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Posted in: Battery-powered trains emerge as lower-cost, eco-friendly alternative See in context

I think it's time for oil&gas people to consider other industry's career.. or should I wait until I see an aeroplane flown by battery as well..? This battery if she will marry solar panel and other source such cold fusion then its doomsday for oil&gas.. eww!!

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Posted in: Man walks 1,400 kilometers home after getting mugged See in context

Pity man.. if in average the speed for quick walking can reach 6km/h, then he must walked 21hour per day to complete his mission going home. Sleepless, restless, eatless.. or maybe the press just blow the news off, which he might take some kms by bus using his last 2000jpy and did the walk on remaining kms.

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Posted in: M7.8 quake hits Iran; kills 34 in Pakistan See in context

There is always a sick people that didnt't feel sorry for other's lost or misfortune. what a comment, no empathy.. Fool hatred without reason.. *sigh May God bless those lifes and cure their family who lost the loved one.

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Posted in: Kerry says U.S. will protect Japan from N Korean threats See in context

If Japan will be permitted and start to build her own military arsenal, all the missile and bullets will come in colorful and in cute design such as "Hello kitty" or any manga character and at least equipped with rabbit or cat ear to make looks "kawaii". Can't imagine how they will design her kawaii aircraft carrier as well..

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Posted in: Obama urges Americans not to be disheartened by images of protests See in context

Efisher sama, that was perhaps the most intelligent comment I have read. Thk u gozaimashita..

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Posted in: Obama urges Americans not to be disheartened by images of protests See in context

More people like Miko sama will surely make the world a better place for living in peace. Cannot understand of the hatred feeling that american had, sigh..

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Posted in: Japan Tobacco changes Mild Seven brand to Mevius See in context

so no more mildo seveno..?

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Posted in: U.S. Sikhs say bigots confuse them for Muslims See in context

I am sad for those who talked something bad about Islam. The article is about sikh and yet some poster are discussing how bad Islam is, without knowing more about us. We never thought about killing other, we are thought about peace and living to respect other believers only for the sake of God. In our country even Islam is majority but we can accept other religion to have their place for prayer and so on. But why some people think that they have the right to kill any moslem? very sorry for the sikh people, but i am more sorry about other think of Islam people.. May their heart will be opened next time.. Amin..

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Posted in: 2 cabinet ministers plan Yasukuni visit See in context

Hey you two.. If you want to pray, come to Mosque and I can guarantee 100% that no body will complaint and the your wish will directly heard from the sky. Don't go pray for the death in there, they are too many and it's not good for you.

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