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Posted in: American to serve 5-10 years for murder of Irish student See in context

allegedly because their drinks were drugged.

Don't they have tests for this during post-mortem, surely they would know if she had been give/taken such drugs?

I agree with her mother - A very lenient sentence and I feel sorry the way she says at least now everyone knows she didn't do anything wrong. I don't care how much you party/drink/meet guys, you don't deserve to be murdered.

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Posted in: Strip clubs face existential crisis in era of digital porn See in context

Oh well.

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Posted in: Norovirus outbreak in Osaka infects 48, claiming 2 lives See in context

Don't go into hospitals and clinics when you have this - get advice over the phone from your doctor who would probably recommend drinking plenty of rehydrating fluids and resting. As above it can be fatal to elderly and very young, and unborn babies, clinics are usually full of these vulnerable people so you would not be helping anyone from visiting. I have also had this before and it was the most ill I have ever been. You just need to sit it out (or shit it out as the case may be)

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Posted in: Osprey out See in context

Quite a contrast to the pictures of about 5 Japanese demonstrating about the Fukushima crisis. Good to know where their priorities lie.

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Posted in: Airlines Qantas and Virgin Australia are under fire for their policy of moving men from seats next to unaccompanied children, causing humiliation to the passengers being moved. The airlines say the po See in context

This actually happened to me once on a Virgin Atlantic flight. Had just got married so was seated with my husband on a row of 3 seats. I had already prebooked an aisle seat (always do) but was asked to move into the middle when a little girl of about 7 or 8 arrived, so i sat at the window, hubby in the middle and girl at the end. The flight attendent then started telling us she couldn't sit next to a man so I would have to move to the middle. It WAS very humiliating and I argued that my husband was not a pedo and women were just as likely to be. I noticed the little girl was starting to get upset so I shut up and stated playing computer games with her. Was just a bad experience all round, we were made to feel terrible by the airline. I don't think these policies come from worried parents, they are definitely thought up by the ridiculous PC brigade airlines.

By the way GaroJ, the passengers with small , noisy children are given preferential treatment because travelling with them is really, really hard work. Trust me, I do not take my baby/toddler half way across the world to piss people off, I'm doing it cos I have to.

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Posted in: Gov't claims public support for plan to distribute tsunami debris throughout Japan See in context

However, we acknowledge that it is difficult to say that the opinions of a survey group represent the opinions of the public as a whole

That really says it all. Less than 2000 people? This survey was ridiculous.

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Posted in: Japan Tobacco feels UK has decided on plain packets See in context

Almost all the supermarkets and shops in my town now have the cigarettes hidden behind shutters (with exception of small family owned shops). You also need to be 18 to buy them - was 16 a few years back. When I was at school I bought cigarettes from age 14 easily and when I couldn't it was easy enough to wait outside the shop and ask someone going in to buy them for you -which they usually did. Now people caught doing that risk a massive fine, along with the shop selling them.

I never have trouble buying alcohol but am always ID'd buying cigs for my dad and I'm 30 now! I honestly don't think the plain packs are a bad idea and I can see the cigarette companies crying over the impact it will probably have on their sales. Am just glad those horrible billboards and posters are banned over here. Smoking isn't cool or sexy in any way!

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Posted in: Woman dies after being hit in face with beer glass in Tokyo bar See in context

Gyouza - No it rarely makes news in London - but then again most (all that ive ever heard of) glassing incidents don't end in death.

I saw it happen once in a pub and it was horrendous. I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy.

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Posted in: Kagoshima woman arrested for abusing 11-month-old baby boy See in context

Not mental illness...Calousness.

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Posted in: Two men taken to hospital after smoking 'legal herbs' See in context

There have been several death linked to these "legal highs" and the dangers are now quite well known - certainly in the UK where two teenagers recently died after taking them. A foolish thing to do. I hope Japan looks into ways of keeping them out of the reach of young people but these adults should have known better.

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Posted in: Disney kettle See in context

Boiling water and kids don't mix well. Oh, I forgot Mickey mouse is for adults here, too.

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Posted in: Things that foreigners find annoying about life in Japan See in context

Have had a good Japanese friend, 2 colleagues and a taxi driver tell me that there "is no nutrition in foreign rice".

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Posted in: Things that foreigners find annoying about life in Japan See in context

Receiving monetary gifts from inlaws and being expected to return 50 percent of the cost back to them in the form of department store TOWELS....

