem in Japan is that revisionists who deny all wartime wrongdoing have powerful champions in high places. In Germany, Holocaust deniers have no significant voice, and they remain on the fringes of society. But in Japan, those who deny the existence of the Nanking massacre often occupy leading positions in government, business and academia.

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Posted in: 7 decades after WWII, many praise Germany, scorn Japan See in context

I went to school in Germany and they make it a point to hammer home the atrocities of WW2. No white washing. The German's blame themselves utterly for what happened. They make no excuses. During my University years students were tasked with interviewing war veterans and survivors. You could see the pain in their faces -- the deep remorse. These feelings are shared by both the leaders and the people.

There are countless memorials and museums; death camps like Dachau are open to the public and the horrors of what happened there are out in the open for all to see. The town I lived in was reduced to rubble during the bombings (one of many) but they don't play the victim.

I cannot say the same is true in Japan. Whatever the reasons, Japan has not come close.

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Posted in: Japanese soccer fans turn to drink as Nadeshiko sink See in context

gokai_wo_maneku -- Typical Talent Comments. Regarding age:

The United States and Japan are the two oldest teams in Women's World Cup history. The U.S. has an average age of 29.4 years, and Japan's average age is 28.3 years.

Between the two rosters, 31 players are back from the 2011 Women's World Cup, including 24 who played in the final. All four players who scored in the 2011 final could play Sunday: Alex Morgan and Wambach for the U.S., and Aya Miyama and Homare Sawa for Japan.

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Posted in: Japanese people aren’t happy with their looks: survey See in context


You said it better than I

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Posted in: Japanese people aren’t happy with their looks: survey See in context

The fact that Japanese spend so much time on fashion and make up is probably indicative of the lack of confidence displayed in the poll. Trying to live up to some higher, unreachable standards set by media and advertising.

Women especially have a complex when compared to western women. I've seen all sorts of body proportion studies etc. that try to explain the reason western women are sexier. Frankly - Japanese have their own very beautiful qualities.

Men as well -- I watched one dude looking at himself in the subway car window, pick and pull at his hair for about 20 minutes trying to get just the right amount of chaos into his look. I wanted to slap him but -- hey, live and let live.

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Posted in: What do you think of the custom of taking one's shoes off before coming indoors at home? Would you do it in your country? See in context

Mandatory in my house in the US as well so I guess -- yes I would do it in my country.

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Posted in: Godzilla appointed Tokyo resident, tourism ambassador See in context

Didn't I just read somewhere that the government has been cracking down on the number of characters used to promote various products? How is this different?

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Posted in: 'Haafu' to represent Japan at Miss Universe 2015 See in context

If I hear one more time that my "Haafu" daughters should be models or news casters (readers) or talents I'm going to go crazy. That's all mixed Japanese are good for apparently. Never mind the fact they are bicultural and completely, fluently bilingual.

I live in Japan because I like it here but that doesn't mean it is a flawless place. I'm not keen on the term "haafu" and I've seen the ugly side of it with my own kids. Although they've lived their entire lives in Japan -- somehow they are less Japanese in many minds. Once in a while -- people who absolutely know they've lived here their entire lives ask "Nihongo daijoubu na no?


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Posted in: Merkel reminds Japan to confront wartime past See in context

I think a few above have made the point that for years -- even today -- France, the US and the UK have vilified the Germans (Nazi's) over and over and the Germans have very little to say about. The Japanese on the other hand tend to take offense to such portrayals. When North Korea went nuts over "The Interview" I had to laugh at how childlike the regime there was. But at the same time -- "Unbroken" came out and while the government did not outright ban the movie -- there was enough of a movement to prevent the film from being released.

Phrases like "Get over it" etc. do not help the dialog here. The Current Western allies of Germany haven't "gotten over it" completely either. Not until 2013 did Germany join D-Day memorials. It takes time but Germany has gone above and beyond -- fully acknowledging it's place in WWII. I went to University there and we were required to take classes (with Germans) that reviewed the horrors of the war. Not just the fire bombings of Dresden etc. but the role the German populace played as well. This Honesty allows the Germans to embrace the heroes of this time as well -- Like the White Rose movement (whose leaders were beheaded for opposing Hitler).

Japan has yet to have an honest national discussion that embraces its past. This leads to the current revisionist movements that quit frankly never learned any better.

