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Saul Schimek comments

Posted in: Japan's military sees record spending: Nikkei See in context

It's sending a message to Korea and China to kindly ratchet down the rhetoric a bit. I also noticed the four Escort Class (Helicopter Carriers my hide) Carriers are V/STOL capable in a pinch. Which China has to be nervous about, as they have only one sorta working one ATM

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Posted in: Florida on edge; evacuations coming as Hurricane Irma nears See in context

for those wanting to know more actual information on the hurricane




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Posted in: How Sony sanitized Sandler movie to please Chinese censors See in context

Pixels is bad on a level rarely seen in cinema. I'm not sure censorship would not improve it......wow I actually said that

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Posted in: Threat forces 'bon' festival to be canceled in Tokyo See in context

I hope so. One should be able to have festivals without this kinda of nonsense going on

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Posted in: Pixar alters 'Inside Out' visuals for Japanese release, removing broccoli See in context

broccoli her tends to be canned a lot of the times. tho if you get fresh broccoli, it's not bad...mostly

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Posted in: NSA to stop using bulk US phone data in November See in context

They won't stop...now that our politicians have a taste for power. it won't stop

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Posted in: Japanese opera singer records cover of Queen’s 'Bohemian Rhapsody' See in context

okay this is pretty cool :D

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Posted in: One third of Americans believe police lie routinely See in context

the problems is we have too many laws. A Law at the end of the day can be enforced with up to and including lethal force. If we started pairing down the unneeded laws, this would not be as problematic

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Posted in: China bristles at Japanese defense minister's remarks See in context

it's been 70 years, let it rest already

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Posted in: Japanese right muzzling liberal media, say analysts See in context

So right-wing = Nationalist and Left-wing = internationalist in this context?

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Posted in: Merry marijuana: Pot sellers woo holiday shoppers in Colorado See in context

It's not a bed of roses. there have been several wrecks due to hop-heads being higher than a kite trying to drive

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Posted in: For world's police, force of the law meets the law of force See in context

A gun is a tool (for killing). No more. no less.. It is the training and psychology behind using that tool that is problematic at best. U.S. Police really do need to dail it back a bit as they have gotten really gun happy of late.

OTOH, there are elements within society which are not reasonable by any stretch of the imagination and that only a show of force will bring compliance. They are not a large subset, but they are enough to be of concern.

Ideally, Police should be able to use a level of restraint in the use of force. But when the legal system has been twisted into a pretzel so bad by what I like to call Insane Troll Logic Law to the point where shooting the perp is going to cause less problems for a LEO than the other less lethal options, then we do have a severe problem

it's bloody depressing

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Posted in: Night lights See in context

I thought there were riffing off of 'Frozen', personally

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Posted in: Politics of the Nobel Peace Prize See in context

The Peace Prize has become a devalued joke over the years. The Award To Barack Obama before he had done anything of consequence merely made it obvious

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Posted in: Tokyo Harvest Event See in context

So...Kinda like a Farmers Market for Tokyo? Cool

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Posted in: Super typhoon on course for Japan See in context

Dig in and make sure you have a portable generator, bottled water and survival supplies. it's gonna be rough

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Posted in: Battle lines See in context

Yeah, the Japanese really do not like being reminded of it....But then China tends to gloss over it's own atrocities too

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Posted in: 47-year-old man arrested after body parts of missing 6-year-old Kobe girl found See in context

There are no words.....

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Posted in: China's top leaders remember victory over Japan See in context

China must be having more internal problems. This is getting predictable

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Posted in: Japanese fans speak on evolution of 'Godzilla' See in context

I'm glad that the new 'Gojira' film went over well. Hollywood can do things right, when it actually digs in and tries. I rather liked the film myself as well :)

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Posted in: Tokyo rolls out red carpet for 'Godzilla' See in context

Gino....Or 'Zilla' as it was rebranded, was nuked by Gojira in one of the last films (the name escapes me), much to all Gojira fans pleasure around the world

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Posted in: China starts publishing daily Japanese war crimes 'confession' See in context

let's see...nearly 70 years ago....yeah. Don't care very muich

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Posted in: Death toll hits 50 as Israel pounds Gaza See in context

well when it says in the Hamas charter that it's primary purpose is to exterminate the Jews and drive them into the sea.....yeah....peace is kinda a joke

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Posted in: Chicago stunned by outbreak of weekend shootings See in context

Not surprising at all. On a lot of Holidays, the thugs come out and decide to try to off one another. Chicago has been a pest hole for quite sometime, in spite of it's gun laws.

As to drug cartels being armed without the US? well they could simply bribe the local Mexican LEO's. They pretty much run the northern mexican states anyway, protestations to the contrary not withstanding. But I will agree on the drug problem funding...we DO have a problem here in the States

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Posted in: China's Xi highlights Japan militarist past in Seoul speech See in context

China has been pouring this one for sometime. they've definitely go domestic problems at this point

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Posted in: Facebook admits 'terrible' communication gaffe on study See in context

" 'I'm sorry I got Caught. "

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Posted in: Chinese media slam Japan's move to expand military role See in context

oh yes. china has never expanded or sent military anywhere ever. Not Nepal, Not Mongolia, Not Vietnam, Not Korea. Not ever.

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Posted in: Vietnamese fishing boat rammed, sunk by Chinese ship See in context

long sigh of resignation

Okay, as much of a shock as this might be to to people, technically there is NO international law in the strictest sense, as there are no laws other than what countries have mutually agreed to abide by. There is no overarching enforcement mechanism to enforce the international agreements like you would a national law. National will operate in their own self interest, depending on what they perceive it to be. And what they can get away with. No more no less.

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Posted in: Japanese fans say new American Godzilla is too fat See in context

He's Not Fat. He's Sumo-Sized :D

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Posted in: Marchers in Ikebukuro fete Hitler's 125th birthday anniversary See in context

Freedom of speech is a good thing. I lets you keep a eye on these sorts of nutters. Offensive or not, you know they exist

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