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Posted in: Aging Japan struggles to make immigrants feel at home See in context

Sir, The ageing is taking tolls all over the world. The disintegrating joint family system, crumbling value system, fading moral values and too much of materialism has taken the toll on elders, who are seen as liability by one and all. It is unfortunate and shows the direction in which we are moving as a society, nation and individuals.

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Posted in: Okinawa vote a blow to Japan-U.S. ties, say analysts See in context

Sir, The only way to de-militarise the whole world is to ban arms exports, boycott arms and ammunitions and pass a resolution in UN to ban manufacturing of arms. Let us have a borderless world in the era of globalisation. Let each one live for others and the whole world would be free from threats and violence

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Posted in: China will never use force to achieve its goals: Xi See in context

It is heartening to note that China would not use force to settle its disputes with others. This would definitely reduce tensions in the region and arms race would slow down. In the era of globalisation, all of us are one with different names and colours. We are basically human beings and it is more relevant when globalisation is the talk of the day. What we need today is not violence, but peace; not terrorism, but love;not guns and bullets, but only quality of life and higher standard of living. We have divided ourselves with the borders and call ourselves as Chinese, Japanese, Indians. We fight over gods and religions, We fight in the name of democracy, communism, socialism and make mockery of human existence. The time has come to see the common thread-the thread of humanity. S.A.Srinivasa Sarma Hyderabad, India

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Posted in: G-20 leaders agree on $2 trillion boost to growth See in context

G20 should play a leading role to eliminate poverty,provide security to citizens and make a world a place to live in peace and harmony. The Prime Minister of India, Mr.Modi has rightly stressed the need for rooting out black money, the curse of modern economy with degrading moral values and social responsibility. The G20 instead of trying to corner Putin and Russia, should focus more on globalisation of citizens without any brick and mortar walls and think of Universal governance and universal citizenship.

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Posted in: Malala invites PMs of India, Pakistan to Nobel ceremony See in context

Let me hope that both Mr.Narendra Modi and Mr.Nawaz Shariff would walk together to get next years's Nobel Peace Prize by burying hatchet, building bridges between people, who have common history to share for hundreds of years, carved out their destiny together before 1947 and have same DNA. The Britishers partitioned the country and the last sixty years we see brothers are fighting on either sides of the border. Let us learn a lesson or two from East and West Germany Unification. S.A.Srinivasa Sarma Hyderabad India

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Posted in: Kan discusses lessons learned from Fukushima at California conference See in context

Sir, We need to put our heads together and see the pros and cons of using nuclear technology so that we grow together or would die together

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Posted in: Crown prince says emperor needs to reduce duties See in context

Due to ill-health of the Emperor, the crown prince should take responsibilities and enable the King to take rest and pave way for smooth take over.

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Posted in: 84-year-old woman found alive after being buried in snow for 4 hours See in context

It is a miracle that the old woman had survived. Let us pray for her safe life

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Posted in: 'Getting help' is not un-Japanese; it's expensive See in context

Sir, The people in the city are scared of "getting help". This holds good in almost all the countries. Especially in India, most of those who live in rich urban centres seek neither help nor come forward to help others due to various reasons. But in rural areas, people are more homely and very helpful and it comes natural to them to help others without making others feeling "getting help". No one in independent. All of us are interdependent. We need to learn to live for others and for all of us. All of us are human beings basically, even though we speak different languages. Our problems are same, our limitation are not different and our goals in life are same.

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Posted in: N Korea says Noda, Fujimura lack morals for not sending condolences on Kim's death See in context

Sir, The death is inevitable and it is same for one and all, Paying tributes to departed soul, which is devoid of all limitations of human beings, is the only sign of human civilisation. Let death divide not the borders and destroy human sanctity

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Posted in: Need help avoiding hangover? Less booze, more H2O See in context

Sir, No one knows who discovered drinks and it has a devastating effect on hundreds of poor and downtrodden families. The time has come for prohibition all over the world. The drinking is as dangerous as smoking. Smoking kills the person who smokes, but drinking destroy the self and the family.