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Posted in: Vaccines: The best way to persuade parents is the worst for kids See in context

let's see. We have another propaganda piece from ..... wait for it .......Wakefield! Who then goes on to site in his report another retracted and discredited paper. All along implying that doctors at the CDC are hiding results because of race.

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Posted in: Vaccines: The best way to persuade parents is the worst for kids See in context

Alex Jones -- There's no better source??? Labeled the "most prolific conspiracy theorist in contemporary America".

Further..... The thirteen original co-authors of the 1998 Lancet case series were members of the Royal Free’s Inflammatory Bowel Disease Study Group. In 2004, according to Andrew Wakefield's book Callous Disregard, ten of the co-authors signed a letter retracting an interpretation of the paper that it proved that vaccines caused autism, which the paper never actually claimed in the first place.

The assumption that Wakefield will be exonerated is a false one as the charges against him are different and more severe than those faced by John Walker Smith. (The partner in question). There's tons out there to read -- Regardless, if MR. Wakefield wanted his medical license back he certainly has the financial wherewithal to bring his case to court.

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Posted in: Vaccines: The best way to persuade parents is the worst for kids See in context


I never quoted you as saying anything. I was obviously referring to measles. Your children never got polio or smallpox either. I wonder why????

Read the article you posted. Yikes. So full of holes my head is spinning. No account for current concentrations of populations. No account for increased travel (a key ingredient for infectious diseases). Compares 1963 USA to current world statistics while different nations have different policies. on and on and on and on.

The author was simply trying to say we shouldn't be overly concerned about measles as there are bigger fish to fry. Point taken. However -- the author was careful to show neither support or opposition for vaccinations. Just uses some math to put things in perspective. Fair enough.

I understand pride can be a powerful motivator but we can't stick to chat room diagnosis, and outdated, debunked and retracted science to make a point. it's dangerous. What's more, you are guilty of exactly the two dangerous flaws mentioned in the original article.

Badsey3 -- The article you mention in your earlier post was retracted one month after publication. Compromised pier review, conflicts of interest and no confidence in data. But maybe it's just the long arm of BigPharma's influence. (I put the word "big" in front of Pharma to make it scarier) http://www.translationalneurodegeneration.com/content/3/1/22

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Posted in: Vaccines: The best way to persuade parents is the worst for kids See in context


Are you simply against the "pro-vaccination" crowd? I've seen the word "hysterical" a few times in your posts. Again, I'm not trying to shame anyone on this board, that's not my thing.

I know you feel you made the right choice for you children and they turned out ok (as I think you mentioned in a deleted post). But the fact that your children turned out ok without having been vaccinated is the exact proof why vaccinations work. Your child (children) were likely never exposed to a once ultra common and highly infectious disease precisely because a vast majority of parents vaccinated their children. Your child simply never came into contact with the disease because others vaccinated.

If you chose to close your eyes while crossing the street and by some miracle make it to the other side, the fact that you made it does not mean you made the right choice to walk blindly. There is a good chance luck and the safe driving of motorists on the road kept you safe. Just as the Vaccinated Millions in America kept your children safe from this disease.

This is also why the "Pro-vaccination crowd" as you call them become "hysterical". While vaccinations are not 100% effective unvaccinated children are the proverbial weak link in the chain. If enough children go unvaccinated the entire system of vaccinations breaks down leaving babies and children with immune deficiencies to suffer.

There was a time -- pre 60s where literally hundreds of thousands of people in the US, most of them children, died annually in the US from measles. Half a million a decade.

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Posted in: Vaccines: The best way to persuade parents is the worst for kids See in context

LaWren --

Took me 5 minutes to find the exact web page you copied and pasted into your post.


We are talking about the welfare of our children here. Please dig deeper.

Wakefield has been discredited fully. (his entire article was retracted in 2010) Mr. Wakefield lost his license to practice medicine. And the British Medical Journal called his research an "elaborate fraud." Research you point to from 1998 ---

Cannot find anything post 2000 on Mary Megson. Although according to her perhaps Cod Liver Oil is the Cure for autism.

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Posted in: Vaccines: The best way to persuade parents is the worst for kids See in context

LaWren -- Please....