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Posted in: Whitney Houston's funeral to be broadcast live See in context

How crass.

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Posted in: Gov't to hike some medical fees to relieve overcrowding at large hospitals See in context

Several years ago I went to a Tokyo hospital without referral and again to another about a year back - I had to pay around 5000yen for a first time fee, so I actaully thought this was already common practice.

Problem is, the only time i've needed to go to hospital was at night, it couldn't wait til the clinics were open but was urgent enough to get immediate attention so for this reason I think " out of hours" should be treated differently.

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Posted in: Getting warm See in context

A good "picture of the day".

I must promise myself to visit the macaques next time i'm in Japan but I won't be getting that close!

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Posted in: Measles cases rise after decade of decline See in context

Some European countries also figured in the top 15

Andrew Wakefield has a lot to answer for.

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Posted in: Job-hunting season See in context

This reminds me of my first visit to Japan 7 or 8 years ago. I remeber seeing these hundreds of black suit wearing people all over the place and my BF telling me they were looking for jobs - thought it was just something that happened every day :) I can't see any females in this picture at all.

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Posted in: Why do Japanese change their attitude when they communicate with foreigners? See in context

"If your in big metropolitan areas like Vancouver, Ottawa, or Toronto, sure it doesn't matter. But if your in a small town like Kelowna with 90 percent white people, most people behave differently since you look different and at the same time, they are not exposed to other cultures"

I can bet you anything, 99 percent of this "sample" group are living in Osaka or Tokyo.

Love it that the "American man" thinks that Europe is a country :D

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Posted in: Japan’s 'polite' tobacco war rages on See in context

Why don't they make a start by banning the ludicrous adverts. Giant posters of beautiful women puffing away on a disgusting menthol..if that girl actually smoked 20 a day she would look NOTHING like that.

In the UK all advertising of cigarettes is now banned. In addition each pack of tobacco carries a huge picture of a black lung, rotting teeth or the results of some hideous autopsy on a smoker along with facts about what smoking can do to you. I smoked when i was a teenager and these images are what made me stop.

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Posted in: Water temperature rising in No. 2 reactor at Fukushima nuclear plant See in context

Is that is celcius or farenheit?

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Posted in: Asia's oldest elephant See in context

This picture makes me feel very sad.

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Posted in: Oden, mixed stew, sukiyaki most favored 'nabe' dishes in winter See in context

Oden is the only type of nabe that I dislike! I think it's the fact that the ingredients in nabe are generally lightly cooked, retaining the fresh taste, whereas oden is stewed to death, big chunks of disentegrating daikon, and those huge triangles of konnyaku (I LOVE it cut up small or in shiratake style) then there's the random hard boiled egg which has turned grey in the stewing liquid- nope not for me :) It could also be that the smell in conbinis in the winter turns my stomach. Kimchi nabe is also my favourite.

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Posted in: Bread mix See in context

Don't have a bread maker at home?

No, actually I don't. I make it by hand and I use flour, water, yeast and a pinch of salt. I wouldn't by a pack of pancake mix either, you are just paying for someone to put extremely cheap ingredients in a bag and charging triple the price. If you like the convenience of it then good for you :)

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Posted in: Bread mix See in context

This is hilarious!

Just add water and yeast. Great - It's a bag of flour?

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Posted in: More radioactive water leaks found at Fukushima nuclear plant See in context

The plant is BASICALLY stable.

The plant is ESSENTIALLY stable.

So is the plant stable?


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Posted in: Kobayashi eats record 337 chicken wings See in context

What an achievement. His parents must be proud.

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Posted in: Teen held over knife attacks in Saitama, Chiba to get psychiatric test See in context

3 months? It's hardly worth the time and money when he is going to get off with a slap on the wrist.

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Posted in: Fatal hit-and-run suspect escapes from hospital in Wakayama See in context

So the murderer was "ill" and taken to hospital. If a criminal suspect is so ill that they need to be taken to hospital there is no way they should be let outside to smoke with family members I mean COME ON. REALLY?

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Posted in: Occupy protests See in context

All 15 of them...thought they might get a better turn out! I can't really work out what the paragraph underneath means though. Can anyone translate it into English?

A group of protesters are listening to another group of protesters and a citizens group..who, what, where??!!

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