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Posted in: Citigroup, UBS penalised for interest rate manipulation See in context

Sir, It is unfortunate that Citi and UBS have drawn the attention of many countries for wrong reasons. In the name of globalisation, many banks wash their dirty linen on other shores and hide true colour and picture. The banks which involve in global money laundering are responsible for poverty and increasing corruption, besides collapse of many banks. The privatisation without accountability, business wtihout ethics, business leadership without moral responsibility, business leaders wtihout national spirit would lead to national disaster and global downfall. There are very few organisations and financial institutions which have contributed for growth and development for the people. In the name of wealth maximisation, profit is exported and profit alone is the criteria for efficicency. The business today is nothing but greed and individual growth at any cost-cost of people, community, nation, environment and natural resources

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Posted in: Global Conference for a Nuclear Free World See in context

Sir, The time has come for the whole world to act against nuclear disaster. The only way to put an end is to consume less of energy and food. We need to live with simple food, that is not possible without spiritual understanding of our life and purpose for which we are all here. The earth is one and it is logical that we are all one inspite of our different culture and languages we speak. Too much of materialism has endangered our future and we seemed to have not understood the beauty of Nature and simple living. It is shocking that growth implies materialism and materialism means more consumption,

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Posted in: Mental hygiene for scandal-embroiled CEOs See in context

Sir, We are in search of happiness wrongly thinking that materialism and materialist pursuits would give us happiness. We cant be happy by searfhing happiness in objects and materialism The happiness is not in any objects nor it is purchasable. The costliest cost is not the assurance for good sleep. Definitely materialism is the solution for our happiness. That is why, our ancestors, lead a simple living and high thinking.

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Posted in: Lost 81-yr-old man, granddaughter, 3, kept warm by their dog until rescued See in context

Sir, It is touching to see the dog's behaviour and all of us the human beings should hang our head in shame. We fight like street dogs, bark like dogs and end up losing our lives. We have to remove the word "dont bark like dogs" word from our dictionary. All of us learnt to live for others.

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Posted in: Generation that grew up on texting find phone conversations time-wasting See in context

Sir, Even though texting is quicker and faster, nothing like listening to the voice, which establishes rapport very easy and it provides emotional support and brings people closer to oneself. The conversation tends to be too boring, when it extends more than required. So too wtih texting, there is a life beyond texting.

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Posted in: Sacrifice, teamwork & optimism - Japan on road to recovery See in context

Sir, The real greatness and strength of character can be seen only during the time of crisis. The problems can bring best out of us and show the true colour of one and all. The Japanese have shown their ways of bouncing back to the world

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Posted in: Rallies over mosque near ground zero get heated See in context

Sir, Mr.Obama while permitting mosque near ground zero would have thought of ultimate human behaviour, since human beings are basically good and believe in values of life, even though many religious fanatics in the name of their religion fight, kill and loot in order to reach heaven. The religions are meant to know truth and be good to one and all.

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Posted in: Student held for hitting girlfriend with rock, and trying to strangle her See in context

The students all over the world seemed to be same and attitude towards girls and women seemed to have not changed.

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Posted in: U.S. President Barack Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize See in context

Sir, The Nobel Peace Prize to Obama is neither seems to be justified nor appropriate. If Obama can be given, then India deserves most, because it is fighting for non-prolifieration of nuclear arms without bowing to the pressures of so called developed countries. Mr.Obama has just taken over the reins of US and needs to prove both within and outside USA. By giving the nobel prize to Obama, the Nobel committee seems to have compromised its principles.

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Posted in: 49-year-old Okinawa man kills mother for hiding TV remote control See in context

It is unfortunate that in Japan, a mother is killed by her own son for the sake of tv remote. This shows other side of prosperous Japan, known for tradition and culture. It is time that we should learn to respect our family members and fellow citizens.

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Posted in: Is television going the way of other obsolete media? See in context

Sir, The television would continue to play its role as "idiot box" and it would continue to take away the prime time of family. It is unfortunate that television has killed the hobby of reading.

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