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Posted in: Crown prince urges daughter to update public on marriage plans See in context

Everyone cares of course. People need to know that kind of stuff so they can prepare money for the ceremony.

Maybe another tax increase??

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Posted in: Gov't considers expanding part-timers' pension coverage See in context

Cmon guys stop with that raising of minimum wage nonsense, if you know economy a little bit you know that it's not going to help or even bring opposite than expected consequences.

I believe gaikokujins coming to Japan should pay 1.5 more to the nenkin. So they contribution can be visible and cheered by us, Japanese people.

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Posted in: Man arrested for kidnapping 12-year-old Osaka girl See in context

I see another problem here.

Why Police didn't find her? In the century of cameras at every corner it sounds pretty obvious to me to check ones surrounding the park and then just follow them to their location in Osaka.

Mom taking a nap or letting her kid use phone it's not a problem at all. I guess gaikokujins should mind their own business as they like to stick their big noses and tell other people how to live.

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Posted in: Newborn baby girl abandoned in hotel room in Tokyo See in context

Here in Japan we don't have sexual education so maybe it's time to start thinking about it!

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Posted in: Japan tells embassies risk of contaminated Fukushima water 'small' See in context

The problem is the water itself. Even if that would be true that it's OK to dump it to Pacific, isn't it on-going issue? Isn't more water coming everyday?

So it means that it will be constant dumping of water not one time dump.

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Posted in: Nearly 20% of Japan households using e-money but cash still king See in context

Old people knows that they shouldn't trust banks and politicians so that is the reason why they keep money at home or hidden somewhere.

Shinzo, Japan and BOJ wants to take that money from old people or those who save so they can eat caviar and have parties.

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Posted in: One year after arrest, Ghosn seeks to throw out case against him See in context

Well hello don't forget who started all that which hunt and who got out of it with a bow.

Saikawa San ladies and gentleman the guy who said sorry and left without of course any charges.

Remeber there is Justice for Japanese and conviction for foreigners.

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Posted in: Japan may slide toward recession as Abenomics impact fades See in context

But years and years of heavy fiscal spending and central bank money printing have failed to lift inflation to the BOJ’s 2% target, and instead have left policymakers with little effective means to fight the next recession.

Yes 2% inflation is what they need so the real value of yen as well as Japanese debt can decrease. That would mean that it's better to have debt/mortgage/ loan whatever as inflation will eat it over certain period of time. BoJ probably would like it even higher plus of course middle-class and all that grandpas and grandmas would "lose" their savings hidden under tatami mat.

Lets just hope the situation will stay under control other wise with hyper inflation there will be riots.

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Posted in: Japan's new working visa acquired by only 219 foreigners in first 6 months See in context

Ohh no!! No-one wants to come to Japan the country of the rising sun? They don't want to work in high tech workplace with the smartest people on earth making big money?? Fools!!

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Posted in: Japan's economy grows less than expected in third quarter See in context

Obviously it's one of that propaganda article that despite trade war, tax hike and other factors Japan still has strong economy.

Lets all forget about real problems 230% debt, BoJ printing money, negative interest rates, reaching 2% inflation. BOJ already stated in their recent report that economy situation in Japan is similar to the one that has been in 80s right before bubble burst.

My bet is that they might last until Olympics after that it's going to be game over. Some big recession, monetary system will collapse and have to be changed or simply big depression. Good luck guys!

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Posted in: SoftBank Group profit plunges; Son admits 'poor' decisions See in context

It will cost us all, as this is not his money.

If you read the recent report by Bank Of Japan (BOJ) the economic situation of Japan comes close to the one from the peak time of bubble economy.

Softbank money comes from BOJ and to bail SoftBank it will cost the taxpayers. Probably they will change the monetary system, as ageing population of Japan won't be able to do revolution (old people are more obedient) or fight against new policies.

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Posted in: Japan wants to go cashless, but elderly aren't so keen See in context

Plus having cash means you are independent from government, so they won't track you. No one will have control over you.

