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I have mixed feeling about Dreamliner. Nice in new technology, avionics et al. Don't like? Idea of all plastic airplane! Plastic is flammable. In crash, unlike metal would even be worse if fire! This WHOLE plane (save for some mechanical parts, spar, and gear) would vaporise! Inclusive of passengers!

this is why I doubt I would board Dreamliner. I would worry about mishap and not enjoy flight!

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Sorry folks, but I am anti-nuclear 'otaku'! Really. We really need to move far away from all this nuclear stuff in first place. It is just too dangerous! Shame on Niels Bohr and all these other nuclear 'scientists' (maniacs) who usered in this 'nuclear age' (more like *clear of life age!) Exhaust fans? Were not for this nuclear (or rather nu-unclear) age, we would need to worry about exhaust fans not!*

Ever hear of renewable energy? This must be direction we need to pursue. Then we shan't worry about Tokaimura lab, or any other lab accidents! Please, we need consciousness raising here, chant a new "Odaimoku': "Re new a ble e ner gy, re new a ble e ner gy..." This is what we need now, solar (that is also 'nuclear' but this 'organic reactor' is some 150'000'000 km away from us! It does not ever need refueling or worry what to do with spent 'fuel rods'. It should 'work' nonstop for the next 5 billion years or so. Wind, no nuclear involved here. Geothermal, again renewable. Hydro, good for 'Japanese Alps' reagion and Hakone, uses force from gravity. Tidal, uses force from motion of water in ocean.

Let's close down the 51 or so reactors before we 'react' with disaster! One more disaster like Tohoku-Fukushima, would be just unfathomable! It not only may mean the end of Japan, but end of human life as wel know it here on this finite and fragile planet!

Thank you!

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Hmmm, sounds good! Can you pass one over to me?

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As one who have been opposed to nuclear power, we are saddled with this situation. One of results that has long been postulated by anti-nuclear movement. Our governemt only recently passed a law making it just the more difficult for foreigners to work here in Japan. This by lassing law stating that one must have at least four year college degree such as Bachelors Degree.

If this can be rescinded in Diet (at least for this one effort), this may allow those willing to fill those positions badly needed at Fukushima to work in cleanup process of Daiichi power plant site. Does one really need to have four year degree for cleanup, as one could be trained specifically on site for this half century task at hand?

One would imagine that help would be welcome internationally and encouraged to come to Japan for this effort, not discouraged as many cannot afford higher education in America and other parts of world to get four year degree who would be willing to come over for this effort. Fukushima is very important issue and a serious one at that. This 'anti-gaijin' mentality has, especially in doing everything possible to resolve this Fukushima place in this regard to this ongoing cleanup effort. This affects not only us at home, but planet as whole.

Thank you.

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Firstly my sincere sympathies go out to Mrs. Spadea and family. I have many American friend. Despite much of political and economic situation in States, I have nothing against common people who have suffered dearly at hands of their government and big business there. This man, Alex, was only doing his job. Yes I don't like US military in my country, but Alex was not a decision maker in that regard. This was very tragic accident, and his family needs all love and dignity support they can get. Please refrain from attacking him as he DIED in this horrible fall! He might have been American, but he was still HUMAN BEING! I'm sorry, but PLEASE show respect. That is our custom here in Japan, respect and honour!

Thank you!

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That was my dream job, driver for shinkansen. So far I have run into an uphill battle, too many barriers. For me it does not look very promising. I am deeply diasppointed!! Again, JR is worlds best system, no one can match our system!

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Maybe this man has mental issue and needs help. Better to send him off to hospital than koban. Holding him inside four wall is not answer -- he needs psychiatric treatment.

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I am Japanese, not Italian, Russian or American. I love my country with fervor 'kokoro' and 'tamashi'. That is true emotional bond. When I hear of these things such as Hiroshima and Nagasaki, then Tohoku-Fukushima, and now Tokaimura, it hurts me to no end, I cry! I sob!

This nuclear stuff was HUGE mistake in first place, I resent Niels Bohr and all those evil maniacal idiot who brought this nuclear 'promise' to this planet. The problem of what to do with waste, as it has countless thousand of year of 'half-life'. I am in thousand percent support of those who protest and want to rid our country as well as our finite fragil planet of this nuclear nightmare. We have to do it and use our keitsui (determination) as a human species to once and for all work ernestly to rid this planet of this nuclear nightmare once and for all!

The time is NOW! We need to start using RENEWABLE energy and move away from fossil-fuel, nuclear, earthgas that is destructive to our biosphere. Please, let's make this sincere determination to decommission All 51 or how ever many reactors in our country and move to solar, wind, tidal, geothermal, (perhaps even in Hakone area hydro) as to put end to this horrible chapter in our history of Chernobyl, Three Mile Island, TEPCO's Daiichi, and now Tokaimura. What reactor is next? If there is no sustainable planet, there is no Japan, and no life! That would be indescribaly yabai!

I don't want to cry and sob any longer, I want to be happy, anundant and healthy as all of really wish to be! Thank you

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