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I'd read it. My husband would definitely consider this bathroom reading. Has anyone seen Deadliest Warrior on Spike TV in the US? Ninja vs Spartan.

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I loved the animated series. The was bad. I didn't go into it expecting a whole lot. Just to walk out feeling like I'd seen more of my favorite animated series. Instead I walked out thinking I'd just see the worst acted, directed and written movie in ages. So sad.

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Change the header from Japan Today to Twitter, cut a few letters off a couple of the comments above've all just twittered. Congratulations. Oh wait..that was way more than 140 characters.

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This reminded of what I saw on a train going to Chiba last August. Two Jii-san's got on at one of the stations. They obviously didn't know each other. The phone of one of the Jii-san's rang and he looked startled. He quickly turned it off but not before the other Jii-san told him to "not be rude" and "turn off his phone." The other one quickly apologized. Didn't make any excuses. I thought it was funny. I was thankful for the "no phones" rule on the trains though. I can't imagine being on the trains all the time with everyone chatting away. Think about it though, you've got 12 million people living shoulder to shoulder in Tokyo. Without all those little rules like slow people to the left for the escalators and stairs or the no phones on trains; people who'd be far more violent than a punch in the face.

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Poor Obaasan. I hope they follow up this story. I'd like to find out if the cctv caught the actual robbery. Pink Panther gang??!! Really? I learn something new every day.

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Um @LoveUSA, I'm confused as well. Cross-dressing, and especially in such a minute way, does not equal being gay. Look at Eddie Izzard.

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Gantz?? for a second there I thought it was a publicity stunt for the upcoming movie.

But kudos to the man who risked his life.

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I believe extinct mammoths and neanderthals are extinct for a good reason.

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