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Hi athetes

I would like you to understand that majority of Japnese people(52%) are still against Tokyo Olympic games.

Some people still misunderstand the few people are protest against the games because Japan decided to hold it. but it is wrong.

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Bach san, please stop to go to our sacred places, which could tarnish them!! go back to your home country, so you can enjoy games as a previlege group of Olymic.

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Mr. Bach, you have to consider the opinion poll of Japanese people agaist the Tokyo Olympic games! we hate you to come to Japan and especially go to Hiroshima, a special place for Japanese people!

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wow so many sdf or security guard people will have to be involved in the ceremony. how much cost does it will need? Instead, that amount would be spent in helping people in need..

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Oh no politicians are making an income up to more than 200,000 dollars! An average income of salaried workers is around 40,000 dollars. what an difference! Most income of them is financed by salaried workers' blood shed taxes under the pandemic!!

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it can be forcasted easily, stop the games!!

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Posted in: 70-year-old man arrested for keeping wife’s corpse at home for 2 years See in context

i guess it bec of pension.

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oh my God, urchin is my favorite.

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