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Posted in: Body of child found in river confirmed as that of missing 7-year-old girl See in context

I follow the Japanese news about this case. There was a retired senior detective in the studio and he argued, that from the position of the both sandals ( found more than 2 meters apart from each other, one in quite tall bushes) it was most likely that the girl has been held ( dakko). After they discovered the body , he was certain that a third person has been involved. I'm not a detective, but I suspect that this wasn't a premeditated crime. Some sick person saw the girl as an easy prey, and his demons took hold of him. I even suspect that it was an elderly male resident of the village.

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Posted in: What do you think of Japan's health insurance system? See in context

I think it is one of the best in the world. Just , please, add birth in it. Right now it doesn't cover the actual birth, only the pregnancy, and fees are ridiculous. Otherwise ... 500 yen for CT scan for my kid ( it costs usually about 20000 without insurance). Medicine for kids is free! In my country, you pay for it like everyone else and boy, isn't it costly! Some people end up treating their kids with tea!!

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Posted in: 'Predator' reboot to begin filming by October See in context

Ummm, well, why not. I suspect it will be more like a sequel, with Arnold as Dutch leading a new group under circumstances similar to the original. There'll be more CG, but I hope that the final fight isn't between Dutch and the alien again, simply because Arnold is no physical condition to pull a performance like the one in the original movie. Maybe the alien vs Jason Momoa , or the Rock.

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Posted in: What food or drink do you recommend for helping get a good night’s sleep? See in context

Nuts( almonds, sunflower seeds, cashews). They are magnesium rich food, and magnesium is known to ease anxiety and is recommended to insomniacs. Bananas are good too, but they are good diuretics too, and if you are with tiny bladder like me- forget it.

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Posted in: Underdogs in summer movies include originality, opportunity See in context

I checked about some of the movies. While Secret lives of pets will be released in the beginning of August and Finding Dory - in mid-July, Pete's Dragon will be released in Japan in December, and for Ice Age there isn't any release date yet.

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Posted in: When you were a child, what profession did you aspire to? And did you actually join that profession when you became an adult? See in context

As a little girl: astronaut, football player, In elementary school I became fascinated with books and created my own stories, so my teachers encouraged me to write them down, so naturally, I dreamed of becoming a writer/ novelist. I enrolled in writing club first in elementary school, then in JHS and HS. But in the last year of HS I had to write tons of essays, then in college I had to write stuff all day long (and sometimes even at night) , and in grad school I had to write even more- thesis, dissertation... As they say- be careful what you wish for...

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Posted in: First 'Rogue One' trailer excites 'Star Wars' fans See in context

@ThePBot : I follow Ray Park ( the guy who played Darth Maul) , and recently he and Donnie became best buddies. He is studying Donnie's style, apparently. Park himself is not filming anything, but I don't know, Donnie could be elderly Maul's apprentice. Darth Maul hates both the Jedi and the Sith.

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Posted in: Attacks on Brussels airport, metro station kill 34 See in context

My ancestors have spilled their blood to stop Middle Eastern armies from invading Europe and torturing and slaughtering Europeans. It is a shame that our kindness and hospitality have been repaid this way.

Sometimes this world doesn't need another hero. Enough is enough.

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Posted in: Rally for more daycare centers See in context

I agree with Yubaru. I read an article by a principal of a daycare center, and he stressed on how ridiculously small the wage of a daycare worker is , and that people just don't want to work hard for , basically, peanuts. I'm lucky to have my kids in kindergarten, and a daycare before that, and I've witnessed how hard and for long hours they work, in super noisy and stressful environment, which is , undoubtedly, physically and mentally draining. Still they are always smiling and joking and kind, even when I'm on the verge of losing it with my own kids. They are skilled in music, play several instruments, sing beautifully, have amazing organizing and leadership skills, excellent self control, never once got sick, even with all these sick kids around them, and their art skills are a very high level. They are able to find the right approach to every child and eventually all kids get to love them. To hear how low their wages are is a real shame!

