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Posted in: Mother arrested for stomping on 4-month-old daughter, causing her death See in context

It is unfortunate that a mother can be a monster and test the power of her feet on a new born child. What a shame.

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Posted in: Japan to pay attention to human rights in China after death of Xiaobo See in context

The human rights can be condemned by one nation ,only when they globalise human relationship and treat all citizens equal and all nations are on equal footing. The human rights are always misused by other nations. It is easy to pinpoint on others, but they forget that all those who accuse others by index finger, should see four fingers pointing towards them.

No one can deny the fact that communism has crippled human creativity, but at the same time, the human rights evangelists are blinded one side and they don't see anything , when it matters to them economically and politically. The Human rights activists are the one , who abuse the human rights by closing their one eyes selectively.

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Posted in: Japan hangs 2 inmates, including one seeking retrial See in context

Those who kill others cannot demand mercy and they have no right to live their own life. No man create a life and no man kill a life. That is why concept of vegetarianism propagated by great master like Buddha and Hindu sages and saints. The people should be treated like as they in Arab countries. That is why , crime rates are less in those countries. Many come out of their countries and kill, loot and destroy. No democracy can function, if law of justice is not fast and speed.

The rule of law can be mixed with mercy only if convicts regret for life. Only strong punishments and strict government can keep our society safe and crime free

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Posted in: The gender code: Will women program the future? See in context

In India, women play an important role in the software industry. They compete equally with men and excel too. Perhaps, India is one of the countries in the world, where women play an important role in coding. They are equal to men in IT industry, even though it may not be true in other fields. The participation of women is in public sectors, especially in banking industry is reasonably high. They are not only family makers, but also bread winners

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Posted in: Venomous fire ant found in cargo at Tokyo port See in context

Perhaps a wonderful way of destroying Japan economically through fire ants, discovered by China. !!!!! We dont know , anything can happen in Communist China, which is irritated with Japan over China Sea policy.

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Posted in: Far-left activist charged with police slaying after 45 years on run See in context

It is the law of Universe to punish the culprit even after forty years. It never fails. Justice may be delayed or denied, but the law of action would catch you unaware.

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Posted in: 19-year-old arrested for beating grandmother to death See in context

The beating of grand mother shows the level and depth in which we have fallen down with respect to family values and respect for elders. Our values are inversely proportionate to so called material prosperity and financial stability. We need to protect our family system and we cannot lead a life of lose pyjama life. It is the responsibility of each and everyone to move forward without losing our cultural values, ethics and moral standards.

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Posted in: Trump seals $110 billion arms deal with Saudi Arabia See in context

The arms deal would add fuel to the fire of terrorism and no Islamic nation would come forward to crush terrorism and seal the accounts of those who aide and support terrorism. Strangely the Champions of human rights forgot about women rights, human rights and religious freedom immediately after landing in Saudi Arabia. Is it necessary to have arms deal more than 100 million, that too with Saudi Arabia.? America First and it is not new. It always took care of its interests while dealing with other countries.

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Posted in: Japanese essayist, TV newscaster Sawako Agawa announces first marriage at 63 See in context

Congratulations madam. The marriage is a bridge of friendship and understanding after certain age.

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Posted in: Japan disappointed with Security Council failure to agree on Syria See in context

The concept of veto is against the spirit of democracy. Unless veto is thrown out of UN, no real peace would dawn on earth. It is shame that they are not able to fight together against terror, Terrorism and terrorists. China for its own interests block naming of terrorists and support Pakistan. But China wants peaceful border. It threatens even Japan. The super powers cannot bully other countries. The UN is paralysed by super power veto

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Posted in: Another temple found possibly vandalized with liquid See in context

It is unfortunate that even temples and shrines are not left alone. The human beings neither seemed to have values for arts nor for culture.

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Posted in: Suing governments over terror no sure thing despite U.S. 9/11 law See in context

Terrorism is an International threat and UN should pass a resolution and boycott any nation, which supports and help terrorists.The US cannot shelve off its responsibility and ask citizens to file a case against a country. If US knows that a country is involved in terror, the logical action is to ban that country. The US government cannot let down its own citizens like a hot potato. If citizens are asked to file a case, then the purpose of any government is defeated. The US will lose its moral authority, when it talks about human rights violation in other countries. When you cant protect your own citizens, you dont have any authority of issue warnings.

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Posted in: 17 soldiers killed in attack at Indian army base in Kashmir See in context