Dr. O'Leary HIMSELF denounced any link between the Vaccine and autism. (not to mention this is news from 2002)

However, in a strongly-worded statement issued yesterday, Dr O'Leary

said his research details a new way of detecting strains of the measles virus. "The research in no way establishes any link between the MMR vaccine and autism," he said. "I wish to make it clear that I and my research team have consistently advocated immunisation and the use of MMR to protect the nation's children from measles, mumps and rubella." The pathologist said he had investigated children with autism and a new form of inflammatory bowel disease, but added: "These children represent only a minute fraction of children with autistic spectrum disorder. Neither this publication nor any public presentation made by me or my research team has stated that MMR causes autism." While the study found a biological association between the presence of measles virus and new variant inflammatory bowel disease in the context of autism, it did not conclude that the measles virus causes autism. The measles virus is also found in children who are not autistic, he said, and urged parents to immunise their children.


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Posted in: Vaccines: The best way to persuade parents is the worst for kids See in context

Wipeout -- Thank you for adding some sanity. My daughter's school has mandatory vaccination standards. If a child is not vaccinated they are not allowed to attend. Many of these guidelines are state driven, meaning nearly all schools have the same standards.

The internet is awash with bogus science and unfortunately it seems a few of the posters here have swallowed it all hook line and sinker -- bringing the rest of society down in the process.

Good Grief

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Posted in: 12-year-old idol singer in hospital after inhaling helium on TV Asahi program See in context

Mirai -- Agreed.

And -- What is a 12-year old "IDOL" anyway??? The whole phrase disturbs me.

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Posted in: Doubts raised over Japan's ability to handle international crisis See in context

“It’s no longer just someone else’s situation—Japan has to face that fact,”

This was never just someone else's problem, it unfortunately took the murder of two Japanese for the powers to be to realize this.

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Posted in: 20 prefectural and local assemblies in Japan have urged the Japanese government to make hate speech illegal. Do you think hate speech should be illegal? See in context

Slippery slope here folks. Next question -- what constitutes hate speech? Simply allows the government to control what can and cannot be said. Hate those black bus idiots spewing hate but they should have the right to do so as long as it's peaceful.

And don't kid yourselves. If hate speech were made illegal here -- the target would not be the right wing but more likely those who use terms like "sex slaves" or speak out against the government. The supposed "misinterpretation" of what hate speech actually is (mentioned above several times) is exactly what makes this so dangerous.

But agreed -- when the speech is meant to incite -- then something different.

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Posted in: Rally for hostage See in context

I guess I can understand why the Japanese are now so interested in Syria now that two of their own have been taken. But, after countless mails from friends asking me "did you see what happened?" I'm a bit saddened. There is no sense of a global family .... What's happening now is not new. Countless people have been held hostage and murdered. Humanitarians, Journalists, activists, tourists, and yes -- soldiers too. Just 2 weeks ago -- 11 French in their home country for satirical cartoons... Depressing

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Posted in: Is Japanese TV really as bad as its reputation? See in context


I'll disagree. I think one aspect of a show, if horrific enough, can absolutely destroy the watchability of a program.

People here comment on Hollywood Movies all the time. Great Effects + Skilled actors + shallow story and bad writing = crap. Same for a bad production of Shakespeare - bad acting will kill a performance.

It only takes one glaring shortcoming to sink a show. And that's what we are talking about here.

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Posted in: Is Japanese TV really as bad as its reputation? See in context


Just a point -- the "bi" in "terebi" is take from TeleV where the V stand for Vision. So comments on the visual aspects of a show can be just as valuable and worthwhile. Take genius dialog from any show and surround that with distracting visuals and pompous acting and you have crap. I think that's what most people here are commenting on. The visual should add to the viewing -- and in their opinion -- it takes away. I agree with this sentiment.

Someone above noted that NHK has some nice historical dramas and I would have to agree. About ten years ago they did one on Ieyasu Tokugawa and I couldn't wait for the next installment. Good stuff.

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Posted in: Man arrested for exposing himself to 7-year-old girl See in context


Yes -- Happened to my wife when she was young as well. Twice I believe. Both times on a train. Not at all uncommon in Japan. I think it's more common here (Tokyo) as most strangers won't get involved if they witness something. I wouldn't be surprised to find out Mr. Kainuma had been doing this for some before he was caught.

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