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Posted in: Starbucks’ apricot honey soy cream lattes and Frappuccinos arrive See in context

I love apricots ( we had apricot tree in my old house), so I checked for comments . Most were favorable, saying that the soy milk doesn't taste that bad in combination with the cream and the apricots. Frappé is a calorie bomb, even the smallest size, but the latte short size is manageable 229 calories.

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Posted in: Ambassador Stefani See in context

@tokyo. Yes, these shorts were in fashion in the link you provided, which is for spring/ summer 2015. Now, however, is spring 2016, so yes, they are out of fashion, and your argument is invalid.

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Posted in: Ambassador Stefani See in context

I'm gonna get a million TD for this, but her face looks quite different from what she looked like few years ago. She may look stunning, but she doesn't look herself. Yeah, and shorts are out of fashion this season. She's a celebrity, and very rich one. She has no excuse to be dressed like that.

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Posted in: Have you had your influenza shot for this winter yet? If not, are you going to get one? See in context

Kids got theirs, of course, but I won't get mine. I just don't need one. I've never had fever of any kind, even with pneumonia. Hardly get above 37C, in fact. Why waste 7000yen then?

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Posted in: 'Star Wars' plushies from Takara Tomy See in context

I'd love to snuggle in bed with adorable Darth Vader or to hug some fluffy Jabba. I hope they'll also release a super cute Emperor or soft and squishy Darth Maul.

God helps us Star Wars fans.

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Posted in: For our readers who live in Japan, what are some items you always make a point to bring back to Japan after you return from a trip abroad? See in context

I'd bring cosmetics brands not on sale in Japan, like Oriflame. I'd buy also a lot of perfumes. The variety in my country is much bigger than in Japan, and the prices are way lower. Medicine for my migraine( hereditary, for those interested), because I'm done being used as a lab rat by the local docs, especially when I've been already diagnosed in my country, after 6 weeks of tests and scans. Kids clothes - there are plenty in Japan, but they don't have much My Little Pony and Masha and The Bear- themed clothes. Toys I buy on the net,but 20cm tall talking Princess Celestia was about 6000yen, so if I find something cheaper in my country, I'll buy it. Herbal tea- we have the best herbal tea, no caffeine , only the herbs listed. Never used cold medicine when teas were available. Same about the spices- our local spices include herb only, nothing added. Wooden pendants- beautiful and skillfully carved, make great presents. Yes, and some of my mom's jams.

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Posted in: Police still unable to identify young girl found dead in Takatsuki See in context

Actually, they have identified her as Natsumi Hirata, a JHSstudent from a school in Neyagawa,Osaka pref., who has left with a group of her classmates, boys and girls previous night, and didn't come home. They say a boy from her group is missing too.

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Posted in: Brigitte Bardot slams Australia's plan to kill 2 million feral cats See in context

Australia has problems controlling their rabbit population, and now this...Maybe what Australia needs on first place is a reform of their Environmental Ministry.

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Posted in: Barbie and beer See in context

Oh yeah! I'd say stallions rather than deer... My eyes are burning!

Only censure -worth stuff comes to mind, so...yeah...( books tickets to Tokyo).

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Posted in: Omar Sharif, of 'Doctor Zhivago,' 'Lawrence of Arabia,' dies at 83 See in context

Thank you for announcing this. Many big news/ entertainment sites have ignored the fact that one of the greatest actors have passed away. May he rest in peace, for his art will never die.

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Posted in: Father arrested after 4 children perish in Oita house fire See in context

Actually the guy said he doused one of the rooms with some kind of grease and set it on fire, because his wife didn't see him off.