I strongly disagree with the observation of AijajHussain, when he said, ".. most favour merger with Pakistan". These type of reports are dished out without any sense of responsibility. The Kashmir or Pakistan Occupied Kashmir belong to India. It is well known that Pakistan almost every day export terror , terrorism and terrorists to India. The Indian government is responding to that. It is not that "rebels"are playing havoc. It is terrorists who play with India. There are many separatists in Kashmir, who enjoy government doles and have Indian citizenship, but still playing into the hands of Pakistan, which seems to have not learnt any lesson from its debacles. It is my duty to inform your online readers that Kashmir was populated by Hindus, but due to Moghul invasion and terror, many converted in Kashmir and Britishers played with India and used all types of tools to divide and destroy the country, which they ruled over 200 years. The British government should pay for the crime of dividing this country and they are responsible for the death due to violence immediately after partition. The separatists, who live in India and throw stones by sitting inside the glass chambers Who are these terrorists, who enjoy comforts in Kashmir and send their children to other states and foreign countries for studies, but instigate local students and youth to create violence. These separatists seemed to have learnt no lesson. India will not bow down to violence and terrorism. We have seen this for the last sixty years aided and abetted by Pakistan. If Pakistan is very much worried about freedom, let them see in their own backyard. The children are killed and shot down, minorities are decimated and women are treated like second class citizens. Those who sit in India and cry for Pakistan cannot enjoy freedom to abuse India for ever. You cannot have licence to abuse the country and have a cake and eat it too. It is a well known fact that those who use speakers and mosques during prayer, cannot have licence for ever to abuse India. No country in the world has given asylum to so many religious seekers, who were persecuted all across the world. India has never attacked anyone. This is the land of truth seekers and those who issue fatwas cannot have their day every day. Just because , India is secular, no religious leader freely convert and threaten Indians, who are peace loving and look upon religion as a path to seek truth. This is the land of sufis, buddha, Sankara, Ramanuja, Madhva and great saints and sages. The separatists who seek hands from Pakistan , can go to Pakistan and for a long they cannot sit here and cry. The reporters, who dish out news across the world, should know the history of India, which has more than 5000 years of recorded history. Those who fill reams of papers, should be fair and unbiased and should have moral values and responsibility. Their views cannot be treated as news. The news should be reported as it is.

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Posted in: Terror attacks a growing economic threat: G20 ministers See in context

It is true that terrorism has taken a new and dangerous sign killing innocents, paralysing economy and posing threat to social harmony. The terrorism has taken the route of religion and through religion , killing is justified, sex attack is glorified and heaven is assured by terrorists. Those who cant live in harmony with the present world, cannot provide heaven to anyone. The United Nation should take measures to put an end to killing of people on any pretext.

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Posted in: Japan ruling bloc election win threatens regional stability, says China's Xinhua See in context

What is the need for China to feel threatened about election result in Japan? Japan is too small for China to feel threatened? Instead of being big brother, China should behave like elder brother.

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Posted in: SoftBank president Arora resigns after being cleared of misconduct See in context

The whole world is about earning money and money is the common language people all over the world understand. When materialism dominates, the value system goes down. When materialism is balanced with values, the whole world becomes one and we all can grow together. The globalisation is pushed by all countries, because all are interested in market of their own products. If globalisation is for removal of poverty, eradication of illiteracy and for better quality of life and higher standard of living, then as a global citizens, we can move forward

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Posted in: Japan festival offers Y100 mil to make a short film See in context

Should we submit film or script?

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Posted in: 17-year-old youth arrested for stabbing mother and grandmother See in context

It is shocking that these types of incidents take place in Japan, where value system seems to be eroding.

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Posted in: Toshiba, McDonald's Japan booted from 'good governance' index See in context

It is unfortunate that profit has become the buzz word of so called fortune companies. Profit at any cost and even at the cost of customers and citizens indicate the quality of people and character of men and women who head organisations, which boast of its global presence. The companies like McDonald should be barred from doing business by killing ethics and without any ethics.

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Posted in: Man calls Tokyo station with bullet train bomb threat See in context

Let us hope Japan does not become a place for terrorism

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Posted in: Man jumps out of moving car after argument with girlfriend See in context

It is unfortunate that arguments have become part and parcel in lives of friends. Most of us fall in love, but fails to rise in love. No one is permanent and no problem is without solution. No one knows why we should argue, fight and separate.

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Posted in: Two injured after smoke detected in train in Seikan Tunnel See in context

Thank God , it has stopped with only 2 passengers

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Posted in: Japan makes a start on sharing lessons from nuclear crisis See in context

It is heartening to note that Japan is going to share lessons from nuclear crisis. This would help all countries to use nuclear energy safely and avert crisis by taking proper care and safeguards. The greatest danger is not sharing the lessons of disasters, since no one wants to expose the vulnerabilities to the outside world. Japan is doing the right thing in sharing the crisis knowledge.

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Posted in: Japan marks 4th anniversary of quake-tsunami disaster See in context

Human beings are excellent in remembering tragedies. When it comes to joint action, we fail miserably. Nature never sees border or colour nor it sees whether we are black or white. It does not care whether we are developed or developing or under developed.. Human beings fail because there is no global humanity and we are all divided by borders and languages.

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Posted in: Japanese activist wins U.S. Woman of Courage Award See in context

I could not believe that the Japanese employers treat pregnant women with uncultured behaviour.

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Posted in: Busy agenda faces Abe as Diet session gets under way See in context

Let us wish the Prime Minister of Japan all the best in his new term and face challenges and threats from terrorists

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Posted in: Bus driver dozed off before crash, police reveal See in context

It is shocking and unbelievable

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Posted in: 71-year-old man arrested after setting fire to car with 40-year-old son in it See in context

Sir, It is shocking

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Posted in: New whaling plan will prove hunt is for scientific purposes: negotiator See in context

It is heartening to note that there is a perceptional change on whales We should put an end to killing of whales and go down deep into ocean to kill and eat

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Posted in: Low voter turnout could erode Abe's call for fresh mandate See in context

Sir, The black side of democracy is indecisive verdict of the people. When there is no majority of seats in Parliament, the government will not be able to deliver the promises made and in the process, democracy is paralysed and governance is affected. India has suffered for nearly a decade due to compulsive politics and political black mail due to coalition of parties. Let the people of Japan decide decisively and march ahead. S A Srinivasa Sarma Hyderabad, India

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