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Saul Mendez comments

Posted in: Japanese company offers insurance plan to protect against false train groping accusations See in context

It is the sign that laws in Japan have become discriminative for men. For start, talking about an arrest for something like this is just too much, unless it were a matter of at most lose the day, but until I know the laws in Japan have gone that unfair and absurd, that the law say that the punishment for it is jail (yes, you would be kidnapped by the state and be put in a place where being victim of the "crime" you committed would be laughable, and worst, you could be compromising your future for a triviality; can you see the disproportion?).

Why isn’t it expected that people act like human beings and solve this kind of problems by their own? in my country complain about it or even a slap or a punch would be enough to manage this issue, it’s not about make grow the problems stupidly. And I can claim that give it more importance than the reasonable it's the path to sow hate and end up with a violent and unhealthy society. It’s just outrageous convict a man for trivialities just because government is trying to put women over men in its laws.

And as if it wasn't enough, it is even a lot worse, because laws have become that discriminative to men that without proofs women’s word worth more than men’s worth for the law, so her only word could be enough to convict a man. Come on, it is as absurd as make a law to convict a woman because a man comes to say that she gave him a punch or rub her body up against him. Men need to do something because it’s like if government were making men second class citizens.

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Posted in: What do you think Japan, as a member of the international community, should do in the fight against Islamic State and other terrorist groups? See in context

The only part I like of your comment is: "Balance of power includes balance amoungst allies, as well as between hostile powers" but talking about IS, I have to say you that IS is a problem only because US wanted that it were a problem, its precisely US who have been funding it through buying the oil that IS steal in their own countries. Besides if the world would leave Middle East alone they wouldnt have the necesity to attack other countries like happen in France. Finally it will be always important to control migration anyway.

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Posted in: As world mourns for Paris, many in Middle East see double standard See in context

@souka, It goes beyond ideologies; imagine what would you feel if a foreign nation is against your own culture, your own sobereignty; if this foreign nation is bombing your country all the days and is funding rebel groups that spread violence and makes the life imposible in your own country.

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