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Posted in: Japan wants to go cashless, but elderly aren't so keen See in context

Exactly , old people know how to be fiscally responsible plus they know that they can't trust banks. That's why they piled up a lot of money and stash it under tatami mats or elsewhere.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for stabbing male acquaintance in car See in context

Use your head and do the hustle. Actually maybe in your country circumstances are irrelevant but here in Japan we investigate circumstances and reasons behind the incident 動機や経緯を調べている。- btw. now I understand why gaikokujins call it hostage justice.

Yes she admitted to kill but why? Was he beating her? Was she mentally unstable? There are troubles between all off us but it doesn't mean I take a knife and stab someone with intend to kill.

If she was mentally unstable than she can't go to prison etc. So that's why we need to investigate.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for stabbing male acquaintance in car See in context

Do the hustle man. If she intended to kill there has to be a reason. We don't know all the story, maybe that guy was abusing her?

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Posted in: Hokkaido town introduces Japan's 1st fixed-rate lodging tax See in context

I think it's a good idea, also foreigners should be paying extra for using transportation as they use facilities that would last much longer if just few local Japanese people are using it instead of swarms of foreigners.

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Posted in: Local gov't treatment of homeless during typhoon raises concerns See in context

They keep turning away homeless but I bet they found space for gaikokujins!

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Posted in: Tokyo eyes starting Olympic marathon at 3 a.m. to counter IOC plan to move race to Hokkaido See in context

Is great idea!

I think 3:30 am would be even greater so everyone is more sleepy at that time!

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Posted in: Number of foreign students with jobs after graduation hits record high See in context

talaraedokkoToday  02:45 pm JST

It’s only the beginning. Many more to come. Yay.

Dont worry my friend immigration and government is keeping eye on you, as well as We Japanese do. More and more can come as someone needs to pay for retirement plan and taxes.

But I can assure you if something bad will happen and there will be an order no gaikokujin can hide in Japan as Japanese people will rat you out, chase you and send back.

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Posted in: 90% of homes flooded in typhoon ineligible for gov't support See in context

Dont worry about it, emperor will go there with his wife and shake their hands! They don't need money or compensation!

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Posted in: Princess Mako, niece of Emperor Naruhito, turns 28 See in context

I can't wait to see menu.

Maybe caviar this time?

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Posted in: Foreign visitors fascinated by emperor's enthronement ceremony See in context

@kurisupisu how did you manage to do that??

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Posted in: Woman gives birth on train at Tokyo’s Ikebukuro Station See in context

I agree it's a lovely story.

However many people were upset for delays and they don't think it was sweet and kawaii. I think people don't have imagination those days, she should be staying home or hospital if the pregnancy is so advanced.

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Posted in: Police officer found to be sex worker after leaving her gun in public restroom See in context

She handed her badge because she knew being policeman is no money in this country.

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Posted in: Gov't to use ¥710 million from reserves to deal with typhoon damage See in context

I recommend you to see "Princess of the Yen" on YouTube then you will have better understanding of how we deal with inflation and economic crisis.

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Posted in: IMF downgrades outlook for world economy, citing trade wars See in context

We are all slaves of Central Banks.

Check on the YouTube

"Princess of the Yen"

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Posted in: Struggling WeWork mulls bailout deals with SoftBank, JP Morgan See in context

Lets hope Softbank don't touch it!

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Posted in: At Fukushima plant, a million-ton headache: radioactive water See in context

I remember few years ago my boss told me. "I don't trust Tokyo water"

The same I don't trust TEPCO or government.

Nowadays I don't eat any raw or cooked fish. Even if they tell me from Hokkaido I don't touch. I also don't eat any meat/veg/rice from Fukushima or Tohoku.

And I always give same advice to gaikokujins.

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Posted in: Starbucks becomes latest target of Hong Kong protester rage See in context

There will be riots no matter what, they are supported by Americans. Before it was about new law by Hong Kong government now it's I don't even know about what anymore.

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Posted in: Court rules TEPCO execs not guilty of professional negligence over nuclear crisis See in context

Its going to happen again. Anyone who follow news knows that there is another mega-quake coming (Kanto or Shikoku area). If it hits Shikoku there is nuclear power plant in operation. History will make a circle.

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