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Posted in: Body in river believed to be that of missing 4-year-old autistic boy See in context

So do I . As a mother of a child with DD (ADHD) I know how hard and demanding it is to care of such child. The truth is, people lack understanding and tolerance, yes, tolerance to such children. You can see them judging you. Discrimination is rampant. My daughter was refused admission in several kindergartens, until I started hiding her disorder. People avoid being around you and the child. Therefore basically a mother with a DD child gets no help really. Children with DD are unpredictable. They can get agitated over minor things. Their logic and reasoning is different than other kids. They are those we call thinkers out of the box, only in their case this comes naturally. A mother of such a child must be on alert constantly, 24/7, and some time ago I read an article where the author quoted a study, which estimated the level of stress a mother of a child with a DD is the same as that of an active duty soldier. I could write and explain more and more, but as you see, English is not my native language, and it's tiring to write that much. Just wanted to give you a food for thought, and to ask you before bashing and abusing mothers of kids with DD, to educate yourselves, and next time you see a DD kid, try to encouraging its mom instead. That will be really appreciated.

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Posted in: Arnie's back See in context

@Lovespam Emilia Clarke is in the movie, plays Sarah Connor, God help us, and Mariya is just there to introduce them. Khaleesi is great, but can't hold a candle to Linda Hammilton.

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Posted in: FIFA film mocked by U.S. media See in context

Tim Roth is such an awesome actor, and the rapping he's going to take for portraying Sepp Blatter ...

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Posted in: Judge lays down law in infidelity suit See in context

I don't know, maybe I'm wrong, but I think that the mamas at those super luxurious kyabakura in Ginza district can be very influential. Just think of what kind of people would visit and afford a Ginza club. Yes, and the mama has their phones, knows details from their private lives which they had confessed while drunk. So how big is the possibility that this judge has some score at this or another Ginza club, and simply had to side with the mama. Or you think that Japanese judges are angels immune to corruption or immoral behavior?

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Posted in: Tom Hanks returns as symbologist Robert Langdon in 'Inferno' See in context

The ending was the real dilemma in that book, with the author refusing to take a side or give his view. I wonder what the director's approach would be. As for the book, it read more like a travel guide, with overly detailed descriptions of famous landmarks, and not all of the details really related to the story; they only managed to slow the pace of the narrative and , well, add pages. Fun to read, but slightly below " The Da Vinci Code" , me thinks. BTW, why did they miss "The Lost Symbol"? It wasn't that bad, at least not worse than "Inferno".

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Posted in: What are some tips for keeping motivated if you're in a repetitive job, doing the same thing all day every day? See in context

Imagine yourself without a steady income. Without any income at all. Now try to imagine being evicted/ forclosed , and moving into your parents house. Try to imagine living with them while looking for job. Try to imagine the job hunting process , everything you've been through until landing this job repeating all over again. The humiliation, the stress, the feeling of emptiness, the depressive thoughts. Try to imagine getting sick, or worse, someone you love getting sick, and no money for treatment. If you have family, try to imagine what they would do if you lose/quit your job. Also, treat yourself. Like , " When I pull this week , I'm gonna go and see that movie I wanted to see so much/ I'll go on a weekend trip..etc" or " Tonight, when I go home, I'll have a mojito in the bath tub/I'll read another chapter of " Dance with Dragons"/ I'll buy a cake and have it all before going to bed, s...w the calories" In my case, such little treats worked wonders.

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Posted in: In this digital media age, do you still like to read books (the printed kind)? And who are your favorite authors? See in context

And here it's time to say to all book lovers here, that the world has just lost Terry Pratchett.

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Posted in: In this digital media age, do you still like to read books (the printed kind)? And who are your favorite authors? See in context

Yes, I do prefer books. They are timeless, and they will exist well after the PC and the tablets.

My favorite autors...Stephen King, Terry Pratchet, John Grisham. Used to like Dean Koontz too, but his latest Apocalyptic stuff is kind of depressing.

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Posted in: Which music from the past 60 years do you think people will still be listening to 100 years from now? See in context

Jazz, Rock&Roll ( the classic stuff). Andrew Lloyd Webber.

@ PeaceWarrior. This year Jack Black took a Grammy for his cover of AC/DC in Heavy Metal category.

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